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Depot Games: The game

Current Version: 1.005

Project Status: Early Development

Highest Popularity: #7 during November 2009

Links: Web Site

Category: Role Playing

Developers: piccolo

Number of Players: 8 (Game Server)

Ports: Linux, Windows

Source Code: Available

Author's Description: The Game is an online role playing game that I am working on in my spear time. My goal is to learn game programming as I program this game project. This project is based upon the RPG tutorial located at . I am also hoping that my coding style will provide new allegro game programmers with the necessary materials to produce higher quality allegro games. All of my code is coded in Microsoft visual C++ 6.0 my language and compiler of choice. The code for this game is included as well.

Below is a list features that are or will be in the game. A ‘+’ in front of a features means the feature has been added and a ‘?’ in front of a feature means the will be add in the future

Game Features:
+ A map editor
+ Tile animation
+ Grass tile animation demo
? Player editor
+ Networking and Client /Server environment
+ Multiple graphical layers
+ Non Playable characters (NPCs) Load and Drawing handlers
+ Network Packet protocols
+ Network instructions for the server and client
+ NPCs walking and idle animations
+ Basic chatting added
+ Chatting Text to Speech
+ Battle damage output
+ Client menu.
+ Server messenger
+ Client logon interface
+ Basic attack logic
? Player editor
? Change animation code to make more flexible looking into rendered sprites
? A* and key pad movement
? Complete game network instruction set
? Splits inline header files into source files
? Client in game interface
? NPC editor
? NPC Spawn Points
? Projectiles
List of bugs encountered and improvements on Features: ‘*’ mean the bug was fixed in a later version of the game. ! are improvements on a Feature.

* Scroll crash
! Chat bubble
! World has been split up into areas
! Move Unit instruction
! NPC movement
! Chat bubble with word rap on 30 chars
! Game has the ability to run in the back ground
! Made moving better by adding current x and y in data sent
* Fix memory leakage
* Fix 100% CPU usage
Game Quote: I am really stronger then this. I’ll get to the top soon.


Name Comments Size Date this is the sprite editor that will be add to the game code 2,658,993 11/18/2006 12:00 AM This something for test the RPG side of this project+sorce 4,691,385 01/12/2008 4:48 PM This something for test the RPG side of this project 1,524,223 11/07/2007 2:28 PM This is the recoded game server and client you have to use the set as active project to get to compile or just use the world.exe and clientworld.exe the current 5,180,990 08/05/2007 4:25 PM

What's New:

In this version the scope of the project has been cut in half.
The client /server code has been disable. By doing this the project should move at a faster pace.

+ Battle damage output has been added to show the damage a player receives. The scroll
+ Crash bug has been fixed.
+ Made chat bubble with put pixel
+ World has been split up into areas
+ Move instruction has been added network code
+ NPC movement has been added
+ Client menu made
+ Chat bubble with word rap on 30 chars

in this version, the Cpu usage was lowered. the method used was to put a cap on the bliting to the screen.

mem using was also lowered. only one datafile is used in mem.
read the read me file

In this version, music, sounds and animation have been Added for those that cant see pass eye candy to judge a game. Get close to a player and press the left mouse button to attack . The blue gates take your player to a new map. There is at less on every map. speck add aswell

Basically in this version i recode the way the layers were being draw and change the way areas were being handle. This is be cause i ran out of memory from tiring to load all areas at once.

battle dame out put
fixed scroll crash
maked dinacly draw talk buble with put picel
world has been split up into areas
move instution has been added
some npc movement has been edit
client menu made .
made better chat buble with word rap on 30 chars
sever client class for hadling client info addede
server messager made
client logon interface
basic attcak logic
game has the ablity to run in the back ground
basic sprite engen

Title Screen
Title Screen
Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 1.4
  • 1Three words: O....M....G
  • 1Theres nothing to play!
  • 1There's no game. It crashes. Some stroby tile things. Woo-hoo!
The Developer
piccoloi have a great power to learn really quick (View Profile)