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Depot Games: KiGB

Current Version: 2.05

Project Status: Completed

Highest Popularity: #1 during January 2006

Links: Web Site

Category: Emulators

Developers: Ricky Liu


Source Code: Not Available

Author's Description: KiGB is a portable Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Super Gameboy Emulator written in ANSI C. It provides the best compatibility and accuracy amongst the existing ones. KiGB may be the first Gameboy emulator in successfully emulated the Game Link Cable via a network. Now, you can play games via a network with your friends. A Mac OS port is also available by Richard Bannister. Visit his web site at


Name Comments Size Date KiGB for MS-DOS 436,506 06/11/2008 8:08 AM
kigb_lin.tar.gz KiGB for Linux 477,324 09/09/2007 11:49 PM KiGB for Windows 450,724 06/11/2008 8:08 AM

What's New:

Added partial support of MBC6. The only MBC6 game "Net de Gate: Mini Games @ 100 for GBC" is now playable. Fixed the graphics glitches in Donkey Kong Country.

Fixed a hanging bug when loading saved data from a real Gameboy Camera cartridge. Fixed the crashing bug when meeting the final boss of Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land.

Added support to MMM01. Momotarou Collection 2 and Taito Variety Pack are now playable. Fixed a bug in cheat. Cheat now works again.

- New Features:
* Support GB boot ROM (not included)
- Changes:
* In the menu File->Emulation->Simulate startup is replaced by File->Emulation->Boot ROM. Boot ROM can be emulated and simulated for GB and GBC mode, respectively.
* [Interal change] Source is ported from C to C++.
- Bugs Fixed:
* Hyper Lode Runner no longer hung.
* Warlocked no longer hung.
* Colors in Vertical Mess Demo were incorrect. Fixed.
* Graphics gliches appeared when showing the Gin & Tonic Trick in Mental Respirator. Fixed.
* Graphics in Versatility should be corrupted as in the real GB. Fixed.
* When showing the intro video in F-1 Racing Championship, the top few lines should sometimes corrupted as in the real GBC. Fixed.
* Fixed a crash bug when changing palettes with no ROM loaded in WinXP.

The compatibility pages for comparing the test results with the 4 emulators (VisualBoyAdvance, bgb, no$gmb and TGB Dual) have been updated. See it at the following url:

- Bugs Fixed:
* Fixed the error in loading of save states files and input files created by V2.00.
* When switching from a GBC game to a GB game, the colors of the startup screen were incorrect. Fixed.
* Joypad/joystick support was broken. Fixed.
* In R-Type, the game could not be paused. Fixed.
* Pokemon Card GB no longer exit with invalid opcode error.
* The following games/demos have better/correct graphics:
~ Armour Force (the color of the first enemy should be "colorless" and that of the third should be colorless" at the start but becomes normal after awhile)
~ Buster Brother (the countdown just before game play screen should start at 9 and immediately set to 8)
~ Dracula Densetsu II (garbage quickly flashed up during startup)
~ F-1 Racing Championship (the very top few lines corrupted during playing the video)
~ Go Go Tank (the short flashing line just below the status window should start at the middle of the wall (cliff) and end at the wall)
~ Kaeru No Tame Ni Kane Wa Naru (missing the top line at the title screen)
~ NASCAR Challenge (the color of the line between the road and the status window should be blue instead of black)
~ Parodius (the laser beams should not draw over the player and options)
~ Rescue Heroes - Fire Frency (screen flashed up quickly just before game play of Animal Rescue)
~ Space Invasion (garbage appeared in the screen before game play)
~ Top Ranking Tennis (the shadow should not cover the players' feet)

This is a major release to signalize the completion of the compatibility project - to test all the games/demos in the GoodGBX V2.02 ROM set (over 6,000). My sincere thanks to Scott Nash.

