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My only gripe is escape should pause the rom and give the user the menu bar. Other than that, very nice indeed.
Wow. What can I say more?
KiGB is perhaps the most complete piece of software I've ever had the privelege to download. With the potential of thousands of blissful play hours, it appeals to the gamer part of me. Yet, with the seemingly flawless emulation (you will think that Mr. Liu somehow carbon-copied a Game Boy), it appeals to the programmer part of me. I hope to see it flourish.
What can I say? It's an excellent emulator, and an easy one to use at that. Compatibility seems to be near-perfect.
********** by Siloh
KIGB is a very well and easy to use emulator. I will be waiting for the next version of this excellent gameboy emulator!
(v1.40) KiGB is a very good emulator. Not such a pretty interface, but a very good emulator none the less. It has more features than any other GB emulator I know of, and would make all others obsolete if only it would support 2 players on one computer (simultaneously).
This is a great emulator. Supports many forms of Gameboy with near perfect emulation of graphics and sound, and good speed. Nice work!
One of the best projects I've seen in the depot to date. Graphics/sound ran perfectly (1100MHz, 256MB). The file selector needs to be 'prettied up' but apart from that this is a very slick program.
The Developer
Ricky Liu
Ricky LiuAfter completed CHIP8/SCHIP8 and Phoenix (arcade) emulators, I am now developing a Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Super Gameboy emulator called KiGB. Scott Nash and I have completed the compatibility project - to test the compatibility of KiGB on all the games in GoodGBX ROM sets (more than 6,000!). No games with significant differences are found. You can visit my compatibility pages to see the compatibility comparison with 4 other popular GBx emualtors. (View Profile)