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miran has rated 166 projects with an average score of 6.39
Allegro Sprite Editor   **********
icon 0.2.4: This is an excellent sprite editor packed with useful tools and other features. The GUI looks simple but is very quick and efficient and even though this program is still a work in progress and tends to crash occasionally, it is already a great tool that really should be on every Allegro developer's hard drive...
Alphabet Soup   **********
icon One of the best games for children I've ever seen on the depot. There's really not much wrong with it, music and sounds are excellent, presentation is good and it's very well polished. The only thing the game needs to be special, is some better gfx, smoother animation and more eye candy.
Anti-Virus   **********
icon v0.9: Absolutely amazing game. Looks good, sounds good and has great replay value. I play it all the time! I realise it's "only" a remake, but it's a very good one. Btw, the author forgot to mention where you can get AMGC (the game is a plugin for AMGC) - you can find it in my profile.
Arena Football   ****
icon The gfx are minimal but OK for something based on an electronic game toy from the 70's. The music is completely inappropriate but luckily it can be turned off. The main problem though is that the controls are unresponsive, making it impossible to play. Also it lacks polish and finishing touches.
Bamboozle Machinae   **********
icon For a 72 hour speedhack entry this game is excellent. Graphics, sound, music and the menus are all very nice and it's fun to play...
Bamboozle Machinae II   **********
icon Top notch puzzle game. Level 26 is almost impossible to beat though...
Batman Against the Vampires   ******
icon An average game. Very fun for a while, even addictive, but on the whole, it's nothing special really...
Bird Shoot 2004   ******
icon Mildly fun. Graphically and otherwise it's a little on the sub-average side but I suppose it's good enough for 10 to 15 minutes of mindless clicking...
BlackShift   **********
icon @0.84: That's a great little brain buster, reminds me a bit of DROD. Still needs some polish and final touches (no music, no menus, etc.) and perhaps more levels but so far this seems a very promising game...
Blocker   **
icon The lamest shareware game ever. Gfx are poor, there are no sounds or music, the controls don't feel smooth and I couldn't figure out how to play. The game doesn't even come with instructions. What it does come with though is a nag screen, an annoying one even. This is not a game I would recommend anyone to buy...
Blue Meanies   ********
Technically very well done, but the gameplay is seriously compromised by the short pauses at every shot...
Bluebox   ******
An average Sokoban clone. The tiles look nice but there's no background graphics, animations or other effects. There's also no sound or music. There aren't that many levels but they all seem original and some are actually quite hard to beat. Also the level editor is a big plus...
BobShuffle   ******
v1.1: A very simple pong clone with extremely basic gfx and bad collision detection. Sfx and music are quite nice even though they're a bit on the noisy side. Plays reasonably well and even has AI with adjustable strength. Negative points for using the Allegro 8x8 font in the menus and the game.
BobType   ****
icon v1.6: Still boring. Although there's visible improvement from the previous versions this game still needs more and better gameplay to be enjoyable.
Breakoutz   ****
An exceedingly simple breakout game that will satisfy only the most undemanding players.
Brutalo Deluxe   ******
icon 1.4: Mmmm, flesh and blood. It's a simple game but it has lots of potential. Gfx and sound are OK but quite basic and it's not very fun to play as it gets boring rather quickly. Would give it 2.5 if it was an option...
Cannon   **
Ugly graphics, no menus, no sounds, no music and no scores. Also the content is extremely offensive as in this game you shoot parachuters which is prohibited by Geneva convention (or something like that) and everyone who does it in real war is considered a war criminal!
Caries Field   *********
icon Very good minesweeper clone. It's pretty much the same as the original as far as the game mechanics are concerned, it only looks better and even has a nice animation effect. If it was original or had something extra special, it would be a perfect 10!
carterrain   ******
icon What I saw didn't look like a complete game. The graphics is good and the physics engine is excellent but there is only 1 track, there are almost no sounds, no music and the menus don't look good.
