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Daniel Schlyder

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Daniel Schlyder has rated 194 projects with an average score of 5.60
3D spryjinx   ********
Original and fun to play. It would benefit greatly from a stronger single player mode; Maybe level based or tournament style.
Adagio   **********
icon It would be nice if you could type in highscore name instead of selecting letters, but otherwise a great game.
Age of Invasion   ***
icon A side-scrolling RTS is an interesting idea, but the game lost me during the tutorial with very sluggish and awkward direct movement controls.
Air-Strike   ******
Sort of fun, fairly polished. Love the cow. Could use more levels, more weapons, better sound effects (I want a scream that matches the lovely blood particles!). The mouse moves too slowly in the menus. Why is the default mode not the level mode?!?
Alex the Allegator 2   **********
icon A very fun to play, simple strategy game with the usual high level of polish you would expect from Peitz. Bonus points for good AI.
Allegroids   ********
icon Nice work for a weekend. Very nice graphics and weapon upgrades. I liked the way you don't die immediately when crashing into an asteroid. I miss a hiscores-list and sound effects, and starting new lives temporarily invulnerable (too easy to die as it is). Also I sometimes got stuck in asteroids.
Alliance   ******
icon A decent tech demo. It's hard to tell whether the finished game will be fun.
Alphabet Soup   **********
icon Wow, this was more fun than I expected. Great all around. Sometimes it felt like the snake didn't turn correctly, but I need to play more to determine if it's an actual control problem or just my imagination. It might be a good idea to highlight the word you're supposed to spell a bit better.
Atomic Butcher   ********
icon A very good game, but the attempts at humour/attitude are somewhat annoying. The music is too depressive and repetitive, and the jumping is excessive. Maybe I'm getting too old. :(
Attack of Green Slimey Space Scum   ****
Primitive graphics and boring gameplay (it really needs more varied enemies, with different attack patterns, etc.), still the included sourcecode might be of interest, and you're free to use the graphics in your own game.
Babal   ****
icon A nice idea, but it doesn't provide satisfying gameplay by itself. The game needs more complex levels (as in height levels, ramps, obstacles, enemies, something... not as in harder layouts). It also really needs a highscore list.
Bamboozle Machinae   ********
icon Fun to play and impressive for such a short development time.
Bamboozle Machinae II   ********
icon The game is slightly too hard. I think Normal mode should be what Easy is now. Reconfiguring of controls didn't work. Some text is printed below screen on continue/cancel screen. It would be nice if new highscore names could be entered directly and not using that arcane point-at-letters method. Otherwise, great work! I love the level start cubes zooming in effect and the intro is hilarious.
BlackShift   ********
icon A good game slightly ruined by unresponsive/inaccurate movement controls.
Blocks 3   ********
icon For some reason I don't like this as much as Blocks+. Maybe because it's beta or because in the meantime I've played The Pickles, and the player movement in the Blocks games now feel slightly weird compared to that one. Still a solid effort.
Blocks+   **********
icon This is an overall great game! Highly recommended if you like puzzles.
Blue Meanies   ******
The pauses between shots didn't bother me, but I wonder why there are separate controls to shoot left and right lasers. Didn't seem to make any difference to me. Would have been nice to be able to configure them too. Having them all on the right side was a bit awkward. The game is nicely polished, but the gameplay is average. Fairly original, though. Perhaps another element or two, and a highscores list, and it would be perfect.
Bluebox   ******
A decent start, but lacks a lot of polish. It desperately needs sound effects, music, background graphics and a highscores system.
BobShuffle   ****
Music is good and the AI is competent. Too bad the gameplay is as basic as a Pong clone can be and made less fun by bad collision detection. Graphics could use some work.
BobType   **
icon Some decent music and sound effects. The graphics need more work. The gameplay is not at all fun.
Breakoutz   **
The download link just redirects back to the depot page. (PM me when it's fixed and I'll update my rating.)
Brutalo Deluxe   ******
icon Cool idea, but the implementation is lacking. Graphics are passable with some nice effects. Sound effects and AI are good. The problem is the gameplay is just too boring. I think the simplistic playfield is mostly to blame for this. With more interesting and larger levels and perhaps a tournament mode, this could be a fun little game.
Bubble Pop   ******
Gameplay is fun for a minute or two. After that it's the next best thing to counting sheep.
