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Depot Games: PixelShips Retro

Current Version: 1.14

Project Status: Completed

Links: Web Site, Download Page

Category: Space Shooters

Developers: Kris Asick

Number of Players: 1

Ports: Windows

Source Code: Not Available

Author's Description: PixelShips Retro was a shareware sequel (now freeware) to PixelShips... in a sense. Instead of looking more advanced it takes a step backwards, taking on the look, sound and feel of a 1980's video game!

Among some of the biggest differences between this and the original PixelShips game is the use of a real-time game engine and having a screen that only scrolls when you move, unlike most space shooters which scroll automatically. You decide where you want to go and in what direction you want to face. 13 original music tracks also accompany your battles, along with old-styled sound effects and joystick support.

All of the original 160 PixelShips are in, featuring new weapons and new, larger graphics. Environments now carry their own dangers, such as force fields and volcanos. The gameplay has also been highly tuned and balanced so that players of all levels of skill will be able to take the challenge!

And of course, every single level is still randomly generated!

The shareware version of PixelShips Retro featured approximately 1/6th of the content of the registered version and its levels were not randomized. However, as of v1.14, the game is now freeware and can be enjoyed its in entirety by everyone!


Name Comments Size Date
pxsr114_install.exe PixelShips Retro v1.14 Freeware Download 1,622,641 08/01/2021 7:18 PM

What's New:

* The game is now FREEWARE!
* Added various command line arguments to assist with getting it working on modern systems as its age makes it kind of a pain to get working right.

* Fixed the palette issues some users were having with modern Windows systems.
* Fixed a bug where the bonuses at the end of a mission sometimes wouldn't tally up.

* Added idle routines to reduce CPU usage when VSync mode is ON (F8 key in-game)
* Updated Allegro version and replaced I/O routines
* Updated pricing of full version (now $7.95)

* Fixed keyboard issues and windowed mode changing problems introduced in v1.1.

* Performance greatly improved by using new input and timing handlers.
* Supported added for proper storage of files in user folders. Thus making the game more compatible with Vista and networked systems.
* Some of the nag screens removed from the shareware version.
* Spelling mistakes corrected.
* Fixed a bug that allowed only the first 8 joystick buttons to work.
* Fixed a rare crash bug in the registered version when beginning a new game.

Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 6.6
  • 7A pretty fun game for a little while. I understand the graphics are supposed to be retro but that really doesn't help the game much and is a real unmotivator when thinking about buying the full game.
  • 9I couldn't stop playing the demo until I had finished it. The gameplay is perfectly balanced and the graphics, music, and sound are retro-beautiful. If you like the original you will love this one, it's better in every way.
  • 6It's above average. But not so good that it can compete with shareware titles.
The Developer
Kris Asick
Kris AsickI've been programming professionally since 2002 and am the indie designer, programmer, artist, musician, etc. behind Pixelmusement, dedicated to making great (and addictive) games for years to come. I also host a web show called "Ancient DOS Games". (View Profile)