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Mark Oates Forums: Recent Threads 10 mins ago Safari 11 iPhone
raynebc Firefox 57, aka. Firefox Quantum 7 mins ago Firefox 57 Windows 7
torhu Forums: Recent Threads 14 mins ago Firefox 57 Windows NT
robot Leaving and #allegro 4 mins ago robot -
robot Main 8 mins ago Firefox 52 Windows NT
robot Catalin 8 mins ago robot -
robot What button is what on your gamepad(s)? 4 mins ago Safari 11 iPhone
robot Forums 0 mins ago Firefox 53 Windows NT
robot ALLEGRO_REQUIRE vs ALLEGRO_SUGGEST 8 mins ago - Linux
robot [4,4,2] Compiling and installing WinXP MinGW32 0 mins ago robot -
robot Forums: Installation, Setup & Configuration: View Threads 2 mins ago - Linux
robot IOTD: Find Yer Treasure! 6 mins ago Chrome 62 Linux
robot Main 0 mins ago Firefox 40 Windows 7
robot Files 6 mins ago Firefox 57 Windows NT
robot Allegro 5 "marketing" :) 1 min ago robot -
robot More Minecraft! 1 min ago robot -
robot Depot: Color Mapper 11 mins ago robot -
robot Thread locks too soon 1 min ago robot -
robot Allegro Logo Challenge 6 mins ago robot -
robot Light Sabre Duels (don't try them at home) 9 mins ago robot -
robot Main 1 min ago Chrome 49 Linux
robot I just got baptized - Yea! 0 mins ago robot -
robot Light Sabre Duels (don't try them at home) 9 mins ago robot -
robot Depot: F I E N D 12 mins ago robot -
robot Some help with my kids' old pc 0 mins ago robot -
robot board, pawn and classes 0 mins ago robot -
robot Making MakeFile 4 mins ago robot -
robot Main 7 mins ago Firefox 52 Windows NT
robot yoheeb 3 mins ago robot -
robot Depot: Sports 0 mins ago - -
robot Defining Game World and Creating Expansive Background 4 mins ago - Linux
robot Depot Games: Knion 2 mins ago robot -
robot Depot: Mancala 0 mins ago Yahoo! Slurp -
robot UberBlox Minecraft Clone Or Something 9 mins ago Googlebot -
robot Lisp, Haskell, Erlang, Clojure, etc 0 mins ago robot -
robot Azure RDP 10 mins ago Googlebot -