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Depot Games: Pinpin game

Current Version: 1.5

Project Status: Completed

Highest Popularity: #22 during June 2006

Links: Web Site, A port to Linux, thanks to Georgik, CLWP multi-threading package

Category: Arcade

Developers: Kees Moerman

Number of Players: 1

Ports: DOS, Linux, Windows

Source Code: Available Upon Request

Author's Description: Pinpin is a children's game (the name is based on the Dutch word for Penguin: 'Pinguin'). The goal of the game is to bring the baby penguins safely home, by playing the father or mother penguin figure. This is a non-violent game, no shooting, killing, and so on. Also, the player can not 'die', but you can loose points through various kinds of dangers. Age: I would guess 6 years and up. First time playing time is about 45 minutes for a 9-year old. Can be played in English or in Dutch.

It is an arcade-like game, where you control PinPin using the cursor keys to walk and swim hies/her way through the South Pole land scape. Find the babies, and bring them to the home iglo. Don't swim too fast, the babies are still small, and can not swim as fast as PinPin. Loose them, and they'll swim back to where you picked them up.

Pinpin is made using Allegro, plus the Mappy level editor and the CLWP co-operative multithreading package. I have a Windows version, but also a DOS and Linux version available on my pinpin page at Total download is about 600Kbyte.

Kees Moerman.


Name Comments Size Date DOS version of pinpin game (zip file, 520 Kb) 499,768 11/23/2005 9:28 PM
pinpin15_install.exe Windows installer for Pinpin game (exe, 600 Kb) 624,950 11/23/2005 9:20 PM
Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 8.7
  • 10Usually those not real programmers are the best programmers around... Nice concept of crash bandicoot :P Anyway, focus on other ideas. I want to encourage you, giving a 10 ^_^
  • 6SFX and graphics are nice. I love the animation and evading fish. It has major control issues, though. Acceleration and max speed is too high and significantly reduces the fun factor. It would be more kid-friendly: without help text (kids can learn through trying); with automated level transitions; if number of penguins to find was highlighted at level start.
  • 10Great game even if it's lacking a bit in the "original idea" part :P I do have a few notes though: the help text pops up too often, the penguin is a little hard to control and penguins do NOT live in the north pole. You could at least get your facts straight if you're making a children's game...
The Developer
Kees Moerman
Kees MoermanNot a 'real' programmer, but like to program now and then, and Allegro is a great help to me. Esp. not having to know anything about windows, and still make games using DirectX (while also running under DOS and Linux). Thanks, Allegro! (View Profile)