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Edgar Reynaldo Forums: Recent Threads 4 mins ago Chrome 63 Linux
robot Video of what I've been doing 13 mins ago - Linux
robot Any way to mirror the complete output? 4 mins ago robot -
robot Loading PNG files with transparency 7 mins ago robot -
robot Errors compiling in Visual Studio 2013 6 mins ago robot -
robot Install and Set up Allegro in Linux. 2 mins ago Safari 7 iPhone
robot Forums: Recent Threads 4 mins ago Chrome 63 Windows 7
robot Free music composition software 7 mins ago robot -
robot Depot Games: Lander! 2 mins ago robot -
robot Trying to get pixel color in the lower right corner of display. 1 min ago robot -
robot [A5] Maximum bitmap size? 8 mins ago Firefox 58 Linux
robot Recommending the NeHe tutorials is doing a disservice to those learning OpenGL 8 mins ago robot -
robot Accesing 2d arrays with pointer notation 8 mins ago Chrome 64 Windows NT
robot 5.1/7.1 on stereo headphones. how does that work then 0 mins ago robot -
robot Chris Baume 0 mins ago robot -
robot Log In 0 mins ago - -
robot What button is what on your gamepad(s)? 8 mins ago Chrome 55 Linux
robot More efficient way to capture mouse position? 4 mins ago robot -
robot need help understanding pprof output 1 min ago robot -
robot How to draw arc in opengl? 9 mins ago Firefox 42 Windows NT
robot Bloobs! 0 mins ago - -
robot Allegro 4.1.14 0 mins ago robot -
robot ugetx 1 min ago robot -
robot Depot Games: Anti-Virus 0 mins ago - -
robot Follow-up: Frustration 1 min ago robot -
robot lCoopsl 13 mins ago robot -
robot Michael Faerber 10 mins ago robot -
robot int to string (char) conversion in C 7 mins ago Firefox 58 Windows NT
robot Can't load TTF addon in separate class file 0 mins ago - Linux
robot 16-Colour Bitmaps 0 mins ago robot -
robot sscanf equivelant for std::string 1 min ago Firefox 58 Windows 7
robot Fixing an NES Advantage Joystick 0 mins ago robot -
robot Depot Games: Blues Brothers RPG 0 mins ago - -
robot Forums: Member's Posts 11 mins ago - -
robot LIVE 2 mins ago robot -
robot dev c++ makefile build error 7 mins ago Safari 7 iPhone
robot side scrolling tutorials/source? 0 mins ago robot -
robot 5.0.3 More than 1 display and FPS 7 mins ago - Linux
robot Multiple motherboards in one case under a single OS. 2 mins ago robot -
robot Freeze a git repo for archive reasons 3 mins ago robot -
robot problem passing multiple bitmap pointers to function 0 mins ago Googlebot -
robot Is 'Allegro' a male or a female ?! 2 mins ago Chrome 41 Linux
robot Main 2 mins ago robot -
robot Programmer jokes 1 min ago robot -
robot ALlegro Threads. 3 mins ago Chrome 41 Linux