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Johan Halmén Thread locks too soon 8 mins ago Chrome 51 Linux
raynebc Forums: Programming Questions: View Threads 0 mins ago Firefox 52 Windows 7
Anonymous Forums: Recent Threads 9 mins ago Chrome 56 Windows 7
robot [A5] Xbox360 Controller Trigger buttons = only one axis? 5 mins ago Safari 10 iPhone
robot create_bitmap 9 mins ago Chrome 56 Windows NT
robot Anyone might like game similiar to SimEarth? 7 mins ago robot -
robot What button is what on your gamepad(s)? 13 mins ago Firefox 51 Windows NT
robot Visual Studio 2015 works? 12 mins ago Chrome 56 Windows 7
robot (A5) Vaild Form of Game Loop? 2 mins ago - Linux
robot Assembly code inside C(++) code 5 mins ago Firefox 51 Windows 8
robot int to string (char) conversion in C 10 mins ago Chrome 56 Windows NT
robot 4.2.1 seems to be fooked with font grabbing 7 mins ago - -
robot [A5] dinput random crashes 7 mins ago - Linux
robot A* without tiles 7 mins ago - Linux
robot How to compile static libpng with static zlib [exe linker errors]? 4 mins ago Chrome 56 Windows NT
robot slow function which draws shadows 4 mins ago - Linux
robot Help setting TTL on a rooted Android. 12 mins ago Firefox 51 Windows NT
robot Site Index 0 mins ago - -
robot VS2010:how to put bmps in rcs and use them 0 mins ago robot -
robot putpixel fast enough for software 3d? 12 mins ago robot -
robot FMOD functions... 0 mins ago robot -
robot Setting a pixel size for a font in FreeType2 3 mins ago Firefox 51 Windows NT
robot A5 clipping 0 mins ago robot -
robot Smooth scrolling collision 0 mins ago - Linux
robot Dijkstra's Algorithm in Python... totally lost 12 mins ago Chrome 51 Windows NT
robot Forums: Off-Topic Ordeals: View Threads 0 mins ago Chrome 49 Linux
robot keypressed 14 mins ago Chrome 48 Windows 7
robot Should a 2D tile-based map be rendered in 3D? 0 mins ago robot -
robot Files 0 mins ago Firefox 51 Windows 7
robot EOF in a text file with Notepad? 1 min ago Chrome 56 Windows NT
robot Porting LibAlleg to new Platform 13 mins ago Chrome 55 Windows NT
robot ben1066 3 mins ago Exabot 3 -
robot Main 2 mins ago Safari 10 OS X (Intel)
robot How to include libpng Native Android 12 mins ago Chrome 54 Linux
robot Dev-C++ IDE: Code Completion 0 mins ago Chrome 56 Windows NT
robot [A5] Allegro assertion failure with TTF font addon. 0 mins ago robot -
robot zhe123_1 1 min ago Googlebot -
robot create_trans_table 0 mins ago robot -
robot Depot Games: Zaxxon RetroRemake 4 mins ago Googlebot -
robot Huge performance decrease from A4 to A5 0 mins ago Yahoo! Slurp -
robot Winsock non-blocking recv 7 mins ago Googlebot -