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DanielH Missing Triangles Using Opengl 13 mins ago Chrome 67 Windows 7
Eric Johnson Thread locks too soon 11 mins ago Chrome 67 Windows NT
MiquelFire Forums: Recent Threads 2 mins ago Firefox 60 Windows 7
torhu Forums: Recent Threads 8 mins ago Firefox 61 Windows NT
robot Main 8 mins ago robot Linux
robot Depot Games: Yiff! 14 mins ago Safari 8 iPhone
robot Depot Games: GALVADERS 0 mins ago robot -
robot Main 10 mins ago Chrome 66 Windows NT
robot Main 3 mins ago Firefox 43 Windows 7
robot [MinGW] Stack Size 2 mins ago Chrome 67 Windows NT
robot Drawing translucent Bitmap. 0 mins ago robot -
robot mickwa 0 mins ago - -
robot Math knowledge required to learn OpenGL? 8 mins ago Firefox 60 Windows NT
robot Thread locks too soon 3 mins ago robot -
robot System Requirement 7 mins ago robot -
robot aastr 8 mins ago Safari 7 iPhone
robot Trouble with matrix rotation (DirectX) 14 mins ago Chrome 67 Windows NT
robot Flood Fill path finding 7 mins ago Chrome 67 Windows NT
robot Create a animated menu 3 mins ago Firefox 60 Windows 7
robot Depot: Pong 4 Linux! 4 mins ago Safari 7 iPhone
robot Depot Games: Garden of Coloured Lights 4 mins ago robot -
robot WinAmp visualization 2 mins ago robot -
robot Proposal: Push out a Release Candidate / Dev Version of the "most stable" 5.1 5 mins ago robot -
robot Allegro 5.2.0 released! 0 mins ago robot -
robot The Danger of c-style Strings 7 mins ago robot -
robot Changing the directory where allegro.log is written 9 mins ago robot -
robot allegro gui 8 mins ago robot -
robot For God's sake! 5 mins ago robot -
robot 2D Skeletal Animation with OpenGL 8 mins ago Safari 8 iPhone
robot Windows Menu Bar in Allegro 5 1 min ago robot -
robot Example I don't get 0 mins ago robot -
robot Creating directory in A5 for Linux and Windows 14 mins ago - -
robot "-static-libgcc" and "-static-libstdc++" won't work. 8 mins ago Chrome 67 Linux
robot Prevent multiple backgrounds from overlapping CSS3 12 mins ago Chrome 26 Windows 7
robot Windows Menus and Allegro 5 11 mins ago - Linux
robot Main 7 mins ago Firefox 40 Windows 7
robot Thread locks too soon 4 mins ago robot -
robot shows error when creating class DATA in Xcode for c project 2 mins ago robot -
robot file_size_ex 4 mins ago robot -
robot A very seious thread 8 mins ago robot -
robot Strange bug in transmission of float values over TCP/IP 14 mins ago Firefox 60 Linux
robot Tilemap Storage and Implementation 3 mins ago robot -
robot Desmond Taylor 5 mins ago robot -
robot Native dialogs addon bug? 6 mins ago robot -
robot Forums 0 mins ago Chrome 67 Windows NT
robot Binding Keys Code 2 mins ago robot -
robot guru java programming tips & tricks here!! 8 mins ago robot -
robot Main 6 mins ago Safari 11 OS X (Intel)
robot How to make a collision box at 360 degrees 10 mins ago robot -
robot Log In 10 mins ago robot -
robot ALLEGRO_DIRECT3D not defined in this scope 2 mins ago robot -
robot Circle and Polygon Collision 5 mins ago robot -
robot Best performance when loading Bitmaps 5 mins ago robot -
robot operator overloading question 11 mins ago - Linux
robot How to configure Allegro in Turbo C++ 3.0 7 mins ago Firefox 38 Windows 7
robot HTTPS is broken 5 mins ago Chrome 67 Windows NT
robot Overlapping Circles 0 mins ago Chrome 41 Linux