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Matthew Leverton

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Matthew Leverton has rated 95 projects with an average score of 7.07
3D Matrix   *****
The spinning object would be a neat effect if it were easy to visualize. At least it works and comes with source.
Alex the Allegator 2   **********
icon A polished (albeit simple) puzzle game written for the 3-day SpeedHack competition. You can play against a friend or a computer with a decent & somewhat predictable AI.
Alex the Allegator 4   **********
icon Presented very well, easy to get into and play. Excellent for what it tries to be, but would be even more fun on a portable system...
Another Tetris Clone   ***
It's a simple tetris clone.
Ants!   ********
icon A good "lemmings" game that let's you make your own levels. The graphics are OK, but more animation, special effects, and interactive items would be good.
Arcade Minesweeper Deluxe   ********
icon It's about as good as minesweeper gets.
Are You Lost?   *******
icon Lost fans might find this amusing, but I hope no one actually waits to input the numbers...
ÜberPong-Demo   *******
icon No Pong game can be worth 28MB, but this one does show promise. The elastic string paddles actually add some skill to the game. However, the action doesn't feel very smooth and the ball bounces very unnaturally off some of the level's obstacles.
Balls   ********
A simple enough game for anyone to understand, but with clever levels it could be rather challenging. It's nice to be able to place some tiles and watch the whole thing unravel.
Batman Against the Vampires   ********
icon Quite simple and basic, but trying to bet your high score can be addicting!
Blocks   **
Lack of timing makes it unplayable as-is.
Blocks+   **********
icon A complete game and hard to find any faults with it. Since it comes with a ton of levels of varying difficulty, the game can be played by all ages. The level editor will help keep creative minds busy as well.
Cannon   ****
I kind of like shooting down people in parachutes! The game needs a little more to be fun, but it's OK.
Charred Dirt   ********
icon The game is nice, but the download size (40MB) is a bit much. Sometimes it is incredibly easy to nuke someone on the first shot. Despite some minor flaws, its very well done.
ColorChain   *******
A snake game can only be so fun, and this one doesn't do anything out of the ordinary. The little that's there is good, but enemies, a scrollable field, and interaction with the environment would take it to the next level.
Darkwave   *******
Needs in game configuration to adjust sound, controls, beginning level, etc. To avoid accidental drops, pressing "UP" to drop a block should not be allowed as soon as it spawns. Other than that, the controls are fine.
Dodger   *******
icon It's a minigame that is fun to play and (considering a good run will last only 20 seconds) fits perfectly into a five minute period of boredom. Additional modes of play might add a bit of gameplay depth, but in the end it would most likely feel like the same game.
Dr Lovepeace   ******
Cool little game once you get used to the controls. Picking up the little wounded soldiers is actually easiest if you simply run over them... Don't worry, it doesn't hurt them. :)
Drops of Light   **********
icon Drops of Light is much like a board game; it even looks a bit like Chineese Checkers. It is actually a very unique game that is very challenging. With a nice highscore option, and a built-in editor, how can you go wrong?
Duel 2   ********
icon A very nice game both in single and multi-person modes. A few rough edges, but good where it needs to be.
Etcha Sketch   ***
There's nothing too exciting about a basic Etch A Sketch simulator.
EUO   **********
While I didn't actually play it for very long, it did appear to be a professional imitation of the early Ultima series. So if you're a fan of that genre, you should check out the game.
Farbcode   *****
It's not in English, but it's still easy to use.
Fenix Blade   **********
icon Hard work pays off. Excellent all around game.
Firecrow   **********
If you love action, then you'll like this game. Just shoot everything that you see! And shoot if you don't see anything! Unfortunately, there is only one level - otherwise, it would make a great game.
Freetris   ********
icon A classic two player tetris game. If you collect tetris clones, you may just like it.
Frenetic   **********
icon It feels like a 16-bit console game of old. And that's definately a good thing here. Good job!
Glizda   *********
Glizda is a very polished nibbles/worms type of game packed with special blocks and items. Complete with a level and episode editor, this makes a very good game.
Happy Falling   ****
icon It's a very simple, small game, but at least it works. There are some nice effects, like the growing flower.
Happyland Adventures - Xmas Edition   **********
icon A fun game for all ages.
Hellcarrier   *********
icon For the most part, it's an excellent game. However, if you don't like the genre, it won't win you over.
Hexagonal Minesweeper   ********
icon I think it'd be better suited to default to a 640x480 window or so. It's got everything a minesweeper game needs. It'd be nicer if you could just hold the mouse button down instead of clicking buttons repeatedly when customizing settings.
Holiday Hills   *********
icon It's a great Christmas themed clone of the classic Windows SkiFree game.
Ibiza Insurgency   ******
icon It's a short, silly game with just enough gameplay to get by. You should play it at least once.
Icy Tower   **********
icon Jumping up towers has never been so much fun!
It is Raining Orks   *******
icon Killing things is always fun, but this game doesn't really do much to set it apart from other games in the genre.
Jumping Jack - the further adventures   *****
The gameplay is boring and the presentation is bad. The rest is average quality.
Jumping Jack 2 : Worryingly Familiar   ******
The entire concept of the game is boring, but at least it's implemented well. Other than a few minor graphical glitches and an unimaginative menu system, there's not much to complain about.
Kings of the Boards   ********
Reminds me of the various NES basketball games a lot. I suggest you download this and have some fun. We at especially liked those halfcart banner ads.
Klabutong   **********
icon Simple game. Best part is playing two players all by yourself
Kraptor   **********
icon Well done. Graphics are OK, but they are consistent. Controls are good. Movement of baddies are a little jerky.