Casino   ******
Beta2: Nothing special about this game. There are no instructions, so it took me a while to figure out how to play and I still don't know how some things work. Graphically the game is a bit on the weak side. The poker cards are nice but other gfx are quite ordinary. Also the hard blue background made my eyes hurt very quickly. Sound effects are also very average and there are very few of them and the game doesn't come with any music whatsoever which makes it feel very bland and boring: 2.5/5...
Charred Dirt   **********
icon @0.53: Awesome game especially considering it's only 60% finished. All it needs is some nice music and loads of levels and it'll be production quality...
Coolmove   ******
Nice screensaver. Could use a little work though... -
CorruptionWare   ********
icon Very good, considering this is a sppedhack game, created in one weekend. Everything is very well done, graphics especially. It gets a bit boring and difficult very quickly though, but is nevertheless a good 5 minute distraction...
cTris   ******
@1.2: A pretty average Tetris clone. Gfx are nice for so low res but nothing special. The same goes for everything else, it needs more to stand out of the crowd. Also I think the controls don't feel exactly right...
Dark Light Battles   ******
OK for a speedhack entry. But the gameplay seems to be very random and the outcome doesn't depend on the skills of the player very much. Also it is a bit incomplete as it doesn't have any sound or music and some of the gfx is ripped. Still, a fun game, especially in two player mode.
Deathbrix   ******
Very average game in all respects. It has some good original ideas but overall it is not very impressive. Also it's in French only...
Deluxe Snake   **********
icon This game is as good as snake clones can get. Very little can be said against it, maybe it could come with some more and better music (I don't like MIDI) and the snake itself could look a bit better. But other than that this is a really deluxe snake game, very professional and very polished...
Desert of Doom   ********
icon v1.0: A perfect Speedhack game. Creates an amazing old school feeling with the low res grayscale graphics and excellent sounds and especially music. The gameplay isn't exactly superb but the general look and feel of the game makes up for it and makes it deserve an almost top rating.
domin   ******
icon 0.5: Slightly more than a little confusing, I won the game against the weekest AI player but I've no idea how and why. It looks good though, even if it's nothing special, and the sound effects are good too. The music on the other hand is annoyingly bad. Overall it's a nice concept and has potential but still needs some final touches...
Dr. Mario Online   **
icon v0.1: Unplayable because there's no speed control and there's very little content. Hopefully future version will be better...
Dragon   ****
icon It works. Other than that it's not very good...
Duckie Dash   ********
icon Great game for something that was coded in one weekend. Graphics and music are excellent, but it comes a little short in gameplay...
Duel 2   ********
icon A really fun game in both the single player and multiplayer modes. Good graphics, sound and music, all it lacks is a bit of polish here and there to be excellent...
Duelships   ****
Might be fun with a friend but gfx is very basic, there are no sounds or music and the menus are quite minimalistic. Like the description says, entertaining for a couple of minutes but definately no more...
Empire Allegro Advance   ********
icon @1.7: Excellent game in almost all respects. The only reason I can't give it a top score is because the graphics are not very good, the sound effects could be better and there's no music. Some sort of multiplayer over network support would make the game even better...
Equilib   **********
icon Quick little fun game! Looks good too...
Evolight   ******
icon A good start but still needs a lot of work as there isn't much content yet...
Evolution   ******
Interesting to look at for a while but otherwise nothing special. Score: 2.5/5
F I E N D   **********
Undoubtedly the best adventure game made with Allegro!
F.S.A. (Flying Saucers Attack)   ********
icon Graphics are very nice, excellent even, and the sounds are OK. But there's no music, the font makes text painfull to read and the game itself gets boring after about a minute and twenty eight seconds. The burrowing creatures are kewl though...
Flatch   ********
icon Very good game. Gfx, sounds and music are all excellent and the game runs very smoothly. Perhaps it's not as addictive as some others and it could use some more variety but I definately recommend you play it even though it's quite a large download for such a simple game...
