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The problem with this game and it is a serious problem, is that when a crate explodes, game ends. Pls "fix" this stupid bug, otherwise you will get low ratings. I cannot play the game at all with this problem.
Really enjoyed this game. It plays almost exactly like the board game and the add-on levels make for hours of fun. Definitely recommend this to any HQ or Dungeons and Dragons fans.
********** by ricoh
I'm quite impressed by Heroquest. There are already a number of user-made campaigns for it, and it includes an editor if you'd like to make your own quests. It's a difficult game at first, but once you learn the strengths and weaknesses of your characters, you'll do fine, and you'll build them up to become powerful warriors. I'm enthusiastic about this project! Turn-based games are my favorites.
Being a fan of the board-game, I am already biased. This is a very nicely done revision; mood,effect,graphics from the original all add to it's worth.
I'm a big board game (or pen and paper) Dungeon's and Dragons type fan. Love the style of gameplay in this game. Excilent graphics as well!
This is great! A bit difficult, though. There seems to be a bug where you can sometimes interact with objects and other times not. Usually, it helps if I move away and back again. Also, right-clicking didn't seem to do anything. I was hoping I could get monster info, read books, get weapons from the racks, etc. Not sure if that would be deviating from the board game, but more interaction would be nice.
Very nice conversion of the board game. Two requests, if possibile: - As it has been requested by many users, add the magical options, please. - "The Dungeon" isn't balanced well. At the begin is too much easy to die, at the end I'm invulnerable! Thanks and keep up the good work! This is the best conversion of a board game I've ever seen.
Great game :) Nice graphics, nice polish... the game feels pretty professional and more important: it's fun!
Excellent remake. However alot is missing like pit traps, choice of spells etc. The addition of the entire original + expansion pack levels would be great. Missing most at present however is that there is no forum for this remake as a place for fans to post links to levels created with the edititor.
Yeah!!!! it's very similar to the board game. But what happens with magic spells, search for treasures and search for secret doors or traps... I encorage you to keep updating it with all that features...
This game is very good, just like the original board game. The editor is really cool also.
I really like a lot of the graphics but you ain't doing yourself any favours with white lines and computery presentation. A like of paint could really make this gel wonderfully. I love explorey turn-based games so keep it up!
******** by anto80
It's really great. Good graphics and nice gameplay. I wished i had the real board game and this game shows us how it would be nice. Think about giving some help or a good link to HeroQuest's manual.
Nicely done, well polished, but the gameplay is (in longer spans) quite boring and the rules aren't explained well. But it's a good import of the original board game with some new options.
Ingame screenshot
Ingame screenshot
The Developer
Gerwin Broers
Gerwin BroersHave this love hate relationship with computer stuff, and that includes programming. I had some basic training and talent(?) for Pascal Code in the DOS times, later I decided to catch up and rewrite my Heroquest Project. fortunately I came along Allegro! (View Profile)