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Depot Games: 3D spryjinx

Current Version: 0.97

Project Status: Completed

Links: Web Site

Category: Action

Developers: Jason Heim

Ports: Windows

Source Code: Not Available

Author's Description: 3d spryjinx version 0.97 is available! the latest version comes as a windows install pack. if you need a self-extracting zip file for DOS instead, visit the homepage at

this is not a demo, it's fully playable, now includes a TON of updates.


spryjinx has gone open source! if you would like to participate in its ongoing evolution, or just to sneak a peek at some of my routines, email me at!

thanks to Angelo Mottola, who has offered to port to linux, and has already ported to BeOS. the BeOS port is available here:

the game itself is somewhat like the classic Q*bert, except that it is played in a head-to-head competition where you compete with your opponent to color the blocks and score points. as blocks float downwards the bottom row eventually falls off the grid and is replaced by a new row from the top. as blocks fall off the grid, points are scored depending on which color the block is. blocks are colored by being the last player to touch that block (unless it it 'painted').

if you reach the end of the level, the player with the most points wins. however, a player who allows himself to fall off with a block will die. each player has three lives to work with. if you run out of lives, you lose no matter what the score is.

please send any feedback or bug reports to


Name Comments Size Date
spryzip.exe Windows Binary 933,091 05/29/2007 4:42 PM
Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 8.6
  • 7I liked playing it and got a few ides to develop my own game.
  • 8Original and fun to play. It would benefit greatly from a stronger single player mode; Maybe level based or tournament style.
  • 10An absolutely great party game. Very addictive and very fun. Very original as well.
The Developer
Jason Heim
Jason Heimspryjinx 3d is the result of taking my freeware game spryjinx and adding the power of DJGPP and allegro to it. it offers gameplay that is both addictive and competitive. play against a friend, or see if you can beat my 'difficult' computer ai player. the 'normal' player can hold his own, too, so watch out! this new version sports 3d graphics, selectable characters, higher resolutions, customizable key setup, and stereo sound. it is also fairly easy to add your own characters. a level editor is on the way, too. (View Profile)