Frenetic Plus   **********
icon One of the best games on
Funiter   ****
icon 2.2.3: Looks like a lot of knowledge and hard work went into this program. Unfortunately the user interface is quite unintuitive and for someone who has no idea what it's all about, nothing makes sense. The fact that there is no documentation just makes it worse. Also the program freezes very often and has to be killed manually. With documentation this would be an excellent program, but as it is, it's useless...
Game Leleo   ******
icon 0.76: Extremely cute gfx, sounds and music but unfortunately doesn't play very well. Movement is slow and clumsy, controls don't feel smooth and collision detection is very primitive. Also the menus are only half finished. It's difficult to rate this game because at this stage it's not really a game yet, so I would give it 2 stars. But it shows great potential and the visuals are really nice so I'll give 3. Negative points for being in Portuguese only though...
Get The Fruit   ********
Very good Speedhack entry. Has a real classic feeling with the extra low resolution and just a few shades of gray. Has good sounds and some nice special effects too. It doesn't have that much gameplay though.
Grid Racers   ********
Whoah man, that game is great! I remember when we used to play this game on paper when we were kids. The memories... Anyway, I would have given it a 5 if it wasn't for the fact that I had to manually fix a bug so it would work. Also being able to create new players would be nice...
Gyn   **
icon This is a very simple game 5-6 yearolds might find fun to play for a while - if it was playable that is. Sadly it isn't as the main guy is completely uncontrolable. Gfx and sound is OK but it all seems to be ripped from other games. The best thing about the game is that it comes with an uninstaller.
Hero of Light VS. the Warriors of Darkness   ******
icon Technically and artistically impressive, especially for a 48h game. But gameplay is kind of boring. Overall: 3.5/5...
Horace goes skiing   ******
icon Hehe, good remake. I like the new style graphics. Needs a bit of polish for a top score but it's a fun game nevertheless...
Icy Tower   **********
icon This has to be one of the best games ever! Addictive gameplay accompanied by excellent graphics, sounds and music and it is original. What else do you need in a computer game?
Is this... the end?   **********
A really great remake of the old classic. The gameplay is very good, it looks nice for a low-res game, sound effects are excellent and the music fits the theme. Overall an excellent game...
Jumping Jack - the further adventures   ******
Closer to 2.5 stars than 3, this game is seriously average. Gfx are OK but everything else (sounds, MIDI music, menus, etc.) isn't. The menus in particular are exceptionally bad. Tried to play the new version too but that didn't even run... Oh, and I didn't get to see Alan Shearer...
Kampf im All   ****
It's not that poor but it's not average either. I would give it 2.5 if possible. All aspects of the game are very basic and I didn't particularly enjoy playing it. The multiplayer option is the best part but there are lots of better games of this genre around. Minus points for being in German only.
KBall   ********
icon may-2004: Looks very promising so far. Could use more levels and some smoother graphics and there's no sound and music yet but even as it is, it lokos very good. It will be an excellent game once it's finnished so keep up the good work!
KFixpal   ********
Great tool, can be a real life saver sometimes. It has some bugs though and the UI could be easier to use and a bit less ugly...
Kraptor   ********
icon Really nice game, good work! There is room for improvement though, like enemy graphics, explosions, sounds, music etc. but overall it's a good solid space shooter...
Labyrinth   ********
icon A nice simple game. Gfx are simple but effective but the sfx are rather average and there isn't any music. Also the mouse is not even close to being accurate enough which makes it difficult if not impossible to play. It has the potential to be addictive though if only mouse control was better.
Lacewing   **********
icon Whoah, this game is really close to awesome. Compiling it for Windows was a royal pain in the arse but it was well worth it. Gfx, sounds and music are all great (very retro!) and the game has high replay value. Definately a keeper...
LightSword Bowling   ********
That's a fun little game! It doesn't look that great and there aren't any sounds or music but it plays well and everything seems to work the way it should...