Cannon   **
The parachuters and the background look nice, but the gun tower looks like it was created in Paint in less than five seconds. The simple gameplay could've been somewhat fun if it was backed up by some good sound effects and a highscores list. Without those things there's really no point in playing this at all.
car game   **
The download link worked for me, but the game didn't. The mouse doesn't work in the menu (DOS program run under Windows issue, perhaps) and I can't figure out how else to start a game. The menu graphics need more work.
carterrain   ****
icon Impressive physics and graphics are fairly good, but currently this is really a tech demo and not a game. The car's top speed is much too slow, there's no concept of laps, time limits, stunt bonuses, scoring or anything that would make this a proper game and fun to play after you've tired of chanting "impressive physics".
Casino   **
There seems to be a decent game in here somewhere, with quite a bit of work put into it, but it's buried beneath a horrible user interface that makes it completely unplayable.
Chaos Funk   **********
Charred Dirt   **********
icon Very nicely polished. I love the anime/manga inspired cartoon graphics and the funny text bubbles. It's a bit unfair to be killed by one of the more powerful weapons before you get to fire a single shot. Maybe it should be made impossible to fire those in the first round?
Clovek X   ****
icon There's a nice game in here somewhere, but it's not much fun in its current state. Primarily because the collision detection is too unforgiving, but also because it has no sound. It really needs sound effects to bring life to the wacky graphics and perhaps a sillyish tune.
Columns   ********
icon Nicely polished and fun game with some minor control issues: The rotate control should do so slower - it's too easy to switch two positions when you only meant to switch one. The move down key, on the other hand, should move the blocks faster (and preferably with smoother animation). It would be nice to also have a "drop to bottom immediately" control, a proper highscores list and for the game to remember my language preference (English).
Crystal Chaos   ********
icon Stylish art. Some dreamy music and a better highscores list would've been nice. Otherwise, it is perfect, except for one big flaw: the controls are horrible. Not sure how best to change them, but they just don't feel right as-is. BTW, the links don't work, but the game can be downloaded from
Crystal Stacker   **********
icon Fun, polished and stacked with features. I can't think of anything that's missing or substandard. Great work!
cTris   ****
Graphics and music are ok, but sound effects could use some work. It's a fairly average clone that would get a three star rating except it doesn't have a highscores table, which is a big no-no. It would be nice if the Down Arrow could drop pieces slightly faster.
Deathbrix   **
"all3937.dll was not found." *Sigh* When will people learn that you should include the Allegro DLL in your distro? Especially when using a WIP version!
Dragon   **
icon Nice flying dragon, but this isn't a game. Please don't ruin the value of the depot by submitting simple tests like this. This project should be removed.
Duckie Dash   ******
icon Nice art. Gameplay needs more work, though. The placement and effects of the pickups seem a bit off and the AI always seems to know where to go next before I do. :/
Empire Allegro   ******
icon Gameplay seems good, but I can't find out for sure without AI opponent or network support. The ripped unit graphics are a big no-no and the lack of transition tiles really hurt my eyes.
Empire Allegro Advance   ********
icon The game could use more polish overall. It should include the Allegro DLL, especially when using a WIP version. The AI could use some work. There is a bug where my Lander loaded with Infantry was suddenly empty. It would be nice if the ripped graphics (and sounds?) were replaced and more transition tiles added. Otherwise, it's all good.
Equilib   ********
icon Very nicely polished. The visuals are excellent and audio is good. The gameplay is just ok, though. Fairly addictive, but a bit too hard for me, even on Easy mode.
Escape 3: ROD   ****
Aiming at the aliens was a little awkward. Computer independent gamespeed would've been nice. An OK game that could use some better designed levels. The author has made a much better, and similar game, called Meteor. I recommend you download that instead!
Evolight   ****
icon Sound is nice. There are some ok graphics, but the mix of 2D and 3D sprites doesn't look too good. Gameplay is poor. It reminds me of the Allegro demo game. After playing for a while, a text box appeared at which point I could press space to cycle through three different messages. I have no idea why this text was suddenly being displayed, as I don't think I had died and they weren't game over messages anyway. I couldn't go back to the game, but pressing Escape got me to the menu.
F.S.A. (Flying Saucers Attack)   ********
icon Great graphics, lovely animation. Music and a better menu would be nice. Gameplay is fun for a while, but more variation is needed. Maybe a way to rebuild the base? A two player mode, where players control one cannon each, might have be fun.
