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  • icon A simple book reading application for reading e-books in txt format on screen, written with MASkinG. Source code included.
  • icon Allegro Darts is a simple dart throwing game written in two days. Windows executable and source code included. How to play: Simply grab a dart and drag it into the little gray area just above the dart holder and drop it as close as possible to where ...
  • icon Allegro Font Editor is a simple bitmap editor specialized for editing bitmap fonts for Allegro. You can use it to create monochrome or coloured fonts from scratch or you can convert existing fonts into the font format used by the Grabber tool. Supports a ...
  • icon A collection of small fun games written by various authors. New games can be added very easily as plugins (.dll on Windows, .so on Linux). The host program is written with the MASkinG GUI library and handles all the basics, like double buffering, ...
  • icon Bobilly-Wobilly is a simple arcade simulation of beach volleyball. It is a remake of the popular Blobby Volleyball by Daniel Skoraszewsky and Silvio Mummert. The rules are simple: you control a volleyball player and your goal is to get the ball to the ...
  • icon Centipede is my version of the popular snake game (or nibbles). Steer your centipede through over 30 different levels of increasing difficulty while eating food that drops magically from the sky and avoiding the evil walls of death. Source code included!
  • Dodger   ********
    icon My TINS 06 entry. Dodge enemy drones and rocket fire for as long as possible. Comes with full source. Created in less than 72 hours except for the bits added after v1.01.
  • icon This is an AMGC2 plugin game. It is a simple remake of the well known game Bejeweled which is available on many platforms in one form or another under different names. Many spin offs of Bejeweled have been made by many different authors. This game is a ...
  • icon Paranoid is an Arkanoid clone with a very retro feel. Greenish arcady graphics at low resolution (emulated) and vertical scanlines, bleepy sound effects and chip music will all take you back at least 15 years. This version has 40 levels of increasing ...
  • icon Speedhack 2005 game. A top down 2D first person shooter written in 72 hours and then some more. Six weapons, semi-intelligent enemies, pickup-up items, randomly generated levels. Runs at 320x200 with only 6 shades of gray (or whatever colour you choose), ...
  • Quad   *******
    icon The first game I ever made! Quad is a simple but very fun little board game. Clear as many tiles as you can scoring as many points as possible. Source code included!
  • icon A simple rain simulation demo with a nice water effect. Compiled for Windows but source code is included and should compile on Linux without problems.
  • Unborn   *******
    icon My Halloween Hack 2003 entry. A simple little arcade game similar in some respects to asteroids but with some original touches. This is actually my first really original game (i.e. one that is not a remake of an existing game) and most of the contents ...
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