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Depot Games: HeroQuest

Current Version: 2.08

Project Status: Beta Release

Highest Popularity: #1 during March 2007

Links: Web Site, User made Quest Packs

Category: Role Playing

Developers: Gerwin Broers

Number of Players: 1 (Turn Based (Local))

Ports: Windows

Source Code: Not Available

Author's Description: HeroQuest is a turnbased computer game in a fantasy setting, Inspired on MB's and Games Workshop's boardgame 'HeroQuest'. It focuses on four different heroes working through various quests, encountering foes ranging from goblins to chaos warriors. You can play the original campaign, additional quests or wander the self generating magic dungeon. A user friendly quest editor is also included.

The start of this project goes a few years back (using the ancient turbo pascal 7 for DOS). There have been alot of improvements and added features since, and a few features still to go.

24-3-2005: NOTE: new email and server location!
Source available on email request.


Name Comments Size Date Windows Version 1,524,135 01/27/2007 3:10 PM

What's New:

2.08F (1-2007)
- adjusted dungeons to often contain a hidden room,
with appropriate content.
- rewrote the dungeon generating code
- all internal map access has now been redirected through
a procedure with error-checking.
- editor now uses the same drawing system as the game,
including the fading effects.
- added three scripts on modifying character attributes
- many fixes and small improvements.

2.08E (4-2006)
- added the four ogre characters: warrior, champion, chieftain and lord.
- compiled the game for allegro v4.20.
- new option to use a group of max 3 wandering monsters.
- updated hquest.htm. Added a section on multiple chaptered campaigns.
- added a "show object scrips" filter to the editor.
- many fixes and small improvements.

2.08C (3-2005)
-magic dungeon now has fewer enemies,
more merchants, and possibly allies.
-allied characters now have functional behaviour.
-added: more control on trap attack types.
-added skull runes instead of dice when the
damage is not dice dependant.
-added "strip keys after each chapter" option.
-updated some of the included quests.
-other small improvements and bugfixes.

-new cyclic game-engine implemented.
-added scrollbar in console
-improved scripts/traps behaviour.
-more reliable scripting-trigger system
-improved GUI text output, added shortcut key underline.
-added fade-in and fade-out effects.
-active character now has a glowing border around him
-impovements on greyscale export editor function
-added three new icons for traps.
-datafiles now support easier user modding
-fixed .qst file registration in windows XP.
-many more fixes and small improvements...

-12 bugfixes.
-adjusted the dungeon slightly
-added a script for a monster ambush.
-updated Dennis Vervoorns classic quests.
-received and added some nice user quests.
-updated the escape quest.
-added a topic about scripting and about options in the manual,
-several quest chapters can now reside
in a quests\subdirectory with the chapters name.
-enemy swapping is now turned of in
default configuration
-game now writes a date/time stamp
to quest files when saving

-several bugs fixed
-the game can now run properly from any starting folder.
-.qst files are registered to the heroquest program.
-Move heroes before and after action is now optional.
-Interchanging/swapping locations of same species.
-Many improvements on the manual.
-better support for the use of walk dice.
-re-arranged the options screen.
-option to set all default enemies to 1 life point.
-added ROUGH versions of all original quests

-added magic dungeon generator and content generator
-added magic dungeon mode Like Fargoal or Diablo
-added more quest
-more comprehensive scripting and quest objectives
-think I fixed all known bugs now, really.
-better documentation
-and quite some more improvements

-editor: implemented a rightclick popup menu with "copy, cut, delete, properties"
-editor: object properties dialog implemented!
-editor: added map-filter "quest properties"
-monsters/heroes gain bronze, silver and gold markings for experience.
-implemented renaming of heroes in briefing screen.
-and more...

2.06 >> 2.06B
-editor: fixed some wrong sounds.
-editor: the object eraser works with squares now.
-editor: filter greyscale export: writes a greyscale image of the current map, for printing etc.
-editor: fixed objects not flipping when supposed to.
-fixed a bug allowing objects to target/move to a distant tile.
-fixed monsters not jumping over monsters from different races.
-fixed bug allowing hero's to jump over a locked door.
-fixed menu-backgrounds being zoomed in after use of zoom in game.
-fixed bug when a large object could not be used when clicked on any part of it.
-fixed a possible crash when taskswitching when using windowed heroquest.
-fixed quest unable to restart when loaded from a savegame.
-fixed 'J' Character looking like an 'l'.
-fixed hero's still active after being killed by a trap bomb.
-fixed random walk amount generation, the max is now 12 instead of 10.
-improved procedure for handling filenames to load and save.
-improved monster walking, they try walking to a target even if it is blocked by an object.
-improved dialog button/checkbox drawing when using keyboard.
-improved quest file format implemented, added some file verifying.
-improved ingame textfile-reader to support some basic html.
-improved multicolor textdrawing, again. using only 1 font file.
-Hall of Fame implemented: Hero names, Experience, Kills, Last Quest, Gold, checksum protection etc.
-multiple quest chapters now use surviving "veteran" heroes from the previous quest.
-heroes can retreat to safety using the stairway tile.
-object statistics window now shows decrease and increase if walk,off,def,life,mind.
-heroes gain 10 experience for opening doors, 20 for finishing a quest.
-misc. small improvements.

Ingame screenshot
Ingame screenshot
Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 9.0
  • 7The problem with this game and it is a serious problem, is that when a crate explodes, game ends. Pls "fix" this stupid bug, otherwise you will get low ratings. I cannot play the game at all with this problem.
  • 9Really enjoyed this game. It plays almost exactly like the board game and the add-on levels make for hours of fun. Definitely recommend this to any HQ or Dungeons and Dragons fans.
  • 10I'm quite impressed by Heroquest. There are already a number of user-made campaigns for it, and it includes an editor if you'd like to make your own quests. It's a difficult game at first, but once you learn the strengths and weaknesses of your characters, you'll do fine, and you'll build them up to become powerful warriors. I'm enthusiastic about this project! Turn-based games are my favorites.
The Developer
Gerwin Broers
Gerwin BroersHave this love hate relationship with computer stuff, and that includes programming. I had some basic training and talent(?) for Pascal Code in the DOS times, later I decided to catch up and rewrite my Heroquest Project. fortunately I came along Allegro! (View Profile)