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Depot Games: Bamboozle Machinae II

Current Version: 1.03

Project Status: Completed

Highest Popularity: #9 during September 2007

Links: Web Site, Download

Category: Puzzle

Developers: Inphernic

Number of Players: 1

Ports: Windows

Source Code: Not Available

Author's Description: Bamboozle Machinae II is a puzzle game, that combines parts of Columns, Tetris Attack and Rubik's Cube. Your task is to form at least lines of three, and gather as many points as possible. Bamboozle Machinae II spans 35 different levels, and is a single-player game.


Name Comments Size Date Windows Binary 5,509,747 05/29/2007 5:45 PM

What's New:

- Added block modding possibility (more in "Tips" section in the manual)
- Added difficulty
- Revised scoring (overkill bonus reduced, combo bonus increased)

This update is recommended for everyone.

- Added difficulty levels
- If you switch out of BM2 while it's running, the "Aggressive task" setting will be reduced to 0 until you switch back in (in order to play even nicer with multitasking)
- Fixed a crash issue related to starting a new game
- Fixed an issue that occasionally caused the ending to be skipped if the game was completed at least once during the same session
- Fixed an issue that occasionally denied you from the game completion bonus

This update is recommended for everyone.

- Balanced scoring
- Bugfixes to line detection (it missed some cases)
- If you complete a level, the background on 'Aftermath' will be blue instead of red
- Made line detection more efficient, giving a more 'real-time' feel
- Selection visuals in 'Options' were made less vague
- The piece you have currently picked up does no longer count as a part of a line

This update is recommended for everyone.

Main menu
Main menu
Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 9.6
  • 8The game is slightly too hard. I think Normal mode should be what Easy is now. Reconfiguring of controls didn't work. Some text is printed below screen on continue/cancel screen. It would be nice if new highscore names could be entered directly and not using that arcane point-at-letters method. Otherwise, great work! I love the level start cubes zooming in effect and the intro is hilarious.
  • 10Top notch puzzle game. Level 26 is almost impossible to beat though...
  • 10Terrific puzzle game, but hard mode just isn't hard enough for hard core gamers (hard mode level 26, 3.4 million points on my second time playing). Perhaps the Rubik's spins could go faster on hard mode, so the player couldn't rotate arbitrary rows to buy time? Also some variety in music & theme for difficulty settings would be a nice addition (childish colors & music for easy, dark & quick theme for hard). A+ in presentation, B+ in gameplay. Also: upload some more action-packed screenies!
The Developer
Inphernicdesu desu desu desu desu desu (View Profile)