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Todd Cope

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Todd Cope has rated 59 projects with an average score of 7.34
Adagio   ********
icon A high quality game but it is quite frustrating. It's hard to tell where the playfield is sometimes and the projectiles don't stand out against the background. I find that I have to look directly at the ship to avoid being killed so I can't concentrate on what I'm trying to shoot.
Alex the Allegator 4   **********
icon This game is awesome. It's gameplay is so simple yet so fun. The graphics rival those of commercial Gameboy games. The music and sounds are Gameboy-esque but not annoying. Excellent!
Alien Alley   ****
icon This is a simple game that was meant to demonstrate all the techniques that were covered in the book. It's not good as-is but with a little extra work it could be a great game. If you want a good shooter look elsewhere.
Allegro Font Editor   **********
icon AFE is the perfect font editor for Allegro. Easy to use editing interface, imports TTF fonts, and saves in a format that can be directly used by Allegro. Great work!
Allegro Game Music Emu Demo   *******
This program just displays a list of tunes from various platforms and allows you to listen to them. The graphics remind me of the sound test screens from older games. It has a nice variety of songs but the controls are too sensitive making it difficult to select what you want.
Allegro Minigame Collection   **********
icon Great for coding addicts like myself. Now I can make games without the hassle of creating interfaces and other "fluff."
Allegro Screen Saver   *****
Just your average screen saver. Maybe I'm missing something but I didn't see any circles.
Beatles Freaks   *******
Addicting game. Synchronization was slightly off on some parts of the music making it harder to hit the notes. Needs more songs, too.
Bejeweled FSV   *****
icon This is a competent implementation of Bejeweled's game mechanics. Lack of animations made it hard to tell what happened after I made a move. This actually slowed the game down a bit because I had to reorient myself after each move. I expected more for the huge download size.
Block Drop   ********
icon This is a decent puzzle game with unique gameplay. There isn't much variety, however. The blocks are randomized, but the speed and game length are always the same. Some more options might up the replay value.
Char   **********
I've played this game through several times and it's still quite fun. I like seeing all the levels from the old NES games and the selection of music fits each level nicely. There are a few glitches and irritating aspects but overall a great game.
Color Mapper   *
icon I don't get this program. All you can do is select a color and save it as a bitmap file. Some colors aren't even available to select. The program works fine, I just don't see the use of it.
Dune II - The Maker   *********
icon Really good! I have trouble with the controls when the game starts going choppy, though.
Dunk Fest!!   ******
This game has some potential. It kind of reminds me of the old NBA All-Star Challenge games, with a nice arcade feel. I found it hard to control the player in this version. The graphics weren't that great either, but you can tell what's going on at least. Looking forward to seeing the next version.
Enpacmania   ****
icon This game is built on a lot of fun ideas but ultimately fails to deliver. The Pac-Man gameplay is hindered by your character sticking to the walls if you hit a direction too early. The game is slow. The tunneling idea needs a slicker implementation. The game could be fun with a little more work.
Flatch   ********
icon This is a nice game. Simple yet fun gameplay and nice polish. Good work!
Frenetic Plus   *********
icon Very addicting game. The gameplay gets more intense as you progress through the game. I totally love the design of the game. It has a very nice feel to it. Unfortunately it keeps crashing on my new PC.
Gem Game   ********
icon A nice little game. Everything about it is really slick. My only complaint is that, in this game, whether or not you get a high score is largely based on what the board generator gives you and not so much on skill.
Green Half   ****
icon This game has all the pieces that make a great game (graphics, music, levels, etc.) but the game needs better physics to be fun. I wanted to play all the way through but got stuck after about five levels and the game wouldn't let me go to the next level.
Happyland Adventures - Xmas Edition   **********
icon Hmm, nothing bad to say about it. Great graphics, great level design, great gameplay, fitting music.
KiGB   **********
icon This is a great emulator. Supports many forms of Gameboy with near perfect emulation of graphics and sound, and good speed. Nice work!
KQ Lives   ********
Even though it is not finished I had a lot of fun playing this game. I just kept playing until I got to the unfinished part. If it is ever finished I will play through again because it is that good.
Kraptor   ********
icon Great game. Good graphics, music, sound, and gameplay. I played on medium and breezed through the game, only losing when bad guys suddenly appeared on the screen where I happened to be positioned. If it wasn't for that, it'd be worth a 9.
LexJongg   ******
This game is good for a quick game of Mah-Jongg. It lacks replay value because there are no high scores and you only get to play one random board per game.
Marauder   *****
This reminds me a lot of Solar Winds. I find the action in the game to be rather dull and the lack of story will make you lose interest fast. There could be a great game in here with a few tweaks but as-is I would recommend skipping it and trying something else. It is technically solid, though.
Megaman X Legacy   ****
icon 0.1 - Not much to see here, yet. The character animation is nice. The attention to detail in the character design makes me feel that this will be really good when more of it is done.
