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Depot Games: Jumping Jack 2 : Worryingly Familiar

Current Version: 1

Project Status: Completed

Highest Popularity: #12 during December 2007

Links: Web Site

Category: Platform

Developers: Neil Walker

Ports: OS X, Windows

Source Code: Not Available

Author's Description: ** NEW ADDITION! **
On game over you get a code. Visit the website (, enter your code and your highscore and name appears on the table

Jump the platforms, avoiding the obstacles. 9 levels of increasing difficulty.

Deathmatch mode can be played against 4 humans (all on same keyboard) and/or upto 1000 computer aided players (4 personality types).

This is a remake of an original ZX Spectrum game and also a redo of my first project! (Jumping Jack). This time it has the football theme removed and is more like the original game.

The main reason for the redo was that I found extra sprites by my graphics artist I didn't realise I had, then decided to update it, tweak it and remove the football theme that was spoiling it for others and change the gameplay.

On my average PC, I've had about 550 computer aided players on the screen at 60fps and a normal game at 270fps, which I'm quite proud of ;)

Source code is available, as is windows binary. Linux binary is only available for my previous version at the minute.


Name Comments Size Date Windows Binary 544,848 05/29/2007 8:01 PM
jumpingjack_wf.dmg OS X Binary 631,283 05/29/2007 8:02 PM
Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 6.7
  • 6The entire concept of the game is boring, but at least it's implemented well. Other than a few minor graphical glitches and an unimaginative menu system, there's not much to complain about.
  • 8it's a really nice remake, you've done a good job, Neil. the windows binaries i used work fine even on slow machines (p300), but maybe you can do some gfx-polishing and remove some graphical glitches. to say it again: it's a good game :)
  • 6i was able to compile the older version for linux, although it took a bit of massaging to do so. you need to use #ifndef header_h #define header_h!! its a fun little game, ill try the newer version soon enough.
The Developer
Neil Walker
Neil WalkerInto conversions of Sinclair Spectrum games with Retrospec, (View Profile)