- New Features:
* Simulate the startup code in GB and GBC modes.
* Automatic ignore the extra 512 bytes at the start for some badly dumped games. Example: Soreike! Anpanman 2 (J) [C]
- Changes:
* Colors look more like to a real GBC.
* The colors for GB look like to a real GB.
* The options for changing GB palette are renamed as follows:
~ Default -> Classic GB
~ Normal -> GB Pocket
- Bugs Fixed:
* Screen scrolling is now less jerky (mainly on Windows port). Versatility (PD) runs at full speed.
* The following games/demos have better/correct graphics:
~ Dark Man (the corrupted line just above the status window is removed - this is verified by a real GB)
~ Infocom - Wishbringer 2 (PD) (the scrolling of text does not have a large gap)
~ Lunar Lander (U) (the screen will flash shortly at the title screen after the title has completely scrolled up. Also, the space shuttle and the launcher does mix together when they overlap.)
~ Parts Collection - Medarot Kuma (J) [S] (when the main character and the bear sleep, they will not flash up again after the screen fades out)
~ Pokemon Puzzle Challenge (U) [C][h1] (the colors of the characters are now correct again. Note that you have to force KiGB as GBC mode to run this game as the header is incorrectly set it as a GB game.)
~ Razor Freestyle Scooters (U) [C] (the lower part of the exclaimation mark no longer flashes just before game play)
~ Super Mario Land (V1.1) (JUA) (Mario flashes when moving out from a pipe)
~ Robocop (no more gfx glitches at the left just before game play)
~ Robocop Vs Terminator (U) (screen no longer flashes at the screen just before game play and when you die)
~ Rugrats Movie, The (U) [S] (screen no longer jumps when you jump)
~ Saiyuuki (J) (garbage no longer flashes up when pressing Select during game play)
~ Supreme Snowboarding (E) (M3) [C] (the little hills during play are displayed correctly again when they are overlapped)
~ Tazmainan Devil - Muching Madness (U) (M5) [C][t1] (sometimes the title becomes garbage at the trainer screen)
~ To-Heart Slideshow Green and Red (PD) (no more garbage after the first part. However, the second option is missing.)
~ Torpedo Range (UE) (the lower part of the screen does not flash up just before the title scrolling up)
~ Turi Sensei 2 (J) [C] (the white line is removed when dialog box appears)
~ Vila Caldan Color (PD)
~ World Cup '94 (the coin no longer flashes just before tossing)
~ Xiang Pu -- Dong Hai Dao Chang Suo (Sumo Fighter) (J) (garbage flashes up after pressing Start at the main menu screen)
~ WWF Superstars (J) (no more gfx glitches at the title)
* The following games/demos have better/correct sound:
~ Alone in the Dark (startup music - very close but still not perfect)
~ WCW Mayhem (U) [C] (both left and right channels play sound)
~ Work Master 2 Demo (V1.9) (UNL) [C] (a sound note is played at startup)
* The sprites drawing priority in GB mode is now correct again. Games affected: Lunar Lander (U), Hyper Dunk (U) and possibly a few others.
* The sprites drawing priority in GBC mode is now correct again. You can really see through the wall to see the targets in the gallery when you move the aim on the wall in Perfect Dark (U) (M5) [C].
* Super Ninja - a TornPocket Production (WIP) (Y2kode) (PD) [C] (when you press and hold the Start button, the game pauses. When you relase it, the game resumes immediately.)
* Super Scrabble (U) now works again.
* Touch Boy System ROM (UNL) [C] now works properly.
* Yar's Revenge - The Quotile Ultimatumm (PD) does not hang after the first screen. This game cannot be played on a real GB.
* Fixed a careless bug in joypad setting.
* Use of Super Smartjoy (a joypad device) will not crash out.
* The destination code is now correctly shown.
* When the keyboard mapping dialog is displayed, it will always display player 1 in the player number selection list.

- New Features:
* Supported Barcode Boy. The game Battle Space is now playable. See the file barboy.txt for more details.
- Changes:
* The GB Printer option under the Option menu is now replaced by External Device. Use it to switch the external devices: None, GB Printer and Barcode Boy.
- Bugs Fixed:
* The message Please wait... was remained on the screen after starting the sound recording. Fixed.
* The number of channels cannot be changed once sound recording was started.
* The length of the file name for storing real time clock data was too small. Fixed.

- New Features:
* Supported 5-speed auto-fire.
* Per Game Configuration can now be enabled/disabled.
- Bugs Fixed:
* Supported real time clock for HuC3.
* The border was black when a SGB game was run in GBC mode with preference set to GBC with SGB border. Fixed.
* [Windows only] Fixed a CPU opcode bug in the assembly core introduced in V1.66. Some games such as Kirby's Pinball, Days of Thunder and Donkey Kong behaved very strange. Fixed.

- New Features:
* Supported 12 pre-defined palettes for GB mono games running in GBC mode as in a real GBC. The following games were supported with their own palettes:
~ Alleyway
~ Mario & Yoshi
~ Super Mario Land
~ Tennis
~ Tetris
* Supported motion sensor - MBC 7. Supported Kirby's Tilt 'N' Tumble and Command Master.
* Real time clock data is now adjustable.
* [Windows port only]Allowed the use of the native Windows file selection dialog box in windowed mode. This feature seems to be buggy in Win9x/Me.
- Bugs Fixed:
* Fixed a crash bug in Battle Unit Zeoth (U and J) before starting stage 1.
* Fixed a crash bug in Windows 2000/XP (and Linux?) when changing palettes with no ROMs loaded.
* Fixed a bug of the assembly core of an opcode in the CPU emualtion. The problem in starting the game in Bear in the Big House was fixed.
* Updated the licensee codes (Thanks Scott Nash).

- Changes:
* Used page flipping so that screen display was less jerky in Windows.
- Bugs Fixed:
* When the same PC was used to link 2 games together, the control was not responsive. Fixed.
* If sound was not initialised properly (no sound card for example), the emulation speed was too slow. Fixed.
* If the licensee contained the character '&', the next character would be displayed underlined incorrectly. Fixed.

