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Gideon Weems

Gideon Weems Member since: 10/11/2003 8:12 PM

From: United States

“You found the secret page!

---- Hall of Fame ----

Peter Hull and Aaron Bolyard, in response to the thread title:
"Why seems too outdated?" "Most of the people on are outdated too. :P" "It's not my fault my OEM dropped support for me. :'("

Johan Halmén:
"We got drugs. And we got guns. And we got people. And we got big problems. The problems don't go away, if we prohibit guns and drugs. The problem is people. We can't prohibit people. What we can do is educate people."

bamccaig to Eric Johnson:
"Neil: Does your wife work in the medical field? Her clothing reminds me of what I see a lot of nurses wearing." "She just wears that to take care of Neil. :-X He's old."


"I suggest we continue this thread with Bible themed pornography images."

Eric Johnson, responding appropriately to MiquelFire:
"Are you a time traveler?" "Yes. I travel forwards in time."

LennyLen, in response to Eric Johnson:
"Which browser(s) are you guys using?" "I'm not. I just stick my finger in the ethernet socket and render the page directly to the optical centre of my brain."

GullRaDriel, in response to six years of schooling:
"Congratulations Edgar, may you find your way and live like you want :-)"

Chris Katko on the user interface of C3:
"... except it looks like it was made by "gamerz" and not professionals, so it's graphically akin to a motherboard manufacturer's overclocking tool."

Edgar Reynaldo and Neil Black in "Sandwiches":
"Neil Black goes AWOL for years, but you mention a sandwich and he's back in black!!!" "My sandwich sense was tingling."

Mark Oates and Eric Johnson in response to yours truly:
"On a related note, teabagging has been banned from the Killer Instinct world tournament circuit..." "Slicing up your opponent with swords, knocking them off a building, totally fine. It's fantasy! But the teabagging, it's just too close to home." "You knew uncle Joe, too?"

"I finish games. People who aren't finishing games with engines will not finish one with Unity Engine too.
Finishing is a matter of spirit, not engine."

bamccaig and LennyLen in "Will you participate to Global Game Jam 2017?":
"I don't like going because it reminds me utterly unfocused I am." "Apparently unfocused enough to not type all the words in your sentences." "It seem."

Matthew Leverton in response to bamccaig in "Thread Locks Too Soon":
"Cattle production is a major contributor to methane in the atmosphere which is something like 20x worse than CO2. Cattle in general are terrible for the environment. Not only do they produce massive amounts of waste that leaks into our water, and greenhouse gases, but we also destroy..." "And yet, it tastes so good."

Johan Halmén strikes again in "Thread Locks Too Soon":
"I had very long hair. Once I went to sleep straight after sauna, without using any conditioner. I woke up with rasta hair.

Dreadlocks too soon."

Johan Halmén in response to Derezo in "Motorcycles":
"I hope those drips aren't from me...!" "Either you or your bike."

Peter Hull, in response to amarillion:
"I think most experienced participants simply take an old submission, strip it to an empty hull, and then start building up a game from that." "This Hull isn't stripping for anybody :P"

bamccaig, with a rare, serious entry for the Hall of Fame:
"I think that it's wrong to assume that because Trump is [allegedly] wealthy that he'll be unbuyable. Odds are he became rich by being bought. And he likes being rich. I'm sure he'd love to be richer. This is like cutting out the middleman politician. You're proposing to just put the lobbyist in office directly. I'm sure he has many existing allies and friends within the business world that will appreciate his newfound power. And I'm sure he'll be more than willing to pander to them at the expense of the average American. What you need is not a rich man in office. What you need is for the country to hold the office accountable to the people. Do a good job of that and the lobbyist will fall away and only serious candidates will dare apply. We face the same basic problem in Canada. How do you get corrupt people to revoke their own power? Unfortunately, probably the only way is to physically show up and break the door down. Which means a few people will probably be shot so we'll need enough of us to drain their ammunition stores."

jmasterx, in talks of forming a band...
"If we make music, our tempo should always be Allegro."

Yodhe23 and Bruce Pascoe in "You're about to get eaten by a pig."
"... when the pig tried to eat me, not only would I turn around and eat the pig, I would eat the whole planet as well, and probably the entire solar system for good measure." "Yummy!" "Indeed the pig was yummy, although I am getting a little wind off the gas giant."

Dennis's extravagent ASCII art that started with Bruce Perry:

Bruce Perry, in "Where is Richard Phipps?"
"He's lying low because someone noticed he called it D-Pixel and is trying to shame and coerce him into employing more people who identify as women."

Mark Oates, in response to Chris Katko and Bruce Pascoe in "Oculus Rift now priced at... $600"

Bruce Pascoe, in regards to 615951:
"Admittedly though, the Zelda thread seems to be generating far more heat than light."

Bruce Perry, in response to Striker:
"Normally nobody would need to suffer from hunger and coldness in Germany." "Yeah, that's more Hungary and Chile, isn't it?"

Dennis, in response to Matthew Leverton in "Germany"
"The toilet paper was strangely large and sturdy though." "There may be a connection to beer and bread."

Bob Keane in "WEll, someone has had to start it.. [Ashley Madison]"
"I just want to say to anyone who subscribes to the website that the world is full of Bob Keanes."