Meteor 2   **********
icon This game is very entertaining. There are a few small problems in the game but I will overlook them because I kept playing anyway. My rating is based on the campaign mode only. I haven't tried multiplayer.
Night Stalkers   **********
At this early stage of development, the game shows much promise. I was quite impressed with the feel of the game, just like playing those old beat 'em ups on the SNES. Looking forward to seeing how this game develops.
Ochiru Ishi   *******
icon I like this, very original. The gameplay is superb but there's nothing to make me want to keep playing. This game could be the perfect time waster with a little more work. Sound and music would be nice, too, but it looks like you have every intention of adding those.
Paranoid   *********
icon This game features great and challenging gameplay. The graphics have a unique feel to them which adds to the atmosphere of the game. Also features nice retro sounds. An overall excellent game.
PixelShips Retro   *********
icon I couldn't stop playing the demo until I had finished it. The gameplay is perfectly balanced and the graphics, music, and sound are retro-beautiful. If you like the original you will love this one, it's better in every way.
PongGame   ***
icon There are a lot of things wrong with this game. There's no scoring system, the game is over after one missed ball, collisions are not very solid, ball angle cannot be altered, presentation is also weak, and no AI. Okay for a first game but I would make improvements before starting on a new game.
Ransack the Christmas Ninja   *******
icon I would love to see this one as a full length game. As-is it is good for a quick game. It controls well enough and the action can get pretty intense when the orks spot you. My only complaint is the scrolling is kind of jerky. Nice work.
SARC -- Spades Artificially Reasoning Computer   ********
icon SARC is a pretty good game of spades with decent CPU opponents. The graphics do the trick for this kind of game and the interface is simple.
Sokoban   *******
icon Sokoban is a great game. This clone doesn't distinguish itself from other remakes, though. The difficulty curve is nice and the graphics are good. It needs a continue option, I don't want to have to go through all the levels in one shot.
SpeedRun!   ****
icon At this point in development it shows potential. The game barely works in its current state (v0.04). When I jump the character lands in mid-air. The game is like Bit.Trip Runner sans rhythm. I couldn't do much else except watch the obstacles pile up. Fix the problems and you could be onto something.
StarGlide   ********
This is a nice little program. I can't say I enjoyed using it but it is well made. If you are interested in flying around the galaxy looking at the stars this program might be for you. My only complaint is that you can't fly backwards. If I fly past the star I want to look at I have to turn around.
Sudoktress   ***
It sounded like a good idea but it turned out to be a rather boring game. It's just missing something...
Super Grand Prix   ********
A nice little racing game similar to Micro Machines with a cool 2 player mode. Unfortunately it runs a little choppy on my PC. Still fun to play, though.
TETRIS Queen   **********
icon A nice Tetris game with a cool 2 player mode... and BOMBS!
The Seasons   *******
icon This program has a very professional touch to it. It's kind of boring but I did find the music amusing. Not something I would watch again but it wasn't a total waste of time.
The secreat of Graal   ******
icon Not what I expected from a Wolfenstein 3D rip-off. The collision detection is off. Going around objects is a pain. I would enjoy it more if it were easier to mow down enemies, they take too many shots. Also, I can't figure out how to get and use passwords. This could have been a great game.
Tough Terry   ******
icon This game only needs a little polishing for a better rating. The controls are excellent. I didn't like how the enemies move, though. The collisions of the player and enemies to the walls needs to be improved. Also, killing enemies should leave dead bodies.
Transdimensional Hellspider   *******
This is a brilliant concept. The game is very well made and everything about its presentation is top-notch. I just don't get how you are supposed to play it properly. I end up flying circles around the hellspiders hoping some of my shots connect. I would like it more if I could focus on offense.
Transit Mania   ********
icon I liked playing this game a lot. I could be addicted to it if it didn't crash every time I played it for a few minutes :( If this problem is fixed I will bump the score up to a 9.
Vavoom   *********
icon Really nice to be able to play Doom with 3D acceleration. For some reason I didn't like this port as much as ZDoom. It just isn't the same without the original music.
Weed   ********
icon A good relaxed-pace shooter. Excellent graphics, music, and sound make for a top-notch presentation. Levels are a little too long, though.
Xar: The Return   ********
icon At 10% complete this game is short, but it has the potential to be quite good. It is very similar to Metroid (some of the powerups look familiar). I'll be keeping my eye on this one.
Xenno The Rogue   ********
Hmm... a complete platform action adventure game. I played the demo all the way through, not really the most exciting game, but I enjoyed the challenge of finding my way through the levels. Some of the sounds are kind of annoying but okay for the most part. And the music is kind of interesting.
XOP   **********
icon I love this game. The levels are all interesting and engaging no matter how many times I play it. There are plenty of options and settings to keep me occupied. Definitely worth the $15 for the full version.
Zelda Classic   **********
Awesome game/engine! I was very impressed with this project even in it's early days. Playing the included 1st/2nd quest is equivalent to playing the original game on NES which itself makes this worth a 5 for me. The ability to create and download custom quests makes this worth even more!
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