- Highlights of this release:
* Supported the Demotronic Trick - the world first and only emulator that did it! See the Demotronic Final Demo (PD) [C] to see what it is.
* A new and nice (I hope) GUI is implemented. Currently, there are 2 themes available. See the readme.txt file for details.
* Great improvement on speed. A P-II can run in full speed even with mix frame on.
- New Features:
* A new GUI with 2 themes is implemented.
* Alternate hot keys can be configured for reset, pause and exit.
* Lots of hot keys are added: screen size, frame skip, emulation speed, border on/off, sound on/off, load ROM and load recent ROMs.
* Added the support of MBC Rocket. Supported the game Full Time Soccer and Hang Time.
- Changes:
* The minimum CPU requirement is Pentium and the recommended one is P-II or above. A P-II can run in full speed even with mix frame on.
* The mouse pointer will not be displayed during game play. This helps to improve the emulator speed very significantly.
* When customerizing keys, simply press the keys in the keyboard, or move the sticks or press the buttons in the joypad/joystick.
* The following hot keys are changed:
~ Ctrl-X is used instead of Esc for exit
~ Keypad-asterisk will no longer reset the emulator
* To bring up the menu, either press the Tab key or click the left or right mouse button.
* Lots of update and correction in showing the licensee names. Thanks to Scott Nash.
- Bugs Fixed:
* Supported the Demotronic Trick. Demotronic Final Demo (PD) [C] worked perfectly.{#}
* Fixed the color display bug in Color Panel Demo (PD) [C].{#}
* Fixed the hanging bug in Bo Jackson Hit and Run (U) [!] when the baseball was hit.
* Fixed a blank screen bug when shadow is selected in SGB mode. (Thanks to Richard Bannister).
* Fixed the missing of galaxians bug in Namco Gallery Volume 2 (J) [S]
* Fixed a graphics glitch after selecting the last game in Namco Gallery Volume 3 (J) [S].
* The screen was covered by garbage in Kanjiro (J) [S]. Fixed.
* The colors were missing in Dokapon! - Millenimu Quest (J) [C][!] under the preference GBC with SGB border. Fixed.
* Some garbage quickly showed up when the player was dead in Burai Fighter Color [C]. Fixed.
* Some garbage quickly showed up after selecting a player in Dejiko no Mahjong Party [C]. Fixed.
* Fixed the screen flickering bug in Mario Brothers Demo (PD) [C] with mix frame on.
* Fixed the border color in Nettou Samurai (J) [S] (bug in V1.60).
* Fixed a crash bug in Work Master V1.00 - Multitask OS for Gameboy (PD)[C].
* A flashing and moving line just under the square showing the fruit at the top right is now correctly shown in Artic Zone (Unl) [!].
* A corrupted line just under the status window in Duck Tales (U) [!] is now correctly shown.
* A very short flashing line at the left in the lower half of the screen is now correctly shown in Jeopardy! (U) [!].
* A white line (cloud?) just above the wall at the right after selecting new game in Urusei Yatsura (J) [!] is now correctly shown.

{#} KiGB is the first and only emulator that can support this game/demo.

- Highlights of this release:
* Games started with O's to Q's are tested. Now, all games started with #'s, A's to Q's in GoodGBX ROM set have been tested. More than 60% is done.
* Parts of the sound routines were rewritten. Sound emulation should be more accurate and fast.
* Parts of the SGB drawing routines were rewritten. Support in frame mixing was improved.
- Changes:
* Rewrote parts of the sound routines for more accurate and fast emulation.
* Rewrote parts of the SGB drawing routines. Better support in frame mixing.
* Enhanced the ROM info section to show more info such as licensee names.
* Added 2 hot keys Ctrl-P and Ctrl-R for pausing and resetting the emulator, respectively.
* When reset in multi-cart games after a game was selected, the games would be re-started instead of staying at the selected game. BHGOS was the exception.
* The default border would not be loaded in SGB mode.
* Many many subtle changes.
- Bugs Fixed:
* Supported SGB borders which covered the play screen area (Animaniacs (U) [S], Desert Strike - Resturn to the Gulf (E), SD Hiryu Ex (J) [C][!], SD Hiryu no Ken Gaiden 2 (J) [S][!] and Super Snaky).
* The color of the title frame was red and on blue in Matthias Sammer Soccer (G) [S].
* Invalid opcode in Metroid II - Return of Samus (UE) [h1] (Add Color).
* Fixed the hanging bug after pressing Start at the main menu in Space Invasion. Also fixed the corrupted invader at the right in the main menu, options menu and hall of fame.
* The tones should be higher in the Mode Select and Level Select screens.
* Incorrect sprites priority in GB mode (Boy and His Blob and Track Meet) (thanks to Anna and Bas).
* When GB mono games were run in GBC mode, it entered into GBC compatibility mode. Now, those games would be run more or less the same in GB mode (thanks to Anna and Bas).
* Garbage removed after selecting a game in Super Chinese Land 1.2.3 Dash.
* Fixed the blank screen bug in Space Invaders (U) [S][!].
* There was a short line at the upper left during startup in Donkey Kong (V1.0) (JU) [S].
* Removed the popping sound in the output sound wave files.
* Fixed the Sound Channel 4 emulation. The following sound effects were now correct:
~ Super Snaky: After pressing Start just before game play.
~ Digital Monsters 3 (Unl) [C][!]: The text when appearing in the dialog.
* Fixed an invalid opcode or a sudden-reset bug in Pokemon Pinball.
* Fixed the noise when completing a level in Peetan.
* Fixed the hung bug in Pocket Monsters Crystal Glass.
* Fixed the jumping windows bug in Dragon Ball Z - Goku Hishouden (J) [S] and [T+Chi].
* Fixed a hanging bug in Snowboard Champion (J) [C][!].
* Fixed the missing border in the following games:
~ Super Robot Wars Link Battler (J) [C][!].
~ Lil' Monster
~ Turi Sensei 2
~ Sanrio Timenet Future and Past
* Fixed the corrupted status window bug in Speedy Gonzales.
* The border colors should change when starting a game or game was over in They Came From Outer Space.
* Fixed the garbage flashing up bug when resumed from pause in Pocahontas.
* Fixed a drawing bug on the ball in Triple Play 2001.
* Fixed a drawing bug at the shooting gallery in Perfect Dark.
* Fixed the corrupted graphics bug during startup in Taxi 2 (F) [C].
* Dino's Quest should hang as in a real GBC.
* Fixed the missing items bug in the main menu in Tonic Trouble (E)(M6) [C].

