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Depot Games: Super Metroid Classic

Current Version: 0.8

Project Status: Abandoned

Highest Popularity: #2 during September 2010

Links: Web Site

Category: Adventure

Developers: SaltyJustice, Crimson Justice

Ports: Windows

Source Code: Available

Author's Description: NOTE: We have discontinued our work on SMTC due to increasingly busy personal lives. We may be releasing the source sometime in the future, but that remains undecided.

An allegro remake of the original Super Metroid(1994 Nintendo) for the PC, completely moddable and editable. Presently in beta stages, adding support for custom colours, speed boosting, etc at this point.

The random enemies have been removed from the current version, and since the editor is undergoing an overhaul, it does not provide support for them as yet. Camera bounds also are not included in the current level makeup, and they also have no support. There are still a few physics glitches to be fixed as well that involve running and morph ball mode, but overall they are fairly accurate.


Name Comments Size Date
SMTC Setup.exe This installer includes the main program, a front-end for it, as well as the level editor. 3,168,680 02/20/2008 2:31 PM Super Metroid Classic Level Editor Source: There are 3 versions included in this: "SMTCLevEdit" (oldest), "SMTCLevEdit2" (second oldest), and "SMTC Level Editor 0.8 Source" (newest). May be unstable. 4,715,027 02/20/2008 2:25 PM

What's New:

CrimsonJustice has scaled back the version of SMTC to more realistically reflect the completion of the game. Everything comes with the installer now, the game, the editor, and the front-end. By the way, there's a new scripted front-end. Check the changelog included with the program for more specific details (Salty has is labelled under 0.99t). Also, check the main page of our website for more information not included here.

A bunch of stuff is new since the last release posted here. There is scripting, more levels, an almost complete physics engine, and a time attack mode. Check out the changelog that comes with it for more information.

Title Screen
Title Screen
Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 8.0
  • 10I have never used it but this is AWSOME. However is this legal? I am just curious that is all you can Private Message me on forums if you want/need/both too.
  • 6It definitely has the look and feel of Metroid, all right, but the buggy bombs and the lack of gamepad support immediately snapped me back to reality. Still, the graphics are a perfect rip and it looks quite promising...
  • 8I loved the original version. It is great to see others have loved it too. Mod-able is always a plus; but still looking forward to the finished product.
The Developer
SaltyJusticeWar (View Profile)