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Depot Games: NewAnoid

Current Version: 0.87

Project Status: Abandoned

Links: Web Site

Category: Breakout

Developers: Jeremy Ouellette


Source Code: Available

Author's Description: NewAnoid is the latest breakout clone! It is my first game ever, so be nice if you want to critisize my code (which I hope you do, I could use some input).
New versions should be released weekly, if not dayly (I am on vacation, and working for about 4 hours a day on this).
View the README file to check out the control. I still need to put all the bitmaps, level data, etc, into a .dat file, so you could change the level text files if you choose. If you want to, read the README for details on how to do this (it's very simple).


Name Comments Size Date NewAnoid v 0.87 426,036 11/23/2005 9:27 PM NewAnoid v 0.87 Source Code 19,158 11/23/2005 9:27 PM

What's New:

**Made a new background that consists of randomly appearing and disapearing stars. I dunno, kinda cool maybe...
**Made my own art for the bricks, and they are animated! They are suposed to have a little charecter... Also, their destruction is animated!
**Added a new type of brick, one that is indestructable
**Added my first sound effect, which comes up when you destroy a block.
**Now, only the charecters '1','2' and 'I' are read from the level text files, because I only have 3 types of bricks. Pixel-picture-people needed!
**Added a screen-shot taking ability. Press s to take one, then press enter to continue. It gets saved as "screenshot.bmp"
**loosing all your "lives" now ends the game. Pressing enter lets you continue with 0 score and 5 more lives.
**changed some value a bit (starting ball speed, yada yada yada) and trimmed the code up even more.
**now the left mouse button can be used to launch the ball

added some special effects (fireball looks kinda cool now, as does the paddle)
made bitmaps for the powerUps, so they look cool now! No more ASCII charecters!
the ball starts smaller now (about 25% the size that it used to).
added a new powerup, which makes your ball bigger.
now the score multiplier goes up by .1 everytime you get a fastball.
added 2 levels, and changed the two that were allready there
changed the first background, it was anoying
optimised some code, cleaned up some code, got rid of useless code, fixed a couple more bugs...

Made it prettier! Fixed some bugs! (like when your ball gets stuck on the wall). A new power-up! New ball bitmap! Cleaned up the code a lot! Made a menu! FPS counter! Another version should be up in a few days as well.

Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 8.0
  • 8Fairly good implementation of breakout. Needs more levels and artwork, but good enough for this version. Physics arent perfect, but very close. Make more interesting backgrounds and try to use a filled circle instead of a hollow one for the ball. Music and sound would be nice.
The Developer
Jeremy Ouellette
Jeremy OuelletteI am a junior Computer Science major at the University of New Hampshire, and I am just learning the how-to's for Window's programing and graphics programming (fluent in C++ though), which seams to have a steep learning curve when combined. Currently I am working on another breakout clone, named NewAnoid. Check it out, I know the plethora of breakout clones must get old, but I could still use some input. (View Profile)