Long Way Down   ******
This is a perfect 5 minute distraction for times when you're bored and have nothing to do. Don't be fooled by the seemingly low rating, there's absolutely nothing wrong with what this game offers. It's just that it doesn't offer much as it is an extremely simple game in all respects, presentation and gameplay. That aside, it is probably one of the most fun little games I have ever played. Just needs more in terms of gfx and other such things to be worth a better score...
Magic Bubbles   ********
v0.9: Looks very nice although there could be more eye candy I suppose and the gameplay isn't really that great. Also there's no music but that's not such a big minus. The cute gfx raise it above average.
MegaMania-pc   ******
Slightly above the depot average but still nothing special. Hi-res low detail graphics, matching sounds and MIDI music that doesn't even play during the game. And unless it brings up some childhood memories for you, it's quite boring...
Mein Krampf   ******
icon 1.0: Looks awesome. Sounds are great too and music isn't bad either. But the gameplay is a little slow and clumsy, and it seems a bit difficult because you run out of ammo very soon although it seems you can't die. Also the game has no menus, no settings, no instructions, etc. For a game that is labeled as being completed this doesn't look very good. I say it's a nice engine test, but a very poor game.
MineSweeper   ******
It's a minesweeper. Nothing more, nothing less. It works for the most part but theres no nice extra special gfx and no sound or music. It's average.
Moon Defence   ******
Nice idea. It looks and sounds reasonably OK and bombing the USA military base on the moon was a lot of fun but as a finished product I suppose this is a very average little game...
Number Wars   ****
I couldn't play for very long because I couldn't even figure out what you're supposed to do (there are no instructions and the game is in German only). What I saw was quite poor too (by that I mostly mean the graphics). The game does have a couple of nice effects and an intro though...
OAK   *
icon @version n: Linux binary doesn't work because it's not statically linked and the necessary .so files are not included. Try again.
One to one soccer   ****
icon v0.20: Show potential but in the current state it is still quite unplayable. It needs lots of improvements in all areas, gfx, controls, gameplay, UI, sounds, etc. Because the game is still in an early beta stage of development I'm giving it two stars, otherwise it would only deserve one...
Pac-Mac   ****
icon v1.00: Works but has very little to offer. Graphically it's very simple and the gameplay is boring. Not something I would want to play for a very long time. I didn't like the installer so much, especially since it was in a zip...
Paintball Party   ********
icon Gfx, sounds and music are all great and the game plays well but only if you have someone to play against. All it needs for a perfect score are some bots one could play with in single player mode. Other than that this is a very solid game...
Pikselz   ******
v0.5: Good idea but rather poor presentation. Well, it looks OK, although it could be better, but it has no sound effects or music. Also the controls are a bit awkward, perhaps it'd be better to support mouse input. Still, it shows a lot of potential and with a bit of polish this could be a very good game once it's finished...
Pinpin game   **********
icon Great game even if it's lacking a bit in the "original idea" part :P I do have a few notes though: the help text pops up too often, the penguin is a little hard to control and penguins do NOT live in the north pole. You could at least get your facts straight if you're making a children's game...
Pixel Blocks   *
v0.8: Broken link. Try again.
Planetfell   ******
icon @03.12.13: Reasonably fun to play and looks quite nice although some more variety wouldn't hurt (more enemies, more weapons, more music, etc.) Also certain "features" are more than slightly annoying. This game has potential but it isn't quite there yet...
Poisoned   ****
Even for something written in a 72 hour competition this is nothing special. The random maze generator is a nice achievement but as a game this product just doesn't work very well. 1.5/5
Pong Clone   ****
A good first game. It's just pong though, and a very basic one, with simple one colour rectangles for the bats and ball and no extra special nice little details. But it has sounds and working AI and collisions seem to be OK and it's probably quite close to the original Pong. Still, I can't give it more than 2 stars, if not for anything else, at least out of respect for the dozens of much better games here on the depot...
