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Depot Games: Sheep

Current Version: 1.0

Project Status: Completed

Highest Popularity: #13 during March 2006

Links: Web Site

Category: Sports

Developers: Bruce Perry

Ports: BeOS, DOS, Linux, Windows

Source Code: Available

Author's Description: My entry for SheepHack - er - SpeedHack 2001. Supposedly in the style of Jeff Minter, so I didn't have to do a puzzle game. Float around on the grid popping as many bubbles as possible to gain points. Bubbles contain donkeys, cows and pigs. If you fall off the grid, you lose 1000 points. After Sheep Time, the first player to pop a sheep gains 1000 points and the game ends - but the winner is whoever has the highest score. Only the winner gets inserted into the high score table. In the case of a tie, both/all winners are inserted.

Single player mode: pop a sheep to gain 1000 points and end the game. You appear in the high score table, provided you qualify.

- 1-4 players
- full menu system
- options saved on exit
- different levels, and instructions on how to create your own (without changing the source code :-)
- separate high score table for each level
- scoring system scaled to compensate for duration of game
- grid drawn as horizontal plane
- particle engine #1 to handle bubbles and players bouncing around
- particle engine #2 for bubbles popping and animals exploding
- particle engine #3 for starfield - illusion that level is spinning out of control relative to the stars
- nice ending sequence with message in plain English explaining who popped the sheep and who won
- default high score table shows a completely irrelevant spoof advert

I did all this in 3 days :-) but I didn't get to bed at all between Sunday and Monday hehe - and I was still late for school!

FAQ: It says it can't load palette.dat!
A: See where it says "all users need this file" further up? ;)

For more information on SpeedHack:


Name Comments Size Date
sheep.exe DOS executable 235,868 11/23/2005 9:20 PM Source and data (all users need this file) 238,085 11/23/2005 9:10 PM Windows executable including DLL 298,527 11/23/2005 9:20 PM
Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 8.0
  • 4It`s a great game but there are missing lots of extras as e.g. more levels or enemys,... And the game runs slow on higher resolutions because it uses a 3D-technique called MODE-7...
  • 8A jump button would have proved useful, and I think brought a little more skill into the gameplay. The idea is very original, and it's surprisingly addictive. This is overall a very impressive engine/game for a weekend project. Nice work.
  • 10Excellent game, the graphics are very nice. And the source are nasty :)
The Developer
Bruce Perry
Bruce PerryA game developer at heart, I have been writing games with Allegro since 1999, and I have unfinished projects aplenty to show for it. I care very much about the quality of my games and what people think of them, so please do leave opinions on this site or send comments to me. I graduated from Cambridge University UK in Computer Science in June 2004. I did Geology in my first year there, which was fun. I took French A-level at school, and as of summer 2003 I am learning Japanese by self-study (while trying not to forget my French). I used to study art, and I still try my hand at it from time to time. I play the piano and compose music. As of August 2004 I am working as a Mini-Games Developer for a very nice company in Cambridge. (View Profile)