- Highlights of this release:
* Games started with N's are tested. Now, all games started with #'s, A's to M's in GoodGBX ROM set have been tested. More than 50% is done.
* Added an option to pause in the main menu.
- New Features:
* Added an option to pause in the main menu.
- Bugs Fixed:
* In Win XP, some GB mono games crashed the emulator.
* Pokemon Red-Blue 2-in-1, invalid opcode resulted after pressing Start at the title screen.
* Parodius, the lazer beams were only shoot forward. This bug had already been fixed in V1.55.
* Nihon Daiyou Soccer, at the screen where the bird appeared, the color incorrectly changed to green for a while.
* NHL Hockey 95 and 96, the upper part of the window flashed during game play.
* NHL Hockey 95, emulation speed was slow.
* Following games were broken in V1.55:
~ Bugs Bunny - Crazy Castle 3 (J) [C][t2], missing trainer screen.
~ Dark Man, sprites drawing problem when moving the player.
~ Beat Mania 2, invalid opcode resulted just before game play.
~ Boy and His Blob, garbage flashed just before game play.
~ Super Snaky, garbage appeared in the border just before game play.
~ Racing Mini 4WD - Lets Go!! MAX, invalid opcode resulted when selecting Stop Watch and choosing 1 Player.
~ When changing a SGB game to another, the new border did not show up.
~ The image of the old game might appear when changing to a new game.

- Highlights of this release:
* Most probably the world first and only emulator that can successfully emulate the following games perfectly:
~ Prehistorik Man (U)
~ Little Indian in Big City
~ LEGO Racers
See the Bugs Fixed section for details.
* Games started with L's and M's are tested. Now, all games started with #'s, A's to M's in GoodGBX ROM set have been tested. 50% is done.
- Bugs Fixed:
* In Prehistorik Man (U), the following message is now correctly displayed at the title screen:
* In LEGO Racers, the colors of the cloud and the sky were incorrect in the Imperial Grand Prix race course. Fixed.
* In FIFA Internation Soccer, the effect on the sign "probe" during the intro should now be correct.
* When playing tricks in MTV Sports - Pure Ride, the line showing the names tricks flashed. Fixed.
* The picture behind the title near "P" and "L" flashed at the title screen. Fixed.
* When moving in Mario Brothers Demo, the screen did not scroll properly. Fixed. However, the screen should be near white and only some traces can be seen when moving as in a real Gameboy Color.
* Screen flashes when screen changed in Lunar Lander. Also, the space shuttle was masked by the lanucher before taking off. Fixed.
* In Prince Naseem Boxing, when resume from pause, there was garbage flashing quickly. Also, the colors of the belt and the flag changed instead of dimmed after selecting a boxer. Fixed.
* In Monster Rancher Explorer, there was garbage appears at the very beginning. Also, the backgroud near "P" and "L" flashed at the title screen. Fixed.
* In UEFA 2000, the pictures are corrupted. Fixed.
* In MainBlow (Bung V4) (PD) [C], the graphics display is incorrect. Fixed.
* In Duke Nukem, the graphics was not correct at the very beginning. Fixed.
* In Pocket Monster Red (V1.0) (J) [S] (Chinese), KiGB hung after pressing Start at the title screen. Fixed.
* In Pocket Love 2, invalid opcode error was encountered. Fixed.
* In Purikura Pocket 3, incorrect graphics displayed when selecting continue.
* In the intro of Meta Mode, the lower half of the little guy when rotating flashed slightly. Fixed.
* In Madden '97, garbage flashed quickly after the whistle. Fixed.
* In Lion King - Simba's Mighty Adventure, garbage showed up at the very beginning. Fixed.
* In Super Robot Pinball, the graphics of the slot machine was corrupted. Fixed.
* In Pocket Voice V2.0 Demo (all versions), the screen no longer shakes. Also, the counters for PICTURE and SEC are now correct.
* In Pocket Sonar, it hung after selecting an option. Fixed.
* In Perfect Choro Q, the game was slow when the car was entering a town. Fixed.
* In Urusei Yatsura, there was a flashing line at the right just above the wall when the 2 main characters were moving to the left during intro. Fixed.
* Better sound for the following games:
~ Little Indian in Big City - music during play.
~ Lamborghini American Challenge - music at the title screen.
~ Medarot 3 (Kabuto and Kuwagata versions) - noise removed in the speech after pressing Start at the title screen.
* In Lawnmower Man, the player fired automatically when the game just started. Also, the joypad was not responsive before game play. Fixed.
* In Pocket Sonar, the game hung after selecting an option. Fixed.
* Improved the "GBC with SGB borders" preference:
~ Yu-Gi-Oh! - Dark Duel Stories II - Duel Monsters - border can be shown.
~ Harvest Moon GBC 2 - start in GBC mode instead of SGB mode.
~ Last Bible 2 (Chinese) [C][p1] - screen will no longer be blank.
~ Legend of the River King 2 - start in GBC mode instead of SGB mode.
* When a save state is loaded, the colors are now properly shown no matter the option "Real Colors" is checked or not.
* When changing ROMs, the screen sometimes corrupted. Fixed.
- Changes:
* Enhanced the emulation speed. Now, a PC with PII in 16-bit graphics mode with size 2x2, no frame skip and mix frame off should run in full speed.

