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Mark Oates Forums: Recent Threads 10 mins ago Chrome 91 OS X (Intel)
robot Thread locks too soon 0 mins ago robot -
robot Ask Me Anything About Optometry/Eyes 2 mins ago Safari 537 Linux
robot It's time to upgrade my CPU 0 mins ago robot -
robot Welcome back, 1998 8 mins ago - Linux
robot Project List 0 mins ago Chrome 91 Windows NT
robot [Android] Backbuffer sub-bitmap crash 4 mins ago Safari 13 OS X (Intel)
robot KrampusHack 2016 0 mins ago - -
robot CPU family compilation of allegro? 0 mins ago robot -
robot Depot Games: Overgod 0 mins ago - -
robot Myspace as a weapon of house destruction 2 mins ago robot -
robot Main 9 mins ago - -
robot Depot Games: Ants! 6 mins ago - -
robot What do these errors mean? 4 mins ago - Linux
robot Speech Synth! 0 mins ago robot -
robot Depot: Sound Wave Generator 7 mins ago Safari 13 OS X (Intel)
robot A5 compiled fine, but can't compile against the library 0 mins ago robot -
robot The anti-christmascard 0 mins ago robot -
robot Allegro vs SDL 13 mins ago Firefox 89 Windows NT
robot Joshua Cassel 4 mins ago Safari 13 OS X (Intel)
robot get 0xC0000005 on al_destroy_display() 3 mins ago Safari 537 Linux
robot video and system bitmaps crashing 4 mins ago Safari 537 Linux
robot My first Java game, BlackJack 2 mins ago - Linux
robot Unable to find a suitable graphics driver. (AllegroGL) 7 mins ago Safari 537 Linux
robot C++ and timers 0 mins ago Safari 537 Linux
robot Wish me luck guys (and gals) 10 mins ago Safari 537 Linux
robot Using HTML+CSS for GUIs part 2 4 mins ago - Linux
robot Why C++ sucks: Not Flame Bait 6 mins ago Safari 537 Linux
robot load_bitmap 13 mins ago Firefox 90 Windows NT
robot Converting a Gimp .h-file to BITMAP * 0 mins ago robot -
robot invert colors 2 mins ago robot -
robot kdevil 6 mins ago Safari 13 OS X (Intel)
robot Video files in Allgro? 6 mins ago robot -
robot [php/mysql] Storing user's completed puzzles 0 mins ago robot -
robot My game to be (Part II) 7 mins ago robot -
robot [a5] Problem with upgrade of images/text and loop 3 mins ago - Linux
robot Undefined reference errors Allegro 5 14 mins ago robot -
robot Managing my ressources 4 mins ago - Linux
robot Check if the mouse is over irregular shapes 2 mins ago - Linux
robot How to delete allocated memory at void pointer? 0 mins ago Chrome 91 Linux
robot Somehow I knew what this was before I even clicked it. 5 mins ago Googlebot -