Pong Ultra   ******
icon This one is difficult to rate. There are lots of different themes and playing modes and the game has everything it needs: menus, sound, music, AI, etc and the author obviously put a lot of work in it. Unfortunately though the quality of the graphics is rather mediocre and the music sucks IMHO...
Purple Martians   ********
icon Gameplay is exceptionally good, there are lots of levels and there's a level editor. Sound and music are also very nice. Too bad the overall impression is spoiled by not really more than average graphics...
Quest   ******
0.8: Quite fun to play but lacks in game content and presentation. Gfx are pretty basic, there are no sounds, no music and no menus. Also crashes when you touch a red bomb on the second level. Has potential though...
Rafkill   ********
Very good game although not quite at the level of the original Raptor in terms of graphics and other content. Gameplay is excellent, music likewise , graphics and sounds are good. The only downside are the menus which are quite average in appearance and the sound doesn't work in the buy menus...
Rebound   ********
icon A very good breakout game with a couple of interesting ideas. Graphically it's very nice although nothing breathtaking, the sound effects are OK but there's not music. The only major thing that is wrong with this game apart from the lack of music is the fact that it only has 3 levels...
RotoCube   ********
icon Great puzzle game. I don't get why the other reviewers are saying it's too difficult, I got to level 10 with no problems. Technically the game is near perfect, it just needs a few final touches here and there for a perfect score. I also miss some music although I would probably turn it off anyway :)
Sanity Invaders   *********
icon IMHO the best game in SpeedHack 2006.
Scorch Went Bonkers   ********
icon Cute game. Runs very smooth too. Nothing much wrong with it except that it's not really that much fun after a while. 4.5/5
Seppl's Sprite Editor   ********
icon v1.1: A simple but very usable sprite animator. Just draw individual body parts of your guy, then use this program to arange them to form a body. Then move them around to create different poses. Would be a lot easier to use if it had a bone/joint system though...
Shippy1984   **********
icon Absolutely beautiful. One of the best if not the best retro games on the depot. Enemy gfx could be better but sounds is great and music, although not original, is really close to awesome....
Shootup   ****
icon Doesn't look or sound like anything special, there are no menus and the only level is extremely short. The controls are unresponsive and the game doesn't run very smoothly. I'd say it's a good start but still needs a lot of work and judging it as an almost finnished game it is very poor...
SnakeStrike   ****
Boring game with minimalistic graphics, no levels, no sound and no music. Also the controls are a bit on the non-responsive side. Bonus points for the installer (and uninstaller) though...
space   ****
icon v0.0.1: Has very little to offer and a lot of the "standard" elements of a complete game are missing. For a game labeled 100% complete this is pretty lame and boring. It seems to work though. Overall score: 1.5/5
Space Invaders   **
v0.8: While waiting for the 15+ meg file to download I was expecting to get at least a full blown 3D shooter with detailed alien models and many fun weapons. Instead I got a bunch of quite ordinary backgrounds, obviously in an uncompressed format, and a subaverage space invaders clone. The graphics are bad (pink halos around sprites!?!), colision detection inadequate, no sounds (there's some crappy MIDI music though) and the gameplay is just awefull (I beat the game in 2 or 3 minutes). Not good.
Space Invaders Clone (1978 Midway Arcade Version)   ********
icon v0.8: It's a Space Invaders clone. And a good one too, very accurate. Nothing special though - 3.5/5
Space Pixels   ****
Works, but it doesn't look very good and is no fun to play...
sparklet   ********
icon 0.9 alpha9: Looks promising. I couldn't really test it much because I have noone to play with, but it seems like this is going to be a very fun game to play once it's finished. It still needs a bit of work on the actual game contents though...
Sphere Break   ****
icon The idea is good but the implementation is lacking. The gfx are OK I suppose but not special. There are no sounds though and the music is annoying. And then there are bugs that make it unplayable. You complete a game and nothing happens, you're just thrown back to the main menu. What's with that?
Starship Survivor   ********
Gfx and sounds are excellent. Plays well too, although it's a bit hard. I couldn't get past the first level.