- Bugs Fixed:
* Better graphics for the following games/demos:
~ Artic Zone (moving line at the bottom of the mountain - broken in V1.52)
~ Boku Drakura Kun 3 (wrong color at the main menu - broken in V1.52)
~ Captain Knick-Knack (flashing at the title screen and before play)
~ Color Panel (screen flashes)
~ Dirty Racing (status window should be white instead of black)
~ From TV - One Piece (bugs introduced in V1.52)
~ Glowing Ember (PD) [C] (screen flashes)
~ Hana Yori Dango - Another Love Story (garbage after 1st screen)
~ Killer Instinct (corrupted line at the top of the status window)
~ Le Mans 24 Hours (bugs introduced in V1.52)
~ Meta Mode (graphics glitches during startup)
~ Muhammed Ali's Boxing (U) (bugs introduced in V1.52)
~ NBA Jam '99 (garbage during screen changes)
~ Senkai Imonroku Junteitaisen (a line of the top dialog window flashes)
~ Super Snaky (border colors change)
~ They Came From Outer Space (border colors change)
* Better sound for the following games/demos:
~ Galaga - Destination Earth (noise in song before play at each level)
~ Games Frenzy (incorrect volume of left and right sound channels)
~ Missile Command (EU) [C] (music stops when screen changes)
~ Oddworld Adventure 2 (missing speech at startup and in Gamespeak option)
~ Pocket Monster Yellow (missing of speech at the title screen)
~ Tokimeki Memorial (speech after pressing Start - broken in V1.52)
* New games/demos supported:
~ Dino's Quest (Beta) (hung with a blank white screen in a real GBC)
~ Gameboy Smart Card (CCL Dump) (crashed)
~ GB Remote (cannot save and a red line appears at startup)
~ Mortal Kombat I & II (J) and (U) (reset to the menu in a real GBC)
~ Minesweeper for 'Windows' (Quang2000) (PD) [C] (hung when start a game)
~ Ninety (PD) [C] (incorrect graphics display)
~ Pokemon Red-Blue 2-in-1 (reset to menu in a real GBC)
~ Super Chinese Land 1-2-3 (Super Chinese Land 3 is possibly a bad dump)
* Games resupported:
~ Capman (Lik-Sang) (PD) [C] (broken since V1.52)
~ Jetson (broken since V1.52)
~ Mouse Game (PD) [C] (broken since V1.03)
~ Namco Gallery Volume 2 (Galaxian - broken since V1.43)
~ NASCAR Challenge (broken since V1.50)
~ Neon Evangelion Mahjong (broken since V1.52)
~ NBA Jam 2001 (players jerk when moving around - broken since V1.52)
~ Zankurou Mosouken (broken since V1.50)
* The message "This software is intended for use with Game Boy Color" is displayed properly when running Tomb Raider (M5) and Tomb Raider - Curse of the Sword in GB mode.
* After a new game was loaded and then a save state was stored, the save state could not be loaded. Fixed.
* When reset, the music continues to play a second or two. Fixed.
* The second screen of Mobile Trainer can be displayed. This game is still not yet playable - it requires a special device to work with.

- Changes:
* Enhanced dirty rectangle. Some games will have great speed improvements for slow machines. Atlantics - The Lost of Empire is one of them.

- Bugs Fixed:
* Better graphics for the following games/demos:
~ Defender-Jouse (US) (bugs introduced in V1.50?)
~ Dimensionless Sample
~ Dirty Racing (bugs introduced in V1.50)
~ DX Monopoly
~ ESPN National Jockey Night
~ F-1 Race (V1.0 and V1.1) (mountain flashed during racing)
~ FIFA International Soccer
~ Fli-Plasma (corrupted line at the very top)
~ Ghosts 'n Goblins (foot flashed during intro)
~ Mary-Kate and Ashley - Crush Course
~ Marmalade Boy (fade out at the title screen - required Mix Frame on)
~ Mickey's Speedway USA
~ Nettou Samurai (bugs introduced in V1.50)
~ Railway (Sachen)
~ Super Momotaro Dentetsu 2
~ Test Drive Cycles (clouds flashing - required Mix Frame on)
~ Urusei Yatsura (jumping screen when walking around)
* Better sound for the following games/demos:
~ Alone in the Dark (I think it is perfect now)
~ American Jesus
~ Elmo's ABC
~ Dejiko No Mahjong Party (Speech improved)
~ Dirty Racing (collecting "C" during game play)
~ Diva Starz - Mall Mania
~ Gensan 2 (speech volume too low)
~ Lamborghini American Challenge (buzzing sound at the title screen)
~ Legend of Zelda - Links Awakening (Game Over screen)
~ Mortal Kombat 4 (noise appeared during speech)
~ Rococop 2 (music no longer stutter at the startup)
~ Super Snaky (hissing sound just before game play)
* Better timing for the following games/demos:
~ 4x4 World Trophy (too slow)
~ Digital Devil Story - Black and Red Children (too fast)
~ Faceball 2000 (too slow)
~ Race Days (too fast for 4 Wheel Drive at the title screen)
* New games/demos supported:
~ 8-in-1 (Sachen) (UNL) (The game Flea War does not work)
~ Freeart Intro V3
~ Frox by Flavour (PD) [C]
~ Gameboy Demo (PD) [C]
~ Green Beret (PD) [C]
~ Momotaro Collection
* The following games/demos worked again (broken since V1.50):
~ Denki Block
~ Emperor's New Groove
~ Jeep Jamboree
~ Maniac Miner (Bung) (PD) [C]
~ Mini 4 Boy II - Final Evolution
~ Race Days
~ Racing Mini 4WD
~ Ganbare Goemon - Hoshizorashi Dynamites Arawaru
~ Parts Collection - Medarot Kuma
~ Parts Collection 2
* Improved the support of GB mono games in GBC mode.
* Colors were retained after reset for multi-games cartridges.
* Fixed a crash bug on bad multi-games cartridges.
* Fixed a bug when loading recent files with very long file names.
* Fixed a bug when starting KiGB with no games and then loaded a game with different display settings.
* New games could not be loaded after loading Doctor GB Menu V2.0. Fixed.
* Returned a proper printout completed status code in Gameboy Printer. Fixed a hanging bug after printing in Dinosaur (E) (M5) [C]. Donkey Kong Country still hung, however.