Firakuga   ******
Gameplay is simple, but very good. However, the complete lack of sound makes it a great deal less fun than it ought to be. The binary distro should include Allegro DLL.
Firecrow   ******
Great graphics and music. Some of the enemy attack waves come at you too fast, making them difficult to evade, or kill, before they crash into you. Still, the game is not very hard (too easy maybe), and it's great fun to play. Too bad there's only one level, and where's the highscores-list?
Flatch   ******
icon Very good visuals and audio. Gameplay is original and sounded like lots of fun when I read about it, but turned out to be just average.
Freetris   ******
icon The options for gameplay variation aren't too interesting. The game needs a better hiscore-list. Better graphics, and a computer player for the multiplayer modes would have been nice too (and it's not hard to code). It's an OK game, but there are better Tetris clones out there.
Frenetic Plus   **********
icon I hate that it's not possible to circle-strafe, but otherwise it's a wonderful game. The story is very well written, which is a rarity for shooters. Not that a shooter really needs much of a story, but it's a great bonus. It makes me kinda sad, though, as I remember how much I want to play the finished version of Fenix Blade. :)
Game Leleo   ******
icon Could be great some day, but gameplay needs more work. Graphics are excellent and sound is good. The game is too hard for kids who might otherwise love it for its cute look. It would be nice if you could survive at least one monster hit per life. Movement feels too slow and jumping too hard.
Glizda   ********
A very good level-based Nibbles clone. Graphics could use a bit more work and a Windows executable would be nice. (Mouse movement is very sluggish when running under Windows.) Some music would be nice too.
GLURBZ   ****
Great art. The first level isn't much fun because the enemies attack too fast. It isn't hard either though, because they are too few or the game field is too wide. Firing all shots in a quick burst when fire is pressed feels like a bug. Gameplay is completely destroyed on the second level: music gets stuck on a note and keyboard controls stop working. Mouse can still be used, but the ship moves towards the right by itself. At this point, I had to use Task Manager to forcefully exit the game.
Grid Racers   **
Nice intro and menus. The program exited with "no tracks found" error when I tried to start a game.
Gyn   **
icon Nice installer. I also very much liked the uninstaller.
HalfLight: Annivesary Edition   ******
I love the transition effects and sequences, and the story, but the enemies aren't that great (especially their movement patterns) and that really hurts gameplay. Music and graphics are average. The installer should allow to customise installation and start menu locations.
HalfLight: Crusade   ****
Nice particle effects and character portraits, but not much of a game yet.
Happyland Adventures - Xmas Edition   **********
icon Great new levels for an already great game. My only complaint is traps that kill you instantly. Couldn't they just remove one heart? It just doesn't feel right to try to jump to that hard to reach platform only to fall way down and hit the spikes you thought were slightly more to the left.
Hellcarrier   ******
icon The music is horrible. Graphics and sound effects are great. Strafing is awkward. It would be easier if the game used standard FPS controls (ie. WASD + mouse). Gameplay is partially ruined by having enemies fire upon you before you can see them and it being impossible to effectively approach their position without taking significant hits (especially with the awkward strafing). It's a shame, because I get the feeling this could be a lot of fun if tweaked a bit.
HeroQuest   **********
icon This is great! A bit difficult, though. There seems to be a bug where you can sometimes interact with objects and other times not. Usually, it helps if I move away and back again. Also, right-clicking didn't seem to do anything. I was hoping I could get monster info, read books, get weapons from the racks, etc. Not sure if that would be deviating from the board game, but more interaction would be nice.
Hippy's Trip   ******
icon The guitar hippie theme is a fun idea and implemented with good visuals and audio. The gameplay isn't quite as good, though. Controls are a bit awkward and, maybe because of this, the game is a bit too hard.
Icy Tower   ******
icon Apparently, gameplay isn't always everything. ;)
Iron Army   ******
icon I hate how you have to first click on a unit, then its move icon, and finally where to move. I really think the icon step should be removed, as this became very tedious. The graphics are nice. Gameplay is a bit boring currently. The units are ok, but the battlefield could use more features.
Is this... the end?   ******
A good remake with nice visuals and audio. It would have been nice to have higher resolution graphics, but it's a minor complaint. A highscores list is sorely missed, though. The framerate tends to get a bit choppy even on a high end system (Athlon XP 3000+ w/GeForce 6800 GT).
Joyrider   **
The game fails to start due to an assertion failure: file: rewind.c line: 46 expression: str != NULL
JTris   ******
A fairly basic Tetris clone with some very nice music.
