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Depot Games: PeaceFighter

Current Version: 1.09

Project Status: Completed

Highest Popularity: #22 during May 2006

Links: Web Site

Category: Action

Developers: miran

Number of Players: 1

Ports: OS X, Windows

Source Code: Available

Author's Description: Speedhack 2005 game. A top down 2D first person shooter written in 72 hours and then some more. Six weapons, semi-intelligent enemies, pickup-up items, randomly generated levels. Runs at 320x200 with only 6 shades of gray (or whatever colour you choose), has full sound support and features extremely simple chippy MOD music.


Name Comments Size Date
PeaceFighter.dmg OS X Version 1.0.9 1,454,019 01/18/2007 2:07 AM
PeaceFighter.rar 389,208 01/20/2007 1:20 AM

What's New:

* just a small balance tweak (item spawn times)

* fixed a small sound bug; the shotgun would play the shot sample twice when fired
* made the items spawn less frequently (game is more difficult!)
* made the number of enemies 64 (game is even more difficult!)

* made the enemies use the grenade launcher only as a last resort
* made the shotgun fire two bullets, each at a different angle and made them do more damaged (one bullet did 24 before, now two do 30)
* updated the intro to display version number
* did LUT and _putpixel/_getpixel optimisations (lowest framerate is more than 30% higher at 2x stretch)

* decreased amount of ammo for the AK-47 (i.e. give other weapons a chance)
* decreased pistol's rate of fire
* reduced speed while strafing and going forward at the same time to 1 unit
* made the enemies seek the player instead of staying in one area of the map
* fixed a bug with sound volume affecting music volume as well
* made sure the maximum number of available voices are used for sound (if not enough voices are used, sounds get cut off or don't even play when there are a lot of them at the same time)
* took all references to the demo game framework out of the code

in battle
in battle
Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 8.5
  • 8I really liked playing this game during the Speedhack. It is technically a very slick, fun little shooter.
  • 8In Speedhack, I LOVED it... In general, my only complaint is the graphics are a little bland. Can't really tell whats what [which gives it that classic feel, of course] But it's still missing the classic bold outlines on objects.
  • 10Very impressive. Though we all would like to see games like this finished, I think more important stuff would be e.g, multiplayer, because we simply don't have enough Allegro games that are multiplayer.
The Developer
miranNo bio given. (View Profile)