- New Features:
* Added an option to run in GBA. With this option on, the secret 100-Rupee shop can be entered in Zelda - Oracle of Ages and Seasons.
* Added an Mix Frame option in the Video menu. Default setting is on. The graphics display for a number of games/demos is now correct. Examples are: Angel Marlowe, Atlantis - The Lost Empire, Ballistic, Battlezone & Super Breakout, Batman - Return of the Joker, Battle Pingpong, Big Scroller Demo, Boxing (JU).
- Changes:
* When reset, the current border will not be clear. Useful for the preference GBC with SGB border.
* Screen will be white when startup in SGB mode.
* [MS-DOS port] Set the default color depth to 16 instead of 32 to increase performance.
- Bugs Fixed:
* Better graphics for the following games/demos:
~ Alice in Wonderland
~ Alone in the Dark
~ Aqualife
~ Ant Soldiers (Sachen) (Unl) [!]
~ Artic Zone
~ Asteroids and Missile Command
~ Atlantis - The Lost Empire
~ Bionic Battler
~ Bob the Builder and Bob the Builder - Fix It Fun
~ Boxing (JU)
~ Bubsy 2
~ Carmageddon
~ Classking Yamazaki
~ Darkman
~ Jinsei Tomedachi
~ Warriors of Might and Magic
* Better sound for the following games:
~ A Boy and His Blob
~ Aladdin (GB)
~ Alone in the Dark
~ Altered Space
~ Armour Force
~ Atlantis - The Lost Empire
~ Bubsy 2
~ Puzzle Road
~ Dance Dance Revolution (all versions)
~ Qix
~ Work Master V1.00
* New games/demos supported:
~ BHGOS - Overclocked Combo (PD) (C)
~ BHGOS - Y2Kode Combo (PD) (C)
~ Bomberman Collection (J) (S): You can now run the selected games.
~ Captain Knick-Knack
~ Cube Raider
~ Densha De Go! 2
~ Pocket Family (real time clock not supported)
~ Sonic 3D Blast 5
~ SGB Pack (all versions)
* Fixed the buzzing sound during startup for Block Kuzushi, Hollywood Pinball, Home Alone and possibly many others.
* Sound volume for Sound Channel 4 was halved. Fixed.
* Fixed the short "duk" sound when sound is turned on/off by the games.
* Fixed a crash bug for Battle Tanx (U) (C) (t1).
* Fixed a crash bug for Beat Mania GB 2 (J) (C) [!]. All you can get is
"poor", however.
* Fixed a crash bug for Bionic Commando - Elite Forces (U) (C) (t1).
* Fixed a hung bug for Binary Chaos (Y2kode) (PD) (C).
* Fixed a hung bug for Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver
* Fixed a hung bug for Hype - The Time Quest.
* Fixed a hung bug for Pocket Bomberman. (Thanks TM)
* Fixed a hung bug for Pocket Monster Crystal Glass.
* [Windows port] Fixed a crash bug for Casino Funpak.
* Fixed an invalid opcode error for Bokujo Monogatari GB 3 - Boy Meets Gril (T-Chinese). Invalid opcode error still happens after enter the names of the girl (?). In a real GBC, it hangs.
* Fixed a blank screen bug for Cardcaptor Sakura.
* Fixed a joypad reading bug for Crash (PD).
* Fixed a wrong color bug when drawing broder in color depth 16/24 for Pocket Monster.
* Armaageddon Video Trailer (GBTK Video 1) and (GBTK Video 2) now can play to the end.
* Fixed a border drawing bug for Asteroids and Missile Command.
* Fixed a border drawing bug when color depth was not 32 (Pocket Monster Gold and its variations/hacks),
* Better support in the preference of GBC with SGB border:
~ Aqueous Demo
~ Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver
~ Pocket Monster Gold
* Game Shark cheat was not functioned since v1.20. Fixed.
* Better handling on ROM bank requests. KiGB is less likely to crash.
* Better support of mono games running in GBC mode.
* Fixed a bug when loading/storing key input files with save states for older versions.
* Fixed an initialisation bug during reset.
* Work Master V1.00: can show up the "desktop screen" instead of showing the WM_CLOSE message. After displaying a picture in the Demo folder, pressing B will hang. In a real GBC, when try to open a folder, it hangs.

- Changes:
* In previous versions, even GB mode was off, KiGB would still force to GB mode when KiGB detected the game was not for GBC. In v1.45, KiGB will no longer force the mode switch. This is useful for running demos that have corrupted GBC flag in the ROM header. (Invasion DX (BUNG) (PD) [C] and Joshua Wise's Demo (Quang2000) (PD) [C]).

- Bugs Fixed:
* No borders were displayed when choosing the preference "GBC with SGB borders" on some SGB-supported games. Fixed.
* Fixed a bug on handling the SGB command CHR_TRN when tile type was set to OBJ. Itsudemo Nyando Wonderful shows the border.
* Palettes were incorrectly initialised. Fixed. (16 Threads Demo)
* Adjusted the timing on interrupts. Fixed the following games:
~ Legend of Zerd: graphics glitches in the intro
~ Altered Space: graphics glitches at the leftmost when the rocket appears in the intro
~ possibly other games (the music of Adventure of Arle)
* Adjusted the LCD behaviours on GBC mode. Screen flashed for Air Pocket OP during showing CGs as in a real GBC.
* Fixed a bug for the GB CPU quirk. Background of Killer Instinct now shows up.
* Fixed a bug when tried to continue without first actually start for Initial D Gaiden.
* SGB mode was not reconized for It's a World Rally. Fixed.
* Fixed the hung bug for Joust & Defender (U) [C][t1].
* Fixed the scrolling bug for Jetsons.
* Fixed a hung bug for Konami Collection 1 after pressing Start in the option screen.
* Fixed a sprites drawing bug. Fixed the graphics glitches of the following games:
~ Ken Griffey Jr's Slugfest: at the lower left of the rotating baseball
~ Action Man: at the game over screen
* [MS-DOS port only]: Screen might appear at the top left corner or blank. Fixed.
* Fixed a bug in reading mulitple joypads in SGB mode for Killer Instinct. When the game starts, Player 1 gets control instead of Player 2.
* Fixed a bug in TIMA timing. Korodice will not hang after the Mode Select screen.
* Fixed a bug in HDMA. The last screen of AGO Realtime Demo shows up.