Jumping Jack - the further adventures   ****
The links don't work, but you can get the game from It's not worth it, though. Graphics are ok and audio could be worse, but the gameplay, which, while basic, has some potential, is destroyed by inaccurate collision detection. Menus could be better.
Kampf im All   ****
The game is only in German, which I suppose I shouldn't hold against it, but it really should be mentioned in the description. Gameplay is very basic. It's actually very similar to the Allegro demo game, but with worse graphics. It's not much fun and the ship movement feels too slow. The music is very good, though. Sound effects could be better.
KBall   ********
icon Good art. The fonts could use anti-aliasing. Gameplay is slightly boring. I fell off the map too often.
Kings of the Boards   ****
I gave this 2 cause it looked kinda promising, but just as the match was about to start the game crashed. Menu navigation could use some improvement.
Klabutong   ********
icon Polished, as always, and surprisingly fun in its simplicity. I love the mood set by the music and visuals. Very nicely christmas'y.
Kraptor   ******
icon Graphics are good with some very nice particle effects. Sound effects could use some work. Some of the music doesn't really fit the game. Weapons purchase system is cool. The gameplay is too easy and boring. There's just too much empty space to move around in, making it easy to avoid having to fire on most enemies except the bosses. More variation in enemy attack and movement patterns would be nice.
Labyrinth   **
icon Link doesn't work. (PM me when it does and I'll update my rating.)
Lacewing   **********
icon Cool retro graphics and good sound effects. The game is highly polished and comes with a very nice highscores list. Above all, the gameplay is excellent (although I would have liked to be able to slide by default).
LightSword Bowling   ******
Graphics are good, but I'd really like a higher resolution. (Get rid of the useless background effect, if necessary.) Gameplay is good, but lack of sound effects and decent menus lower the overall impression.
Liquid War 5   ********
icon The download link doesn't work, but you can get the game from It's very original and highly polished, but I didn't think it was all that much fun. I only tried single player, though. The graphics could use more work, especially the way too blurry font.
Long Way Down   ****
Five minute distraction?!? I got bored after ten seconds. It's a good idea, but not enough fun by itself. The game's graphics need more work. The sound effects are very good.
Lunar Strike   ******
icon The link doesn't work, but you can get it from from Visuals and audio are good. There are some cool ideas (falling ammo and enemies), but gameplay is just average. I got bored before I got very far, because there is so much vertical space to fly around in that there seemed little point trying to kill enemies. The ship movement is a bit sluggish. I don't like that you can't change direction without losing speed. Mission text scrolls way too slowly.
Machine Ball   ********
icon Seems like a great multiplayer game. I really miss a single player mode, though. ;( Sound effects for crashing into things (the other player, the ball and the arena walls) would have been nice, but otherwise the presentation is excellent.
Mastermind   ********
icon The interface could use more polish and the sound effects are a bit annoying, but overall, this is a good implementation of Mastermind. Some soothing music and a highscore system would be nice.
Maximum Overdrive   **********
icon Wow! Excellent graphics and sound FX. Nice weapons and support for high resolutions. This is just great! One of my favourite games on the Amiga was Super Cars 2, so I'm really looking forward to spending lots of time playing this one when it's finished.
MegaMania-pc   ****
Graphics and audio are ok, but could use more work. A proper highscores list would be nice and maybe make it more interesting to play. The gameplay is poor. I got bored after less than 30 seconds. I love remakes, but more often than not, the original gameplay is very dated and one should really add a few new elements to make it work. This is one of those cases. The default controls aren't very good (I especially don't like to have to use Up Arrow to fire) and unfortunately not configurable.
Mermaid Panic   ******
Nice theme but otherwise just another clone with average gameplay.
Meteor   **********
I really admire the amount of effort it must have taken to develop this great game. Every action lover need to download this, or miss out on a really fun gaming experience. Only thing I miss is possibility to aim and fire with the mouse, so you can move in one direction and fire in another.
Molefest   ******
Nice idea with the mole. Good presentation. Worth a try if you like puzzles. I thought it was a little too difficult, though.
