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Matthew Leverton

  • A simple Tetris game written for the "Allegro Game in 20 Lines" competition. The rules stated that the source code could contain no more than 20 semi-colons. I ended up with 16 lines... See <>. ...
  • icon There's a terrible storm and your mom's roof has begun to leak. You must try to save her house from flooding ... good luck! This game was written for the 2002 Allegro Speedhack competition. You can either play it yourself, or watch the ...
  • This is the standard Allegro Grabber utility. It allows you to add Music, Images, Fonts and all other sorts of data into a single datafile for use with the Allegro library. Note: I did not make this, I'm just posting it here for those that need a ...
  • This is a console style RPG that is a open-source, community driven continuation of KQ. The current builds are a bit buggy, and you'll need to download both files to play. More details to follow.
  • icon Fight for survival! In this multi-player online game, you'll need both luck and strategy if you want to succeed. With up to three other lords and the dark rebels against you, it won't be easy! Coded for the 2005 SpeedHack competition, this ...
  • Sutris  
    Sutris is the first game I created with C and Allegro (1996). It's a two player Tetris game. You can play independently of each other, with each other, or against each other. Unfortunately a little accident wiped out the source code, so only the ...
  • An editor for the NES game Tecmo Super Bowl that has support for updating the large helmet logos.
  • icon This was my entry for Speedhack 2001. It's a game that features a tetris-like well composed of 12 rows and 6 columns. The goal is to score as many points in 2 minutes as possible by placing three or more similar color blocks together. Bonus points ...
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