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I liked playing it and got a few ides to develop my own game.
Original and fun to play. It would benefit greatly from a stronger single player mode; Maybe level based or tournament style.
An absolutely great party game. Very addictive and very fun. Very original as well.
It is lame and the controls don't work right, and the graphics are not too good.
Welcome to Spryjinx! Excellent game, quite hilarious.
Nice original idea, and very addictive. Recommended.
Really sweet game. Tons of fun
********** by georgi
Rating: Idea(100%) Graphic(80%) Sound(80%) Playable(90%) Dificulty(hard)
Awesome idea, and perfectly executed. The AI is the tough, the graphics are great, and the music and sound effects really set a fast paced mood. Most of all, the game is just so very, very addictive...
******** by NWG
nice, very nicely done i also liked the graphics and gameplay. we must say the sound FX were alright music rocks control smooth we like that. So as and us we really liked its a great game play nwgsoft
This game is overly addictive. The proccess is simple, and that is what makes the game reveling. Also, the other features make the game good, such as the decent ethical graphics and the wonderful music that acually fits in the game.
An already great game made even better. A great example of what you can do when you set your mind to it
i think this game is really cool , simple idea but good game play, keep up the good work
******** by orz
simple, well done
The Developer
Jason Heim
Jason Heimspryjinx 3d is the result of taking my freeware game spryjinx and adding the power of DJGPP and allegro to it. it offers gameplay that is both addictive and competitive. play against a friend, or see if you can beat my 'difficult' computer ai player. the 'normal' player can hold his own, too, so watch out! this new version sports 3d graphics, selectable characters, higher resolutions, customizable key setup, and stereo sound. it is also fairly easy to add your own characters. a level editor is on the way, too. (View Profile)