MonkeyHack   **
The game fails to compile with the following error: include/allegro/3d.h: In function `void game_close()': include/allegro/3d.h:89: error: too few arguments to function `void destroy_zbuffer(ZBUFFER*)' error: at this point in file
Moon Defence   ****
Nice visuals and audio, but gameplay is poor. I got bored very quickly. It does show some promise, though. If you could make it more interesting in the beginning and perhaps add a series of different attackers (well, maybe you have, but I just got bored long before they started appearing) like green Mars aliens, UFOs, missiles that move in mysterious ways, maybe a Death Star look-a-like. If you also add some more weapons to defend with, this could become a fun little game.
Mr. Fixit   ********
It's too silent while playing. Some music is really needed. Otherwise, it's solid.
Mythic Blades   **********
I'm speechless.
Number Wars   **
The game crashes to desktop before displaying anything. It would be nice if the installer supported English.
Operation Spacehog   **********
icon This is a great shoot-em-up! Nice graphics and sound, cool explosions, and a great weapons system. My only complaints are that you should be allowed to play the whole game on easy difficulty, and that the music could have been more varied (you can turn it off, though). Highly recommended!
Pac-Horror   ******
OK PacMan clone with some nice graphics. I didn't like that you had to keep the keys pressed to move, and the time the powerpills affected the ghosts was way too short.
Panda 2   **
The game fails to start, complaining that ALL30w8.dll is missing.
Pinpin game   ******
icon SFX and graphics are nice. I love the animation and evading fish. It has major control issues, though. Acceleration and max speed is too high and significantly reduces the fun factor. It would be more kid-friendly: without help text (kids can learn through trying); with automated level transitions; if number of penguins to find was highlighted at level start.
Planetfell   ******
icon A competently put together free-scrolling shooter with good graphics and sound effects. Gameplay is just average. Maybe more variation in enemy movement and attack patterns would help. The music is too repetitive. It would be nice if entering highscore names didn't use the arcane select letters method.
PMan (temp name)   ****
The player and the ghosts start too close together. Ghosts shouldn't be able to turn unless they'd hit a wall by moving forward. When run in windowed mode, everything outside the Allegro window flickers madly like it's constantly being redrawn. There is a weird fade/blinking effect that seems to have no purpose but to give me a headache. Wall joints look ugly. There is no highscores list and only one level. It's a decent start, but the game needs more work put into it to be worth playing.
Pong Ultra   ****
icon The graphics need more work and the gameplay is too basic. Music is ok, menus are slightly confusing. I don't like that the pads lose speed when switching movement direction.
Priority: Survive   ********
icon A very impressive tech demo. The human voices aren't that great and there are some AI bugs, but everything else is perfect.
PuffBOMB (Prototype)   ********
icon Great art. A loony tune playing in the background might have been nice. Gameplay is fun, but a bit too much trial and error for my taste.
Purple Martians   **********
icon Lovely game and excellent music! I'm sure some won't give it a chance due to the extreme retro graphics, but I found them quite charming, and the gameplay is wonderful.
Quest   ****
Gameplay is promising, but the game is very unfinished. Graphics need work, there is no sound, the program exits on game over (!!!), there is no highscores list, no menus, etc. The mouse movement is a bit too responsive.
Raid'em   ********
icon Great visuals and audio, and technically impressive, but it's extremely hard. Turning debris down to a minimum helped slightly, but I still can't get past the first level. The game really needs an Easy mode for us non-1337 players.
Rebound   **********
icon Great game overall. A bit better graphics wouldn't hurt; I especially missed background textures. It would be nice if on-going game was saved on exit with option to resume next time game is started.
RotoCube   ********
icon Some kind of scoring system/ highscores list would be nice, maybe. I'm too dumb to make it very far, but the game was fun while my IQ sufficed.
Scorch Went Bonkers   *********
icon I miss destructible terrain, but the game is fun to play, unlike most of the competition entries. Too bad you didn't win. The level of polish throughout is great. Very nice job on the menus, especially. I love how you can change option values using arrow keys or through submenus. And the tune rocks.
Shippy1984   ********
icon Nice and polished. Too much retro feel for my taste, though. Would have liked a bit better looking enemy sprites.
Shootup   **
icon This feels more like an early work in progress than a beta release. There are some decent graphics and music, and I think it could be made into a good game. Currently, though, it's unplayable on my system due to FPS issues. Pressing fire almost brings the game to a halt and FPS is generally very poor and varies wildly. The one level is extremely short. It will probably only take you 10 to 15 seconds to reach the boss.
Snake   **
The game set a refresh rate incompatible with my monitor.