Elias in "Anybody down for speedhack?"
"I hope it won't be on the August 1st weekend or I'll have to postpone my wedding..."

Mark Oates, in response to Chris Katko's quote from the Washington Post:
"It’s one of the most basic biology facts we’re taught in school growing up: Birds and mammals are warm-blooded, while reptiles, amphibians and fish are cold-blooded. But new research is turning this well-known knowledge on its head with the discovery of the world’s first warm-blooded fish — the opah." "I think my next release will be called "Ostentatious Opah" ;D"

"I would not suscribe to any provider with a hipster on the welcome screen."

Johan Halmén in "new job!"

Edgar Reynaldo in "Are these trolls or orcs?"

Chris Katko, in response to furinkan:
"I happen to like you all (even the ones dumb enough to use Windows or believe in a Sky Daddy)." "Bill Gates is my Sky daddy. He's up in the cloud."

Johan Halmén, in response to bamccaig's earnest request for job-hunting advice:
"Just add this link to your resume and you'll be fine:"

Bob Keane, in response to Bruce Perry:
"I'm officially a composer now :D" "And when you are dead and buried, you will be a decomposer."

A certain French user, with an avatar that makes it work:
"French users of Allegro get all the fun stuff." "I'm jealous. I think we should invade." "Come on. I'm waiting for you !! Graaah !"

Chris Katko, in response to Derezo's photo:
"Freedom Tower NY:" "That's the statue of liberty, silly Canadian!"

"You use the D to get the big O. By that I mean that the D Programming Language being Turing Complete, allows you to write algorithms that achieve the desired time complexity in Big O Notation."

Chris Katko, in response to SourceForge's download statistics for Allegro:
"DOWNLOADS: 37,698" "Those were all me, trying to get it to compile! :o"

LennyLen, in response to Trezker:
"The sign of a wise programmer is he never writes the same function twice." "Silly me then. Every program I've ever written has had a main() function."

Arthur Kalliokoski, in response to Chris Katko:
"Women do in fact, love tattoos. A thousand times more if you can find a way to describe it that infers some deep, profound, aspect of your life or psyche." "Like your sig?" [Sig: "Materialistic things can't bring you happiness. Except Marshmellows--which are pretty much the same thing."]

LennyLen, in response to yours truly:

Chris Katko, in response to Phrasz:
"Why use allegro when Unreal, Unity, and all the other ones are out there:" "Allegro isn't an engine. That's like saying why use a gasoline when you can use a car?"

gnolam, in response to Johan Halmén:
"Perpenicular points are extremely hard to find." "If you find perpenicular points, you should see a urologist."

Steve Terry, in response to Chris Katko's thread title:
"Don't make my mistake!" "I thought you were going to say kids..."

Bob Keane, in response to Thomas Fjellstrom:
"The us has hit a milestone recently, something like 1% of its population is now in jail." "The wrong 1% if you ask me."

Elias, in response to goglosh:
"I plan on migraining to C++" "Shows that you already know quite a bit about the difference between C and C++ ;D"

LennyLen, in response to m c:
"I brought in a hdmi cable and viola, no more eye strain on the same monitor as all the subtle blur, noise and interference went away." "But now you have a viola making noise instead."

LennyLen, in response to Arthur Kalliokoski:
"Tineye says that chart comes from a site trying to sell penis enlargement pills." "Now we know where Chris saw it then."

Arthur Kalliokoski, in response to Matthew Leverton:
"It's going to be freezing cold the next couple of days thanks to Canada sending us all of their cold air." "If we could just get a couple of select members to post more it would cancel out."

Matthew Leverton, in response to Derezo:
"Was floored to find myself saying 'DJGPP' out loud after all these years." "Before going to bed every night, I say it ten times fast. 8-)"

"Is it some sort of baby duckling syndrome after shifting from C++ to C? Because it's like trying to fart through your eye."

"Every library has a mistake that is carried over for years..."

---- Cool Creations ----

Johan Halmén's rectfill() comic: 589938/648567

---- By the Years ----

2015: Everyone sucked at submitting SpeedHack entries that successfully compile.
2014: First SpeedHack since 2011.
2005: OpenLayer is the hot topic; Speedhack returns for the month of August with the coolest logo in years
2004: The rise and fall of AllegroPro; towards the holiday season, Glyphkeeper garners accolades from many respectable dev-types in the forums

The Old All-Time List
* Will Allegro ever have MOD support?
* My app won't work on WinXP. I'm using DJGPP.
* Why not drop DOS support with the next release?
* What's a good network lib?
* Any chance of putting libpng into core allegro?
* Why can't I reply to topics older than seven days?

Good topics list, v0.2:
・616034 Just bored... ;)
・458843 Who Do You Miss Most?
・424832 Bloobs!
・328421 Let's Animate!
・179999 Milk
・519074 (thanks to gnolam) OpenGL vs Allegro

Cat list, v0.9:
- Bruce Perry (avatar)
- Chris Katko
- DanTheKat
- furinkan (avatar)
- guillermet christoph (avatar)
- GullRaDriel (avatar, 2014-08-11)
- Kanzure (avatar)
- KittyCat
- Krzysztof Kluczek (avatar--can't believe I missed this for so long...)
- Phate (avatar)
- SonShadowCat
- Trezker (avatar)
- type568 (avatar, 2014-08-11)

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