New Features:
* Added graphics filters: Super 2xSaI, Super Eagle, scanline and bilinear.
* Added an experimental special graphical effect: sprite shadow.
* Real color or GB LCD color is now selectable.
* Background, window and sprites can be turned on/off.

* The sub-menu "Size" was renamed to "Video" as more options are added.

Bugs Fixed:
* Joysticks/joypads were not polled for joypad interrupt. Fixed.

- Changes:
* Default color set to black and white for SGB mode.
* Forgot to turn on the dirty rectangle for SGB and GBC. Speed should be increased.
* Changed the file base name to that of the zip file instead of the zipped file. This affected save files, input files, snapshot files, save state files, real time clock files and per-game configuration files. You may need to rename the existing files. Sorry.

- Bugs Fixed:
* Game Link Cable function broke. Fixed.
* Graphics glitches found and screen flashed for Air Pocket OP. Fixed.
* The color for the word "Blue" should be green in Pocket Monster Blue in SGB mode. Fixed.
* Screen flashed for Dragon Ball Z Goku in SGB mode. Fixed.
* Fixed the speech problem for Tokimeki Memorial in Windows port.
* Fixed the color problem for Bonk's Revenge and Boku Drakura Kun 3 in SGB mode.
* Fixed the border color problem for Animal Breeder in SGB mode.
* Fixed the keypad reading bug for They Came From Outer Space and Doraemon DX 10 in SGB mode.
* Fixed the border rendering bug for Captain Tsubasa.
* Error messages for save state files accessing in GUI should be shown on the description instead of prompting to screen. Fixed.
* Fixed a dirty rectangle bug (Dr Franken II).
* Screen flashed when loading a ROM with different screen configuration with the current one during startup KiGB with a ROM file. Fixed.
* Length of game title in showing ROM information was shortened. Fixed.

New Features:
* Supported loading of gzipped ROM files.
* Allowed the change in emulation speed: 25%, 50%, 100%, 200% and 400%.
* Allowed to select the emulation of Gameboy types: Gameboy, Gameboy Color and/or Super Gameboy.
* Allowed to select the emulation preference: GBC with SGB border, GBC over SGB over GB or SGB over GBC over GB. The first option will try to draw a SGB border while stays in GBC emulation mode.
* Allowed to customize the Gameboy palettes. The customized palettes are stored in per-game configuration.

* Added more options in the user interface.

Bugs Fixed:
* Hung when connected uisng the Game Link Cable feature. Fixed.
* Random hung when playing for a few minutes. Fixed.
* Loading new ROMs while in listening mode would crash. Fixed.
* The upper part of border in full screen mode disappeared when back in game play after showing the menu. Fixed.
* The screen did not adjust when a game was loaded with different border settings of the current one. Fixed.
* Fixed a crash bug when default border image was changed while no ROM was loaded.
* The character '&' was displayed incorrectly in the recent file list. Fixed.
* Removed the 'mouse dropping' during LCD was disabled in GB/SGB mode.

- New Features:
* Supported per-game configuration. Each game now has its own configuration parameters: keyboard/joypad mapping, full screen/ windowed, screen size, sound options, border options and SGB options. The per-game configuration is saved/loaded automatically. See readme.txt for more details.
* Supported loading of 8 most recently played games. Right-click and select 'Recent'.
* Added various sound options: stereo/mono, pan, sample rate, Sound Channels on/off and wave file output.
* GB Printer can be turned on/off (forgot to do this in v1.40).
- Changes:
* When starting KiGB with no ROM file, KiGB will no longer open the file selector dialog box. Instead, KiGB will launch with an empty window or a blank screen in full screen mode.
* More accurate timing. Sound is perfect now.
* Eliminated the "mouse dropping" by reverting the change made in v1.30. This will slow down the emulation (Allegro specific issues).
* Supported the file extension SGB besides GB and GBC.
- Bugs fixed:
* When a new default border image is selected, it is not loaded
immediately. Fixed.
* [Windows port only] Fixed a bug for the opcode $F8 in assembly core when the operand is negative. No games seemed to be affected.
* In the option "save state->load" in GUI, if any of the save state files conflict with the existing SGB mode, an error message will be displayed for each file. Also, the conflicting state files will be shown as free. This bug is fixed. No error messages will be displayed. Instead, the description of the conflicting save state files will be changed to indicate the problem.
* The sound volume of Sound Channel 3 was set too low. Fixed.
* Loading of save state files created by v1.31 or before required to set the SGB off. Fixed.
* Returned a proper (?) error code for GB Printer. Alleyway worked even GB Printer is on.

- New Features:
* Supported Gameboy Camera (no camera functions).
* Supported Gameboy Printer.
- Bug fixes:
* Messages could not be wholely shown for key input loading/saving when screen size was 1x1 with no border. Fixed.

