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Depot Games: Funiter

Current Version: 2.4.0

Project Status: Beta Release

Links: Web Site, Funiter online documentation, Funiter at Sourceforge

Category: Other

Developers: Solak

Ports: Windows

Source Code: Available

Author's Description: Funiter (short for FUNction ITERation) is an application developed for educational purposes as a laboratory, generating graphs of several types for iteration of real and complex functions, with comfortable switching between related types of graphs. Originally developed in the context of courses at the University of Nijmegen (Netherlands) for highschool students with a special interest in beta-studies.


Name Comments Size Date Source in .zip file. 234,728 01/23/2010 9:53 AM
funiter-2.4.0.tar.gz Source in .tar.gz file. 160,501 01/23/2010 9:54 AM Source, Win32 executable, Documentation 810,426 01/23/2010 9:54 AM

What's New:

Changes in 2.4.0 (compared to 2.3.5):

- Added more complex functions, including 'user-defined'.

- New menu for color settings.

- Added write support for Fractint's .map files (config files).

- Changed palette menu.

- Added support for configuration files (.ini).

- Added read (commandline) support for Fractint's .map files.

- Changed a menu-index to the correct value.

- Postscript files are now saved in color.

- Added support for symmetry (default, and config file).

- <2.4.0a2> Added [palette] section to ini files and removed the colors from
the [settings] section.

- <2.4.0a2> Contents of .map files is now written to .par or .ini files, and
not to the original file.

- <2.4.0a2> Fixed a bug in loading .par files that caused the red and
green values not load.

- <2.4.0a2> Fixed a bug which resulted in a corrupted postscript file.

- <2.4.0a2> Added option in "Files menu" to update the configuration file.

- <2.4.0a2> Removed last two complex functions.

- <2.4.0a2> Added inverse iteration support for z ^ 3 + c and z ^ 4 + c

- <2.4.0a2> Fixed several bugs in complex function menu.

- <2.4.0a2> Added support for language file in config files.

- <2.4.0a2> Removed language file version support.

Changes in 2.3.5:

- Added escape key to enter the central menu for orbit diagrams.

- Fixed floatingpoint precision problems that occured when reading a .par file from older versions.

- Fixed a problem with the coordinates (incorrect width and height) that occurs when drawing the graph directly after opening a parameter file.

- Fixed a bug in the menu's that caused texts with '&' to be
partially displayed.

- Fixed some problems regarding MacOS X.

- Fixed a lockup that was caused when min. and max. coordinates were equal.

- Fixed problems with visible Orbit diagram for var. z in Step-by-Step iteration (inverse).

- Fixed commandline (spaces allowed between command and argument).

- Added 'highlight' for color component texts in palette editor.

- Fixed bug: advanced/standard menu was set only for the
current functiontype.

- Fixed bug causing the central menu to not appear after a sub menu has been canceled.

- Removed two unused features from the settings menu:
Step-by-step iteration ('Show coords at iter points' and 'Text size').

- Fixed a bug causing a reference to the wrong orbit diagram in the central menu.

- Fixed a bug in de progressbar that caused a floatingpoint exception when there was < 1% left.

- Fixed a bug that caused a keypress not to be activated until the mouse was slightly moved after selecting an area to zoom.

- Disabled function of editing the first and last colors in order to prevent invisible controls.

- Fixed problem with partially saved images (.ps) at resolutions >640x480.

- Completed feature: parameter set connections.

- Fixed problem with selection of a starting value in 'step-by-step iteration' (mouse invisible) / fixed signedness-warning.

- Fixed some menu-text (translation) errors/inconsistencies.

- Added documentation: Dutch and English.

- Fixed some problems that caused a number of warnings in various files.

- Fixed several bugs related to "Functiontype: From C to C" ,
"Step-by-step inverse iteration":

1. Selecting a shape was extremely slow and raised
cpu usage to 100%.
2. After releasing the left button it was necessary to
move the mouse a bit, but this caused a shift in
position of the second point of the shape.
This could also cause a segfault when there was
not enough space in the Points array to hold the
extra pixels.

- Fixed problem of color depth which was not selected and
defaults to 8bpp.

This is a development release, it adds new features and fixes some bugs. See the release files at for more information. Comments are welcome!

This release fixes a segfault occurring after drawing a real-function graph. The escape key now works for real orbit diagrams. The status bar that appears while calculating a graph has been restored.

Several bugfixes (mainly texts and a segfault when z <> 0 and "Orbit diagram for var. c" was selected).

Several bugfixes, mainly for the expression evaluator.

Major bugfixes, added the remaining modules from the 2.1 version (except for 'fixedpoint' and 'history').

There is online documentation available.

Bugfixes and some more features added.

Major bugfixes, different parameters for each (real) function.

The menustyle, like it was in version 2.1, has been restored with the extra feature of multi-language support. The central-menu's look has changed a bit, and cursor-key support is added. Some rewritten code is added and a few bugs fixed.

Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 4.0
  • 42.2.3: Looks like a lot of knowledge and hard work went into this program. Unfortunately the user interface is quite unintuitive and for someone who has no idea what it's all about, nothing makes sense. The fact that there is no documentation just makes it worse. Also the program freezes very often and has to be killed manually. With documentation this would be an excellent program, but as it is, it's useless...
The Developer
SolakNo bio given. (View Profile)