Stax   *****
icon 1.3: This is a nice collection of 3 original games based on the same theme. Looks simple and clean and it's complete with sounds, menus and so on. The gameplay is bit slow though and it has technical issues as it likes to freeze a lot.
Stellatris   ****
Basically unplayable. Graphics are not good even for a Tetris clone, there is no settings dialog and no instructions, the keys are either too sensitive (moving) or do not response at all most of the time (rotating, escape). Sounds and music (MIDI) are quite presentable though...
Stickdude!   ****
icon I like the hand drawn ms paint gfx style, but then again hand drawn gfx doesn't necessarily have to look that bad. Also the game has some serious issues, for example the enemies are the same colour as some of the tiles which makes it impossible to see them. And the stickdude can jump a bit high which doesn't feel right. As it is, this game doesn't look very professional...
Stompy   ****
icon v1: This is still very far from being a playable game. And even when it's done I doubt it will be any fun. Moving a sprite up and down the screen with the keyboard and clicking on other sprites with the mouse is not my idea of a good game.
Styx   ******
Quite a fun little game. Even though the menus are bad, the music doesn't fit in and the sounds are of poor quality, it looks nice and it plays reasonably well so if you're old enough to have played the original on Specturm and feel nostalgic I definately recommend you check it out...
Sunny Ball   **********
Not the most beautiful breakout game ever made as the author advertizes, but it comes pretty close. There's really not much wrong with this game, perhaps the music doesn't quite fit with the style, but other than that, it's almost perfect. Gfx, sounds, music, gameplay, everything is very good and the game looks and feels very professional. If any game deserves 5 stars, then this is it!
Super Mario Bros - Water World   ****
v1.0 (90% finished): This looks more like a very very early engine test than a real game. It really needs more than 10% so it would be finished. And it has bugs...
Super Minesweeper   ********
icon A very nice Minesweeper game with lots of gameplay options. As far as gameplay, sounds and general polish goes, this is a very good game, but the GUI and the graphics make it look like it was made in 1994 or something. For a game you have to pay for it could have been better...
Super Monster Painter Extreme   **********
icon GFX - 100%, idea - 95%, gameplay - 85%, SFX - 100%, music - 80% (total - 92%)
Survival Maze   ******
icon Quite a fun game actually. It's a bit subpar in terms of graphics but it plays well and is moderately fun. It could use some polish and better presentation though...
Swing Space   ********
Fun game, original idea and good presentation. Just needs to be balanced a bit better, if that's the right word. As it is, a lot of times the outcome of the game depends on luck, as the starting conditions are completely random...
Tetanus On Drugs   ********
Wow, this is an excelent Tetris clone! Had a similar game once called Tetripz and loved it. Although there's not much wrong with Tetanus On Drugs (how did you come up with that name?), Tetripz was way cooler so I really can't give TOD a perfect score. And the menus are completely screwed anyway...
Tetriclone   ****
If this game had difficulty settings and/or if it would be playable, it would be average. Unfortunately it's not...
Tetris   ******
@v1.1: First of all I suggest a change of name - Tetris has already been done. The graphics are very nice and the GUI looks good but there's no sound or music and the controls are a little too responsive. There's not much wrong with this game but it definitely doesn't stand out of the crowd...
Tetris Battle   ******
icon A fair bit of work went in this game but I'm affraid the result is average. As a Tetris game it works well and the extremely wide playing field is a nice refreshment but everything else is average: programmers art, MIDI music, unintuitive UI... And the game is in Spannish which is another minus...
Tetris Unlimited   **********
icon @0.5.0: Absolutely jawdropping! There are some bugs and all features are not yet implemented but once this is finished it will be a profesional quality product. A good profesional quality product that is...
TeTrist   ******
Hey, this is a really cool Tetris clone. It's great graphically and plays well, just too bad there's no sound, music, highscores, menus... that's why I'm giving it a 3.
The game   **
icon Looks like a tile engine test with nothing much in it. The client program, or whatever it is, freezes as soon as you click something.
