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kazzmir has rated 71 projects with an average score of 7.31
Allegro Book Worm   ********
icon @0.91: Good book reader. At first it wasnt obvious that there was a toolbar in the upper left, maybe it should always be open if no file is loaded? I like this program because I have bad eyes and the font is large. Old people might enjoy this if it could load more formats. One complaint: text is rendered right to the right edge of the screen. There should be some space between the last letter and the right edge.
Allegro Font Editor   **********
icon 1.15) Excellent utility. I am terrible at making fonts and this really simplifies things. I havent tested all the features yet, but it seems pretty stable and does what I need it to do. Great job!
Ants!   ********
icon v1.21: Pretty cool game and good remake of lemmings. The ants are a little small though, and you never know what ability they currently have unless they are actively doing something. There should be a few training missions at first to get the player used to all the powers you can give an ant.
AV Fighters   ******
The music is awful. Dont use fractals for music. Graphics are ok. Fighting is a little lame and not quite right sometimes. Graphic use of fractals is good. Pretty good for a speedhack entry, but should be spiffied up some to be played as a regular game.
Balls   ********
Very fun game. Excellent for 48 hours. Would be one of the best puzzlers around if it had more and better levels.
Bamboozle Machinae   ********
icon Pretty fun game. First couple levels arent that difficult. Good speedhack entry.
Barknoid   *
This game doesn't run at all. First I tried wine in linux but wine doesn't implement some video mode it wants. Next I tried in windows xp but the game hung while setting a video mode or something. Lastly I tried in dosbox where the game said "must be run in win32".
Bataafje   *****
The 3d spinning text in the opening screen is pretty cool as well as the 3d fractal tree at the end but the gameplay leaves much to be desired. All you did is throw random sprites at oncoming enemies. You can't really lose, except for running out of ammo.
Big Mama   ******
its battleship, except the keys are all wierd and it doesnt make as much sense. for some reason, i couldnt get to the other players board unless i went one row below my board.
carterrain   **********
icon very good, the 3d graphics are smooth and realistic. the car physics seem almost to good for a game!
Celebrity Shish-Kebab   ******
icon The game has a fair amount of polish but the gameplay is a little boring. I was able to get to level 3 or so before there were enough falling heads that I couldn't keep up. Maybe some more interesting goals would make this a better game.
Cow Tippin   ******
icon 1.0: The game worked fine and it has a fair amount of polish but the actual gameplay could be better. Instead of just tipping the surrounding 8 cows maybe it would be more fun to do a floodfill and tip any cows that can be touched. Compiled fine in linux.
Dogfight   ********
icon Very nice! Good graphics and interesting gameplay. Too bad its all in german though, and the install didnt let me choose a directory to install it to.
Duel   ********
icon neat little game. lightning is cool. found a bug, you cant change weapons if you have 0 ammo of the next weapon! oh wel. good job
Firakuga   **********
Fun game! Excellent particle effects and cool shading with the mouse pointer. Extremely simple, but a great time waster when I dont feel like programming :P. Compiled fine on linux with gcc 3.2
Firecrow   ********
Very cool game. The way the enemies fall to the ground is awesome. I really like how you get powerups, a gradual increase. Needs more levels indeed.
Frenetic Plus   **********
icon Sorry, i had added a comment to the wrong game
Ghouls and ghost remix   ********
icon This is a good jump and run game, probably a lot like the original but I didnt play the original much. The game is fairly hard, it only takes 2 hits to get killed and the enemies are fast. I had some problems running the game on linux but windows was fine.
Grabber   **********
Its almost impossible to make a game without the grabber. Now, if someone could only make it not use the standard allegro GUI.
Grid Racers   ****
What a dumb game. How not exciting to have it not in real time. And there are bugs in it. At least the intro was funny.
HalfLight: Crusade   **********
now thats a game. very nice start. really cant wait till the final version comes out!!
Hello! Allegro!   ********
Neat little scrollie that reminds me of the Amiga days.. A little repetitious, but my avatar is in it so its automatically cool! - Compiled from source in linux.
Hippie Screen Saver   ********
icon Pretty neat effect. Good job on the options. I dont know how to do that yet, which is why i didnt implement it. Changing some of the options didnt do anything, though, but maybe i did something wrong.
Icy Tower   **********
icon the most addictive game ive ever played. 1000 times more than snood.
Iron Army   ********
icon Pretty nice game. Graphics are very well done. Gameplay is exactly what a thinking chess type game should be. I never finished a round, but i like the special effects!
Jumping Jack 2 : Worryingly Familiar   ******
i was able to compile the older version for linux, although it took a bit of massaging to do so. you need to use #ifndef header_h #define header_h!! its a fun little game, ill try the newer version soon enough.
Laser War   ****
icon I couldnt understand how to play the game. First you put down tanks and shoot at whatever you want. Then you put down tetris pieces which look like they are supposed to expand your base, but they dont.
LightSword Bowling   ********
Fun little bowling game. After a while it wasnt to hard to get strikes all the time, though. The bowling ball should be able to spin in future version. I like your coding style!