SnakeStrike   **
This is an extremely basic snake clone. Everyone should start out making a simple game like this, but they shouldn't release it publically without polishing it whatsoever.
Space Invaders Clone (1978 Midway Arcade Version)   ******
icon I'm not sure I've ever played the original, but this clone feels very authentic. If I were to judge it purely by how well it replicates the original, I'd have to give it a perfect score. However, this is 2005, and while I love remakes, I think a highscores list, better graphics (the original ones could always be provided as an alternative theme or maybe switched on/off as part of the gameplay) and more gameplay elements are required.
Stax   ********
icon Cool, original ideas in this falling blocks type game. Fun to play, and nice to see something other than the done to death Tetris clones. Would've been even better if the 2-player only gametypes could also be played solo.
Stellatris   **
The links don't work. (PM me when they do and I'll update my rating.)
Stickdude!   ******
icon Audio and visuals are nice. The stickman could perhaps use a bit more work, but it's pretty funny the way it is, so I kinda like it that way. Gameplay is so-so. It's a bit too straight forward. Maybe some sort of weapon and more enemy variation would help. I don't like how jumping has been implemented. I think I would have preferred shorter, faster jumps with less control while in the air. A silly little thing perhaps, but something just doesn't feel right the way it is.
Stompy   **
icon This is an early work in progress and shouldn't really be in the depot in its current state.
Styx   **
The links don't work. (PM me when they do and I'll update my rating.)
Super Mario Bros - Water World   **
This is an early work in progress (far from 90% complete) and sadly abandoned. It might have turned into a good game, but in its current state it shouldn't really be in the depot.
Super Monster Painter Extreme   ******
icon Gameplay is fun for a few minutes, but it doesn't last. Everything else is so good you almost want to keep playing regardless.
Survival Maze   **
icon The link doesn't work, but you can download the game from It's not worth it, though. The retro art is ok, but the gameplay is much too simple and not improved by bugs like getting temporarily stuck while trying to make a turn and disappearing monsters.
Swing Space   ******
The graphics are simple but stylish. Sound effects are adequate. It could use some music and a proper highscores list is a must. The gameplay is original, but too simple for me. It might be a good game for younger kids if the time limited levels weren't so hard.
Tetanus On Drugs   ******
It's more of a joke than a game, really. It's funny as hell, but once it wears of, you're left with a fairly average Tetris clone.
Tetriclone   **
As it says on the author's homepage, this is a "really bad tetris clone".
Tetris   ******
Well, it's Tetris, and Tetris is fun! The hiscores-list is nice, but this is your basic clone with nothing special thrown in to separate it from the crowd.
Tetris   ****
A Tetris game that brings nothing new to the table. The author didn't even bother to give it a unique name. The graphics are decent, but the controls are too responsive and there's no highscores list. Some sound effects and music would be nice.
Tetris Battle   ******
icon The graphics are simple, but work surprisingly well nontheless. The MIDI music is great. The sound effects are not. The extra wide playfield is a novel idea, so is the cooperative mode. Selecting in-game music should be done from options menu and not every time you start a new game. I wish English was supported and that Escape could be used to exit an ongoing game at all times. A bit more work and this would be a solid title.
TETRIS Queen   ******
icon It's a good clone but hard to enjoy due to the horrible sound effects that sound like pure static to my ears. The Queen theme is a nice idea but the backgrounds are of very poor quality.
Tetris Unlimited   ********
icon Amazingly configurable. Great audio and visuals. Too bad it seems to have been abandoned without first implementing the crucial highscores feature.
TeTrist   ****
As the description says, it's a very very basic Tetris clone. In fact, the only thing it has going for it, is the silly graphics. Admittedly funny, and I'd like to see this theme developed further, but they don't add much to the gameplay after the novelty wears of.
The Pickles   **********
icon Great in every way except for the password-based save system, which stinks. Keeping a notebook around to write down passwords feels so 80-ish. :) Please give us a real save system!
The Project 2   ******
Nice lighting effects, but too dark overall. AI path finding problems. Why am I shooting what looks like an armoured tank (robot?) with bullets? Why do I have to fight against rats?!? (Ok,so it's better than frogs, but still.) Some nice art, lots of potential, not that much fun currently.
TheTerrorTubbies   ********
Great art. Gameplay is fun, but would be better if the mouse wasn't so laggy. The game locked up once when I was entering a highscore.