The Seasons   ******
icon OK for something made in a 48 hour competition. Soundtrack is musically good but technically nothing special. Overall this demo is quite boring to be honest. I didn't watch all of it though... 2.5/5
TI-NESulator   ****
icon 0.26: Works with some games, but chokes on most others. Also doesn't look very good, there are no configuration settings and all the instructions are in French. Looks promising, but it needs more to deserve a better score...
TicTacToe   ****
Version 2: I'm sure coding this was a valuable learning experience but as a game it is not very good. The spinning cubes are an interesting touch but nothing special and the gfx in general are quite ordinary. There are also no sounds or music (not that such a simple game needs music) and the menus are very simple. The AI does seem to work well though, even if it is easily beatable. All in all this game would deserve 1.5 stars but since such a score is not available, I'll give it a 2/5...
Toggles   ******
icon Technically a solid game despite some minor glitches. Gameplay may seem boring at first, but once you get into it, it's quite challenging and the online scores to play against make sure you want to try again. Artistically it's quite horrible to be honest but overall it's better than most games here.
Tom the Tomato   ******
icon Heh, fun little game but moving and jumping seems a bit slow and not what we're used to in similar games. And the gfx are just a touch too not good enough for this game to be more than average. I like the sfx and music though so it's on the good side of average. I'd give it 3.5 stars if possible...
TPong   ********
icon Good game, very addictive. Looks and sounds OK (although there's no music), only drawback is the gameplay which isn't the best as the racket is a little hard to control and the ball gets to fast too soon so getting a high score depends more on luck than skill...
Train Stopper   ****
This game has some nice minigames in it although some are a little less fun than others It's comlpetely text based and because of the small text and very high contrast colours it gave me a headache when I played it.
TSF-GSF 130 Century Prelude   **
icon Me not comprendo espanyol. Can not download juego.
Tusk   **********
A very nice shooter, needs a few finishing touches to be truely awesome but good enough for a top score. The thing I didn't like is use of the default font and cursor and the menus were sometimes a bit hard to read. It could also use slightly more and faster action but other than that it's very good
vGolf   **********
icon 0.5: Well put together game and fun to play too. Perhaps it just needs something extra special to make it really great and the user interface could be better but other than that, this is one of the better games around. Can't wait for v1.0 :)
Weed   ********
icon The first thing you'll notice about this game is really excellent rendered graphics, both in the menus and in the game. Sound and music is OK too although nothing special, but the gameplay is extremely slow and although like the author says the game is not monotonous, it is still very boring...
Westbang   ********
icon The presentation is close to professional, the gfx are excellent, there are some nice animated cut scenes and the quality of the sounds and music is high. But there are a couple of things that seem unfinished and it's not exactly the most fun game in the world so I really can't give it a top score.
WormHole   ********
Very kewl effect. Looks nice and works well as a screensaver but it does tend to crash or freeze the "dektop properties" dialog in Windows...
Wormlings   ********
icon 2.4.1: Seems like a very fun multiplayer game but really needs some finishing touches. There's no sound, music or AI and the menus aren't the best in the world. Also some of the gfx could be better (the pink balls, fonts, etc.) Bottom line: slightly above average...
X Invasion   ******
icon v0.75: A nice and simple Space Invaders clone. Gfx are extremely lo-res and oldskool but well done. Sounds are good too, but there could be more of them. Even though this is a nice little game, it's nothing special and won't provide more than a few minutes of fun...
Xelda   ********
icon 0.95: Judging this in context of a 72h competition this is an excellent game or at least a very good one. But for everyone who doesn't care about that and is just interested in the overall quality of the final product I can say that it is no more than average. The cute monsters and skulls with red bows earn it a 4/5 though...
Zep's Dreamland   **********
icon Absolutely brilliant! Sure I could nitpick about little quirks and things that could be better but this game is so fun and addictive I'll just give it a perfect score without giving a second though...
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