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Depot Games: vGolf

Current Version: 1.2

Project Status: Completed

Links: Web Site

Category: Sports

Developers: T³ Software

Number of Players: 4 (Turn Based (Local))

Ports: Linux, Windows

Source Code: Available

Author's Description: vGolf is a miniature golf game. Play the angles and try to hit the cup in as few strokes as possible.

vGolf includes 4 playable 18 hole courses, 1 game mode for up to 4 players, full voice commentary, and several characters to choose from.

Full statistics tracking for each player profile allows you to compete against yourself and your friends locally.

Online leaderboards allow you to compete with players worldwide for the top scores.

Support for additional courses, avatars, and commentaries is built in so you can add new content to the game. Use the included design tools to create your own content. Submit your creations and have them featured on our web site.

Use the mouse to aim your shot. Use the mouse wheel to adjust the shot strength. Click to putt.

*Linux Instructions*

Open a terminal and change to the "src" subdirectory.

Type "make -f makefile.linux" to build the game (requires Allegro and DUMB).

Switch to the root folder of the game and type "./vgolf" to play.


Name Comments Size Date
vgolf-1.2-linux.tar.gz Linux Source and Binaries 7,121,647 01/13/2011 4:22 PM Source Only (No Binaries) 423,935 01/13/2011 4:23 PM Windows Binaries 8,531,901 01/13/2011 4:21 PM

What's New:

Fixed bug in course editor which made the scores report incorrectly when viewing the leaderboards. If you have made any courses you will need to update them by opening them in the editor, selecting "Set Par" on any hole, and saving them.

Course editor now displays the dimensions of the current image on the status bar in Images mode.

Fixed victory screen display not showing anything when there are ties among the top players. Now multiple players can be awarded gold or silver if there are ties.

Made a few minor changes to the victory screen.

Fixed some shortcuts in Course Editor.

Fixed player profiles. Some profile data was being saved incorrectly. The new loading routine attempts to filter out incorrectly saved data. If the stats for your profile appear incorrect after loading in this version you will need to delete your profile and create a new one.

Free up resources used by the game at exit. This makes the game more compatible with older operating systems such as Windows 98.

Fixed bug which made some menu items unclickable.

Improved leaderboard functionality. The leaderboard for the current course is now displayed with your new scores highlighted when the game is finished.

Fixed bug which could cause profiles to be corrupted on first run.

Fixed a bug which caused certain menus to display with incorrect colors after playing a game.

Changed default color depth to match the current desktop color depth. This increases compatibility with newer versions of Windows which don't have proper support for 8-bit graphics modes. You can still access the 8-bit mode from the video options if your OS supports it and you need a speed boost.

Added online leaderboards. Now you can compete with other players worldwide. You can turn this option off in the "Online" options menu.

Improved UI slightly. Non-clickable menu items no longer respond to the mouse.

Fixed possible crash bug in course editor.

Fixed "Polygon->Delete" menu item in course editor.

Changed the way player order is determined. Players now get a single shot and pass to the next player. The player with the lowest score gets to shoot first on the next hole.

Added messages to indicate whose turn it is.

Combined Audio and Commentary options menus.

Added in-game options menu.

Profiles now keep track of avatar selections.

Updated credits.

Updated documentation.

Improved mouse wheel hit strength code.

Removed unused data from "vgolf.dat."

Slight improvements to the editors.

Added a few more avatars.

Fixed positioning of text shown when a hole is completed.

Fixed rectangle collision bug which caused smashing doors to not work properly.

Added ability to connect POLY_MOTION_AREA objects to POLY_MOVE* and POLY_DOOR* objects in the course editor. The POLY_MOTION_AREA will not work correctly without this connection.

Fixed configuration bug which made the game fail to launch if you didn't change the commentary setting.

Updated vGolf Avatar editor.

Changed commentary file format.

Added vGolf Commentary Editor design tool.

Changed course file format.

Added vGolf Course Editor design tool.

Fixed bugs in Jolly Greens and Galaxy Grounds pipes and teleporters.

Fixed teleport bug again (somehow the old bug came back).

Added vGolf Avatar Editor design tool. Now you can easily create your own avatars for use in the game.

Modified course selection screen to support additional courses.

Updated scorecard screen to allow viewing course records for each player.

Added option to view details of course records on the "Profiles" screen.

Added support for additional commentary packs.

Updated all options menus to use mouse controls. Now the entire game can be controlled with only a mouse.

Made many changes to the UI to make it more user friendly.

Fixed buffer overrun error in profile view screen which could cause the game to

More interface updates.

Implemented custom avatar system, now you can add new avatars to the "avatars" folder and they will show up on the avatar selection screen (see "avatars.txt" for more info).

Fully implemented profile system. Course and overall statistics are now kept for each player profile. These can be viewed from the "Profiles" screen.

Fixed some bugs with the victory screen.

Network code removed as it is not compatible with the new mouse controls.

Cleaned up code quite a bit.

Fixed ball teleporter bug. Now the ball should exit the teleporters at the correct angle.

Fixed bug which made the game crash sometimes if you played more than one game.

Made interface more user-friendly. Most things can now be done using only a mouse.

In-game controls are now mouse-based. No more awkward keyboard controls.

Fixed crashing bug when getting a score of +4 for a hole

Fixed scorecard text color for back 9

Many UI improvements

New 18 hole course included in the full package

New version of Jolly Greens course with improved graphics

Other graphical and technical improvements

Jolly Greens
Jolly Greens
Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 8.6
  • 10I really liked this game. And I found it pretty easy to control. The ball seemed to react as it should. Nice music, graphics, and creativity.
  • 9Great game.Nice gfx, nice music, nice idea.I couldn't hear the voice for the commentary.Maybe the music could be turned down during that part.Also, I didn't really enjoy the holes that had spinning gray bumpers.What is the point of having different keys for each player, as this is a turn-based game?
  • 6It has a lot of potential, but it needs an improved control scheme and more exciting graphics. The mouse would be more useful than the keyboard, and is easy to share in multi player games. You may want to rob some ideas from Fuzzy's World of Miniature Space Golf.
The Developer
T³ Software
T³ SoftwareT³ Software currently consists of Travis Cope, Todd Cope, and Grady O'Connell. We have several active and finished projects made with Allegro and a few Java games. Our specialty is creating fun games. (View Profile)