- Changes:
* Disabled the palette change option in SGB mode.
- Bug fixes:
* The default windows mask (SGB) should be disabled by default. Fixed. (Dragon Ball Z Goku 2 (T-Chinese) - thanks for the (indirect) notification)
* Fixed a bug in reading joypad (SGB). (Dragon Ball Z Goku 2 (T-Chinese))
* Fixed a crash bug in SGB mode for Linux port (Donkey Kong).
* Fixed a color attribute bug in SGB mode for color depth 16.
* Fixed a bug in sound emulation. Sound should now be near perfect.
* Fixed a bug when restoring save states non-SGB games. The default border would be shown instead of a blank screen.
* Fixed a color palette bug when restoring save states from some SGB games. (Tokimeki Memorial)
* Fixed a crash bug when restoring save states of SGB to non-SGB mode or vice versa.
* Fixed CPU emulation bugs when stack pointer pointed to ROM area. Supported Alfred Chicken.
* Fixed a bug when creating/loading Allegro packed files (save states and key input files) whose filenames contain non-ASCII characters.

- New Features:
* Emulated Super Game Boy (SGB) and Super Game Boy 2 (SGB2).
* Supported up to 4 players (SGB only).
* Emulated digital sound (King of Golf).
* Allowed to load default border bitmap image.
* Allowed to adjust sound volume.
* Allowed to configure joypad settings.
* Supported interpolation filter for the border bitmap.
- Changes:
* Updated the game library Allegro from v4.0.2 to v4.0.3.
* Reverted the mouse drawing to v1.11.
* Supported the screen dump to include border images.
* Changed the startup routines so that no more flash would be noticed.
* Fixed the resolution to 640x480 for full screen mode to cater for borders.
* Sped up the GBC color palette calculation.
- Bug fixes:
* Fixed the rendering bug for color depth 24.
* Reverted the change in calculating sound frequencies to v1.20 (Gen San 2).
* Improved the sound generation routines. Sound quality improved.
* Fixed a sprite rendering bug (Tokimeki Memorial).
* Fixed a hanging bug (Donkey Kong Country).
* Fixed dirty rectangle bugs (Donkey Kong Country and Vietnam War 2001).
* Fixed a bug in reading joypad (King of Golf).
* Fixed a bug in showing key input states.

* Fixed the sweep register of Sound Channel 1.
* The saving and loading of save states was broken in v1.20. Fixed.
* Adjusted the sound volume of Sound Channel 3 and 4.
* Better sound.
* Fixed a hanging bug when dealing with serial interrupt.

* Emulated the Game Link Cable. Two players could play via a TCP-supported network.
* Removed the experimental apply-once for GameShark cheats.
* Added the support of apply-once GameShark digits - D0. (Thanks Chip B)
* Redrew the mouse to remove the "mouse dropping".
* KiGB kept active when switched to the background.
* Fixed the crash bug when sound could not be initialised.
* Sound was disabled when file selection dialog displayed.
* KiGB would not quit incorrectly when Esc key was pressed to cancel dialogs.
* Cancel would be interpreted instead of OK when Esc key was pressed during a dialog was shown.
* Fixed the joypad interrupt bug. Supported Double Dragon 3.
* Correctly apply 6-digits and 9-digits GameGenie codes to all banks of memory. (Thanks bas)

* Adjusted the rendering timing. The graphics for Jeopardy and Castelvania 2 was rendered correctly.
* Fixed a sound bug. The noise in Bomb Jack, Mega Man V, Gensan 2 and others was disappeared. The speech in Gensan 2 sounded perfectly.
* The left and right sound channels were swapped. Fixed.
* Fixed a bug in CPU timing.
* [Linux only] KiGB was statically linked and no longer required any shared libraries.
* [Linux only] Windowed mode was displayed when KiGB was started with a ROM in full screen mode. Fixed.

* Supported recording and playing back input.
* Added color filter. Colors look like a real Game Boy Color.
* Battery save, real time clock data, save states and input files are portable.
* Implemented dirty rectangle. Very significant speed boost on many games.
* KiGB may now run most games at full speed with no frame skip in 320x200 full screen mode for Pentium 200+ PCs.
* KiGB is now less likely to crash.
* Error messages are displayed properly and consistently.
* Better sound.
* Many bug fixes.

* Fixed the RAM bank switching bug - Super Robot War F (Chinese) is fully playable
* Added a sound buffer for Sound Channel 3 - sharp noise disappeared
* Better display handling

* Dump screen
* Save states
* Linux and MS-DOS ports

* GameGenie and GameShark cheats with library file support
* Emulated Gameboy CPU quirk (bug?) - Kirby's Dream Land 2 supported
* Selectable palettes for Gameboy games
* Resolution of full screen change to 320 x 200 if the display card supported. This allows low-end Celeron to run at full speed with no frame skip

Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 10.0
  • 10My only gripe is escape should pause the rom and give the user the menu bar. Other than that, very nice indeed.
  • 10Wow. What can I say more?
  • 10KiGB is perhaps the most complete piece of software I've ever had the privelege to download. With the potential of thousands of blissful play hours, it appeals to the gamer part of me. Yet, with the seemingly flawless emulation (you will think that Mr. Liu somehow carbon-copied a Game Boy), it appeals to the programmer part of me. I hope to see it flourish.
The Developer
Ricky Liu
Ricky LiuAfter completed CHIP8/SCHIP8 and Phoenix (arcade) emulators, I am now developing a Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Super Gameboy emulator called KiGB. Scott Nash and I have completed the compatibility project - to test the compatibility of KiGB on all the games in GoodGBX ROM sets (more than 6,000!). No games with significant differences are found. You can visit my compatibility pages to see the compatibility comparison with 4 other popular GBx emualtors. (View Profile)