Light Cycles XP   *****
icon It's nice to be able to play against the computer, but it didn't seem to be very challenging.
Lisa 'n' Jane - The fashionbusters   ****
Good for a laugh, but there's not any lasting game play. Maybe if teenage fashion girls weren't so boring, the game would be more fun.
Mazzuoro!   *******
icon This is a mancala game with an AI that appears to be good enough to present a challenge.
Meteor 2   **********
icon I'll forgive the braindead path finding, because I just like to shoot my friends and anything else that moves anyway. A smaller download option (without the MP3s and movies) would be welcome, but overall there's not much to complain about.
Mines and Flowers   ******
icon This is a simple, yet nice game. There's not a whole lot of replay value, but give it a try - it's worth going through at least once.
Monster   *******
icon The graphics, music, dialog, etc fit together well, even if some parts are slightly annoying. In the genre of retro, NES style of RPGs, it could be very good. But... it ends just as it starts to pick up. Nonetheless, if you're a fan of these types of RPGs, you should give it a try.
Mythic Blades   ********
By far the most visually impressive Allegro game I've ever seen. Game play needs some work though. The AI is simple and the players seem unbalanced. If you can straighten some of that up, this would be super.
OAK   ****
icon The guy floats, runs like a maniac, and can skip jump like crazy. The sprites are a bit small, and the background looks like a stereogram...
Operation Spacehog   **********
icon Well, you won't get much better than this for a one man job at a space shooter. Good, challenging gameplay along with some nice effects make this a polished game worthy of a lot of playtime.
Othello   ********
icon Relatively polished. Nice to be able to ask for help or take back moves. Has an AI with various difficulty settings.
Paintball Party   ********
icon This is a nice game, but you'll be wishing you could aim your gun diagonally. Newer versions have helped some of the past control problems. Lack of a computer AI limits the use of this as a one player game. Nice replay mode!
Paranoid   ********
icon It's an excellent game, but I personally cannot play very long with the monochrome-ish display. I thought the sound and music were both appropriate.
Peace Invaders   ******
icon This game is hillarious the first time you play it. Good animation, excellent stick 'graphics'. It seemed to get boring quick, but it is worth looking at.
PolyPaint   ********
icon The drawing tools are great and the networked aspect adds good depth. Rest of the program needs some polish.
POP'EM   ********
icon Nothing too fancy, but it's a good game nonetheless. The variations of game play set it apart from some of the more basic clones.
Quad   *******
icon While the implementation is solid, the game itself is rather boring.
Robert Adventures   ****
The game is unplayable since it has no speed regulation.
RotoCube   ********
icon This is a very solid puzzle game that may remind you of a Rubik's cube. The only trouble with the gameplay is that the level of difficulty rises fast, and you may find yourself against a brick wall.
SARC -- Spades Artificially Reasoning Computer   ******
icon I'm not a Spades player, but it seemed to play well. The basics are all there, but no extras. The only annoying item was that under XP the mouse would freeze for a few moments - possibly by design to keep the game from flying?
Saucelifter   **********
The controls are smooth, and the graphics have a nice retro look. Lots of nice details, very well done.
Sheep   ********
icon If popping animals on a 3d playing field is your thing, then you'll love this game. With up to four simultaneous players and given that it was written in a single weekend, there's not much to complain about!
Space Tennis   ***
icon Not bad for a start.
Sparky   ********
icon It's well done. Seems to look the best in lower resolutions. Could be turned into a screen saver.
Super Monster Painter Extreme   ******
icon The game is slick, but the actual gameplay lacks the excitement necessary for its kind. However, it's a good effort for what was a two-week mini-project.
Supermax   *
For an early first release, it's okay. But as an abandoned game, there's nothing worth seeing here.
SWIRL   ******
It's kind of neat, but nothing spectactular. It could be turned into a screensaver.
Sword of Fargoal remake   ********
icon This was one of my favorite games on the C64!
TeleHack   ******
icon This is a nice piece of work for three days. Other than some display glitches, it's pretty solid. Runs in multiple resolution, and up to four players at a time.
Tetanus On Drugs   ******
It's good for a laugh, but there's not much else going for it.
Tetriclone   ***
It's as no frills as it gets. I don't even think it clears the lines properly...
Tetris Unlimited   ********
icon It has a lot of potential. The GUI's look and control needs to be standardized. After playing for several minutes, I had problems with the game freezing every few seconds.
TeTrist   ****
The style is funny, but it actually gets in the way of playing the game.
The Project 2   ********
The Project 2 looks more like a tile engine with lots of potential than a full game. The graphics work well and the level design is great, but in the end, the fiddly controls, AI and length of the game let the show down.
vGolf   ******
icon It has a lot of potential, but it needs an improved control scheme and more exciting graphics. The mouse would be more useful than the keyboard, and is easy to share in multi player games. You may want to rob some ideas from Fuzzy's World of Miniature Space Golf.
Weed   ********
icon The game looks and sounds nice, but it feels as if you are stuck in slow motion. Also, the baddies sometimes seem to get stuck against the walls. With some tweaks, it could be a very nice game.
XOP   **********
icon Excellent shoooter, very polished. The graphics are neat, albeit seemingly lo-res.
YinYang   ********
It's an interesting demo considering how small and tidy the source is.
Zep's Dreamland   *********
icon It's a good puzzle game, but there are not many different things Zep can do. This just means level designers have to be very creative in coming up with distinct challenges. The default level set is good, but organized expansion packs would do a lot for replayability.
Zombiepox   **********
icon Well Done! It's a hard game to win, because I find myself enjoying turning people into zombies.
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