TicTacToe   **
Tic-Tac-Toe is a horrible choice for a game as it's impossible to win if both players stay awake. It seems the author has realised this and therefore implemented the rotation effect that makes it unpleasant to focus on the board, undoubtedly in an attempt to break your concentration so you'll make a bad move once in every thousand games.
Titans of New Earth   ****
icon I don't know how the game played before, but the forced scrolling can't possibly have been an improvement. In general, the gameplay is very poor. Audio is decent, so are graphics, although the characters could really use some animation. The controls aren't very good. (Especially the jump and weapon switching ones.) Abuse-style controls would probably be better (ie. move with arrow keys or WASD, aim and shoot with mouse).
Tom the Tomato   ******
icon The graphics are simple, but charmingly old-school. Music is ok, but slightly choppy, which probably is related to the uneven framerate. The gameplay is fun, but without a highscores system, it feels a bit pointless. The collision detection could be more accurate.
Top Hat Willy PC   ******
icon A good remake but gameplay is severely hurt by horrible jump control that makes the already hard game extremely frustrating.
TPong   ********
icon Surprising how such a small change can make all the difference. The game is still a very basic Pong clone, but the unbeatable AI, and the way the game restarts every time you lose, makes it highly addictive. Bonus points for fun cooperative mode. It would be nice if that mode also had a highscores list and if you could enter longer names.
Trek Invaders   ****
icon The Star Trek theme is a nice touch. Gameplay is just your basic clone and I didn't think it was much fun at all. It really needs some more elements, perhaps inspired by the Star Trek universe. A highscore list would also be good.
Vigilante   ********
icon I haven't played the original, but the impression I get is that this must be a great conversion. Everything feels professionally done. Pure beat'em up's aren't my favourite though, so I can't give a perfect score.
Viper   ******
A nice clone of the deathmatch part of Gravity Force. Falls short of Gravity Force 2, AKA Gravity Power (Amiga game), but worth a try if you can't get hold of that. I miss destructible terrain and health bars (with bullets that slowly drain your health). Also more levels please!
Water Kills   ****
It says completed, but feels like pre-alpha. This could become a fun little racing game, but needs more work. It doesn't compile with latest Allegro/MinGW. The camera/ top speed combo makes it very hard to keep on course, and the sound when you hit something made my ears bleed.
We Want War   ********
Very promising. Quite a bit of fun already and great controls. Art is good, although you might want to get rid of the copyrighted images. The difficulty is perhaps slightly too high. Maybe the player could have a bit more life energy and a few lives so game wouldn't end so fast.
Weed   ********
icon Excellent graphics and sound. Sometimes the enemy placements seem a bit odd and it might be nice if the ship could move a bit faster, but these complaints are minor. *EDIT* Err, or maybe not. The enemy placements become more and more annoying the more I play. It's very frustrating to have to fly by enemies placed so you can't hit them, only to have them fire at you from behind while you're either unable to return fire or too busy dealing with the next wave.
Westbang   ********
icon Everything is great, except for the gameplay, which is fun, but a bit monotonous. A subgame or two would've helped.
Wrecking Ball   ****
Another unfinished and abandoned game. Presentation is ok with nice music and backgrounds. Sound effects and other graphics range from average to very poor. The crucial highscores list is missing and there are only two levels.
Xelda   ****
icon The music is great, but otherwise this game has little to offer. Graphics are primitive, albeit a bit funny. Gameplay isn't much fun and made less so by poor level design. The game is also very short. Judged as a competition entry, it's pretty good, but as a finished game, it's not worth your time.
XOP   ********
icon Wow, great gameplay and audio-visuals, with a nice retro feel. For a commercial game, the graphics are not that great, though. The game crashed after printing "Simulation complete" (or similar) message, so I can't give it more than four.
Zasx   ********
icon Good version. The music is poor and extremely repetitive. I've never really felt comfortable with the controls in asteriods games. I think using the mouse to aim and turn the ship might be more fun.
Zaxxon RetroRemake   ********
icon Very original concept (well, ok, so it's a remake, but still), but it is frustratingly hard to judge at which height level you need to be to hit enemies. Great production values. Highscores list would be better if you could enter longer names.
Zep's Dreamland   **********
icon A couple more puzzle elements wouldn't hurt, but it's good fun as-is and looks and sounds great. Bonus points for good save system.
Zombiepox   ******
icon Fun idea and impressive presentation for such a short development time, but gameplay is lacking and zombies frequently get stuck.
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