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Chris DeLeon

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Chris DeLeon has rated 25 projects with an average score of 7.92
Allegro Font Editor   **********
icon Very easy to use, and there's nothing else out there quite like it. Excellent utility.
Ants!   ********
icon Right now it's a great Lemmings engine with some real potential. On the programming side this game is solid, but the level designs offer the player few choices while demanding precise timing/spatial judgement. I'm looking forward to seeing where this project goes as new levels are completed.
arkanoid   ******
Not bad for a beta release. Sometimes the ball bounces the wrong way off a set of bricks, and the ball reflects perfectly off the paddle pong-style (no control over the ball yet other than blocking it). Entertaining, nonetheless. Comes with an excellent choice of music ;-).
Bamboozle Machinae II   **********
icon Terrific puzzle game, but hard mode just isn't hard enough for hard core gamers (hard mode level 26, 3.4 million points on my second time playing). Perhaps the Rubik's spins could go faster on hard mode, so the player couldn't rotate arbitrary rows to buy time? Also some variety in music & theme for difficulty settings would be a nice addition (childish colors & music for easy, dark & quick theme for hard). A+ in presentation, B+ in gameplay. Also: upload some more action-packed screenies!
ChromaPlas   ********
icon I've always been curious as to how the lava-lamp effect has been achieved for plug-ins etc. A little user-friendly configuration menu would be nice, but since this is only a beta I suspect you probably have something in your plan. I'll be eager to download the finished version. Very nice!
Clovek X   ********
icon Nice game; it combines a plain grid-world with simple single-pattern AI to play like a classic Nintendo title. Reminds me a bit of of Bubble Bobble. A few powerups and a gameplay timer (high scores/fastest times list) could add some variety & replayability.
cTris   ********
It feels solid, like the real Arcade Tetris. The options you've included in the game for customization are just right - I'm not that great at Tetris, so it's nice to have the option to prevent level increases. The four-long bar seems to turn funny since it rotates around its top left corner; if it rotated closer to its middle the playing field would be a bit less biased. Good stuff.
Funnies 3d   ********
icon They're cool, and the code is very clean & easy to work with. If they could fade to the background color instead of black the depth effect would be more realistic (if you get below and look up, they fade to black over a blue sky). Generally a neat sight, though.
GALVADERS   **********
icon Excellent remake, and the combo game was a terrific idea! A few thoughts on how it (v1.1) might be improved: (a) Longer pause on information screen (b) quieter player firing sound in Galaxian (c) Different firing button for player 2, because many laptops don't have a number pad. These are just little things, and it's still one of the best classic remakes I've played in years. Nice work!
Liquid War 5   **********
icon I'm a huge fan of Liquid Wars - it's not only a unique concept, but it's executed very well! One of the best two player games on my hard drive.
Mythic Blades   ********
Graphically this game is incredible. Mythic Blades has a graphical edge on games still being released on today's consoles. The gameplay is a tiny bit too "button mash" oriented, but then what 1 on 1 fighting game isn't? (There's 2 guys that made this, so comparisons to VF4 or Soul Calibur 2 would be out of the question) Awesome work. If you're unable to find a publisher, you may want to consider releasing it as freeware and treat it as a portfolio piece. "See this? Hire us..."
Paranoid   ******
icon Clever use of the scanline effect, but it's nice that it can be disabled. This is very solid, if no frills, remake of breakout. Mouse control would be an excellent addition, bringing more skill, precision, and playability to the game (even the classic breakout games used trackballs!).
PMan (temp name)   ******
It's coming along pretty well. The pistol seems a bit powerful in addition to the normal power pills - perhaps start the player with less ammo, and replace power pills with ammo clips? Also, it'd be easier on the fingers to play if the player could just tap arrows to change direction, instead of having to hold them down at all times to move. Otherwise, it's looking good so far. I'm interested in seeing what it's like when you've finished this.
Sheep   ********
icon A jump button would have proved useful, and I think brought a little more skill into the gameplay. The idea is very original, and it's surprisingly addictive. This is overall a very impressive engine/game for a weekend project. Nice work.
Sheep 2   ********
Challenging as heck, or at least there's a pretty steep learning curve (I'm still not very good at it). Kind've like a 3D first-person Lemmings game. The execution is rather bare, but then that's to be expected for a 48 hour project :-). Nice Work!
Space Cobra   ******
icon I enjoyed this - the gameplay is straight forward, so there's no clutter from menus or manuals. The graphics are simple and pleasing to the eye, and the black hole idea was a great way to breathe a little bit of new life into the snake genre. I'll be sharing this one with a few friends.
Super Metroid Classic   ********
icon I checked out version 0.94 from the site, and so far it's looking pretty solid. It'll be much nicer once there's more of the original level content. Good work on the game engine.
Vertigo   ********
icon Very impressive program! It would be nice, though, to not have to restart every time I crash. The learning curve is pretty steep as it is :-).
Worminator   **********
icon An absolutely great game - back in the SNES days I would have easily paid the $50 to get this on a cart! It plays like a pleasant mix between Mario and Earthworm Jim. A+.
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