Mars Fight   ******
icon A playable game. So far all you can do is walk around and shoot the blue guys who arent very bright. Im not sure if there is an end to this as I got killed a few minutes into the game. I got kind of naseous while rotating the view. Could be a cool game if more features were added.
MineSweeper   ******
As miran put it, its nothing special. Would be nice if the board could be moved around the screen. And im not sure of the original minesweeper rules, but isnt the first selected block never supposed to be a mine?
NewAnoid   ********
Fairly good implementation of breakout. Needs more levels and artwork, but good enough for this version. Physics arent perfect, but very close. Make more interesting backgrounds and try to use a filled circle instead of a hollow one for the ball. Music and sound would be nice.
Open Invaders   ****
icon This game is pretty much a remake of space invaders including the not-so-exciting gameplay. The changing background was interesting, but the one frame sprites were not.
Paranoid   ********
icon Good remake of the old school breakout. The game crashed at level 3, though. For what it is supposed to be, its very well done!
Paratrooper 3D   ********
icon I good remake of paratroopers, although shooting the helicopters is exceptionally difficult. There should be different types of choppers and paratroopers that drop. Maybe drop some cows or something fun. Also it takes a while for the game to get difficult. I had to hack the source a bit to <b>...</b>
PixelShips Retro   *******
icon A pretty fun game for a little while. I understand the graphics are supposed to be retro but that really doesn't help the game much and is a real unmotivator when thinking about buying the full game.
Pong Ultra   ******
icon Ok remake of pong. Sfx and music is ok. Game crashed a few times and sometimes it wouldnt let me play the game although I could quit to the main menu. Set up was annoying.
Porko Vs Dex   ********
icon pretty nice man. the sprites are quite nice and the animation is smooth enough for my tastes. add more characters and special moves! and maybe make an english port.
Quix Attax   ******
icon A relatively simple game with a fun premise: shoot everyone else. Its hard to give an accurate review since I didn't have anyone else to play with, you should add a computer controlled character or even network play, although that is difficult.
SLUGS 2   **********
icon This game is great! The effects are very nice,and the gameplay is just what it should be. Ive been wanting to make a game like this for a while. There should be more players, or maybe some other things you can shoot at that might shoot at you too. Im a huge worms fan and now this!
Space Cobra   ******
icon Good remake of snake. It is just snake though, nothing more, nothing less. It would be nice if the blackhole moved around, but it doesnt. Keys could be a little more responsive.. Source is a little messy.
Star Control: TimeWarp   **********
This is easily the best game on allegro and will probably stay that way for a long time. Not enough good things can be said about this game. Good job!
Starblaster   ******
A top-down spaceshooter. Not much gameplay yet and the game is a little choppy, not using a timer maybe? Levels consist of different graphics which dont interact with the player other than being able to be destroyed. Explosions and sound are nice though.
Storm   ********
icon Pretty cool game thats very playable. Kind of the same thing over and over and not really hard enough. I think using the mouse to aim( like Abuse ) would be better than using the keyboard. Havent played the full version, but bosses would be cool too. Oh, and add networking :).
Supermax   **
V 0.1. As of now, this is not a game. Maybe thats why its at version 0.1, but if its that undeveloped, then dont post it. The movement is very jerky and you cant do anything except walk forward. The source looks hacked together and the makefiles for linux dont work.
Tetris Unlimited   ********
icon very good tetris clone. I couldnt get fmod to work, maybe you should use DUMB?, and since all the options are in spanish i had a hard time getting around the menus. Graphics are very well done though.
Titans of New Earth   ********
icon An interesting game. The shell castings and explosions are really nice. The guy should move a little more smoothly and there should be more weapons.
Trash Man   ******
icon The game mechanics is the best part about this game, driving around reminds me a lot of the GTA games. After a few minutes picking up trash cans gets boring, though.
TW-Light   **********
Another excellent remake of the battle system from Star Control 2 and just as good as Star Control: TimeWarp. Works great in Linux.
Vertris   *******
icon A faithful implementation of tetris. It's pretty good looking and has no obvious bugs.
Vigilante   ********
icon pretty good remake. graphics are quality, but the gameplay is kind of the same old after a while. its nice to know you can make games like this using allegro.
Weed   ********
icon graphics are very good. movement is kind of annoying after a while. Some of the enemies liked to hide in corners where I couldnt shoot them, but they could still shoot me. Not a fast paced game, but fun none the less.
Wormlings   ********
icon 2.4.1: Nice snake clone. Floating balls are a nice twist to an old classic. This game would get 5 stars if it had AI and cool music.
Xar: The Return   ********
icon pretty neat platform game. very obvuiosly connected to metroid( which is good ). pretty good start, cant wait for it to be done.
YinYang   ********
pretty neat effect. the source is incredibly simple and easy to understand too!
Zep's Dreamland   ********
icon neat game. kinda tough but i usually suck at these types of games. the music is nice, i love the chrono trigger music!!!!!
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