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Depot Games: Deluxe Snake

Current Version: 3.8.1

Project Status: Completed

Highest Popularity: #6 during March 2009

Links: Web Site, Windows Installer

Category: Snakes

Developers: Daniel Schlyder

Number of Players: 1

Ports: Linux, Windows

Source Code: Not Available

Author's Description: Deluxe Snake is a clone of the classic arcade games Nibbles and Snake, with improved gameplay, including bonus items, mushrooms, bricks, tail-bite, and other fun stuff. Play on multiple arena sizes, with full or partial border, in three different gamemodes. There's a top 20 high-scores list for each combination of settings, which also stores gamelengths and dates, and can be merged with friends' lists.

Linux and BeOS versions available on game's homepage.


Name Comments Size Date
dsnake-3.8.1-setup.exe Windows Installer 1,755,942 05/30/2007 9:41 AM
dsnake-linux-3.0.0.tar.gz Linux Binary 1,452,329 05/30/2007 9:42 AM

What's New:

Bug fix:
Action controls, Reverse control, and FPS Counter and Update Screen keys, don't work.

* Added support for binding control to both keyboard and game controller input, and defined default controller bindings.
* Replaced 'Restore Default Controls' option with 'Restore Defaults: Relative Movement' and 'Restore Defaults: Absolute Movement'.
* [Windows] Uninstaller will remove the logfile and, if it's empty after removing the former, 'My Documents\My Games\Deluxe Snake'.
Bug fixes:
* Bricks don't spawn in Basic mode; if you eat food where one should have spawned, the game crashes.
* Game controller doesn't work in-game.
* Using game controller to navigate menus might lock the game in an endless loop.
* Can't exit 'Hall of Fame' using first controller button.
* Crash when trying to display message after fatal initialisation error.
* [Windows] Crash when 'My Documents' is set to the root folder of a drive.
* [Windows] Installer includes 'var/allegro.cfg', preventing proper detection of keyboard layout. (If you're having problems with the keyboard, please remove this file to have your keyboard's layout properly detected next time you start the game.)

* [Windows] Fixed: Program fails to start with path to samples not found error.

* Added input buffer for movement.
* The controls on the Input menu can be bound to digital sticks and buttons on a game controller.
* New default movement controls: Turn Left, Turn Right and Turn Doubler; the old controls are available, but unbound by default.
* [Windows] Logfile and screenshots are now stored under "My Games" subfolder of "My Documents".
* Fixed: Colour Depth option bug.
* Fixed: Colour depth reset to desktop depth when game is run in windowed mode.
* Removed Save Hall of Fame option (always saves).

* Reverted change that removed support for Pentium 1 CPUs. (Sorry, it was a dumb idea.)
* Fixed: Reverse Stereo option doesn't work.
* Reorganised files. Linux version is now FHS compliant.
* Lots of code changes; mostly user-invisible, and hopefully not introducing any new bugs.

* Fixed: Lives awarded at 10 000 point intervals even if Multilife is Off. (Oops!)
* Significantly reduced awards for candy canes: cane is worth 40 (down from 45), removed 2x multiplier for "eat all" bonus, and reduced "eat all" bonus multiplier for when canes spawn while old are still in arena to 1.5x.

* Re-added separate control key for reversing snake.
* Made it possible to survive collision with grey brick (costs 2 shields/dollars).
* Fixed/improved marking of snake head when game is paused.
* Made snake shrink from both directions to cut wait time between lives in half.
* Gifts and candy canes fade out.
* A life (or 1 000 bonus points if player already has max lives) is awarded per 10 000 points in multilife mode.
* Adjusted some point awards: candy cane is worth 45 (down from 50), mushrooms are always worth 20 (doesn't matter if you're poisoned or have antidote), mushroom generators are also only worth 20 (down from 40), and stone food are worth 10 (up from zero).
* Changed bomb mechanics: A bomb can remove 12 points worth of bricks. A grey brick is worth three points and a cyan brick is worth one. Once there are no more bricks left of the type you've chosen to destroy, any remaining points will be used to destroy bricks of the other type.

* Background images that are too large in one dimension will be centered in that direction, while those that are too large in both dimensions will be resized.
* High-score name is entered directly on scoreboard.
* Points awarded for eating all candy canes are doubled every time new candy canes spawn while old canes are still in the arena.
* Fixed: Game might crash if MIDI or Digital Sound drivers initialization fail.
* Fixed: Sound and music volumes not affected by "Use Defaults" menu choice.
* Removed Date Format option. Dates are displayed as YYYY-MM-DD.

* Re-added border option to switch between full and partial border modes.
* Customize backgrounds by adding and removing files from "<installation directory>/backgrounds". (Removed the now useless Background Texture option.)
* Using threads to load MIDIs in the background thereby removing the need for the Preload MIDI option.
* Added Text Display Time option.
* Deluxe Snake logo and Hall of Fame title look less ugly.
* Removed the embarrassingly bad UltraBasic mode.
* Lots of code changes. Hopefully, I didn't introduce any new bugs.

* Using Allegro 4.1.12.
* Food fades out.
* Added bonus for eating all candy canes.
* Merged border on/off modes into one with partial border, at the same time fixing "no border" mode's "wrap-around forever" exploit and flipping both vertical and horizontal coordinates. (Thanks to John for suggesting the last part!)
* Blue bricks only used for borders. Spawned bricks are green.
* Fixed: Game uses 100% CPU while playing, causing jerkiness.
* Removed Reverse key. Use movement key for opposite direction of the one travelled in instead. This implies also removing relative steering option again, as the two features cannot be combined, and re-assigning actions for joystick buttons three and upwards.
* Added "Game Mode" configuration section to remember game mode settings on main menu between program runs
* Fixed: Controller option not reset to keyboard if current setting doesn't match an attached device.
* If configured to take screenshot when game ends, will do so even if game was aborted.
* Fixed: Extremely rare, but it is possible for a few extra points to be awarded after game ends. These points are not taken into account when calculating place in hall of fame, and thus a higher score might end up being placed below a lower one.
* Fixed: Ending game prior to drawing "death" frame may cause brick collision to look like food collision.
* Various changes to reduce size of windows setup file considerably.
* Changed optimization settings results in this version not working on the first Pentium series. (You need Pentium Pro compatible or newer.)
* New program icon.
* Changes to hall of fame menu affects main menu.

Nothing to get excited about unless you are one of the loonies that keep sending me 100,000+ scores. :)

Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 9.0
  • 10Wow! This is the best snakes clone ever!
  • 10This game is as good as snake clones can get. Very little can be said against it, maybe it could come with some more and better music (I don't like MIDI) and the snake itself could look a bit better. But other than that this is a really deluxe snake game, very professional and very polished...
  • 10This game is amazing. Could sound be in MP3 and may be more animation for snake and frogs,.... Anyways the gameplay is quite perfect now. Cheers
The Developer
Daniel Schlyder
Daniel SchlyderNo bio given. (View Profile)