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  • Alix   *****
    This is a (i think cool ) game that i wrote one day. Im sure it took more than a day, but whatever. Keys are up, down, left, right, ctrl, alt, shift. Shoot the bad guys and try not to die! Its not a full game as you have infinite lives. The A key is still ...
  • 3d space shooter in wire frame cylinder. Makes heavy use of allegro functions without using allegGL. THIS WAS NOT MADE BY ME. I have explicit permission from the author to put this on this site and am doing so. Please visit the authors site for more ...
  • Jezzball is a classic game much like qix wherein you must create walls and not get hit by the flying balls. If you create enough walls to cover 80% of the screen you goto the next level where you get one extra life and another ball trying to kill you. ...
  • Paintown is a 2d side-scrolling fighting game in the spirit of Double Dragon and Streets of Rage.
  • Quest   *****
    Quest is a remake of a PC game called XQuest which is a remake of an old Mac game. I wrote this a few years ago and planned to rewrite it, but I have many things to do and decided to put it on the depot as it is right now. Source and exe available.
  • 2d vertical scroller. Clone of Raptor:Call of the Shadows and Tyrian.
  • You are a dangerous 30-60-90 triangle who must defeat the evil rectangular buildings with bombs and bullets! Sound ripped from the game legion. 15 levels of extreme difficulty. Fading sky... Latest source is the latest game. The other two links still ...
  • Tusk   *******
    Tusk is a space shooter along the lines of Raptor: Call of the Shadows and Gradius. Graphics are prerendered by a professional team. Blast your way through 8 levels in the free version and 24 in the full version.
  • Simulation of moving through a wormhole in space. Very cool to stare at for a couple hours. Can be used as a real windows screen saver. Just copy the .scr into your /windows/system or system32 directory!! What'ch you talkin bout harry carey? While ...
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