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Depot Games: Dune II - The Maker

Current Version: DEMO 4

Project Status: Demo Release

Highest Popularity: #4 during June 2009

Links: Web Site, Arrakis website, Fundynamic, Source @ Google code

Category: Strategy

Developers: Stefan Hendriks

Number of Players: 1

Ports: Windows

Source Code: Not Available

Author's Description: A real-time strategy game. A 'as true yet inovative as it can get' clone of Dune 2. Titled "The Maker", referring to Shai Hulud (the sandworm, maker of spice on the planet Dune).

I am addicted to Dune 2, to RTS gaming and to programming. The result is obvious; constantly trying to write my own rts game using the dune 2 graphics, but enhancing it.

Source code is available at:


Name Comments Size Date
D2TM-DEMO4.ZIP 5,071,235 07/11/2009 2:51 PM

What's New:

- Ornithopter rockets do more damage
- Rockets from Troopers do a bit less damage
- Rocket Turrets do a bit more damage to infantry & vehicles
- Normal Turrets do a bit more damage to infantry & vehicles
- Combat Tank does a bit more damage to infantry

- AI able to build multiple units from the same building at the same time (oops, cheating!)
- Workaround for harvesters doing nothing.
- Building troopers/etc for human player.
- Bug where "order" button would be misplaced (too low)
- Bug where you could select computer units via 'team' key's (ie, by pressing 1-5)
- Able to 'repair' units when no repair facility is built.
- Fixed bug Repair Facility. (Units always repair as if they were totally damaged)
- Memory bug in loading INI file. (causing byte shifts, which *could* eventually screw things up)
- Able to select enemy units when pressing group number

- "Devided" -> "Divided"
- Unit drawing , more accurate on cells.
- Unit drawing , health bar and spice bar is different.
- Unit drawing , selection box is changed
- Unit variables a bit more efficient.
- When buttons are unavailable, they are darkened instead of greyed out.
- AI will now not walk over spice blooms, but shoot them.
- Upgraded Allegro from version 4.0.3 to 4.2.0
- Upgraded Alfont from 1.19 to 2.10
- Source is now compiled under MSVC 7.0
- Dune 2 missions, briefings, etc is now centered in one "campaign" folder

- More scenes added.
- Very smooth fading for Windtraps now (instead of using 256 color palette Blue values, it uses 16 bit values)
- Using some FBLEND routines for drawing transparant graphics and so on.
- "easy on cpu" auto-code. Will try to give cpu some slack if fps is above "ideal fps" (can be set). Especially useful on
- Skirmish mode, AI is primitive, but tough.
- with totally new random map generator built in
- able to create your own skirmish missions via INI files (up to 99 missions)
- 4 players maximum (1 human, 3 CPU)
- CPU can be Sardaukar
* Able to see random created map by hovering mouse on the question mark. Default = invisible, so you can
be really suprised to play (hit 'random map' and then 'play').
- Completely new written structures code (same functionaly as in demo 3 though): using true OOP.
*NOTE: Bug detected, starport does not function 100% yet.
* - Skirmish mode - maps are named as "map##.ini" , up to 99 maps supported.
- RakNet library is compiled in project and will assist in network code in future releases.
- MCV can be deployed with D now (select and press D).
- Carry-Alls blow sand/spice when picking up unit on sandy/spicy terrain.
- Structures graphics updates
- Real shadow blending done
- Structures show ground underneath, so if no fundament is built the building
appears on rock, etc.
- When infantry or troopers get 30% health; a single soldier/trooper appears
with 100% health. The other 2 died (leaving bodies on the ground).
- When not enough money, icons are a bit greyed out + a red cross is drawn over them.
- Tanks are able to squish infantry (leaves big blood splatter for infantry and tiny for soldier, etc)
- Shortkey B added to build last built icon on list (also applies for units)
- Shortkey P added to place built structure
- Shortkey U added to quick-upgrade
- Units can gain experience:
- no stars = no experience
- yellow stars (max 3)
- orange stars (max 3)
- red stars (max 3) -> max experience: twice damage done
(*) Stars are gained by kills; infantry kills give units 2.5/10th star experience.
bigger units 4.5/10th star.
Units with more experience will deliver bigger hits on enemy units.
- Tech Tree changes:
- Repair Facility & High Tech is available from level 5 now.
- Ordos WOR available at level 5.
- Force attack : Hold left control and click on cell to attack.
- Units & Structures blink when targetted, etc.
- Rally points can be assigned to buildings. Select structure , hold left control and click on map.
NOTE: Do not give an invalid location or the paths will fail to that. When units are unable to
deploy from starport, they are brought via Carry-All to the rallypoint.
- Force move (ALT)
- Force attack (CTRL)

- 32/16 bit adjustment in windowed mode. (speed increasement was minimal)

DEMO 3.5
DEMO 3.5 - Release 01
DEMO 3.5 basicly is the middle step to DEMO 4. The goal of this release is to investigate how stable it is before adding new features. The new features that where added, before rewriting some parts, are still there ofcourse but not finished.

The complete list of changes/etc is in the zip file. Since this version is BETA i only advice people to download this if they want to help out find bugs.

The major new feature is skirmish mode, and a new random map generator. Also, the engine has undergone a rewrite for the structures.

Please DO NOT review this version, you can always e-mail me with your comments. Thank you.

DEMO 3 - DEMO 2 (released at: 15/02/2006)

* In General:

- Infantry, Troopers, Trooper and Soldier are more of use now. Harder to kill, tougher in fights.
NOTE: Do not take this to lightly , the above units where nearly useless in Dune 2,
in D2TM they are really functional!

- Quads and Trikes have a bit weaker anti-infantry guns now (though they are the best to kill infantry with)

- Special weapons are balanced more; deviator is not as dangerous as before, and can easily be
killed. Though if used well, it can be a very usefull weapon as it turns units into yours
for all time.

* Detailed:
- Trooper HP INCREASED from 45 to 80

- Troopers HP INCREASED from 110 to 140
- Troopers sight/range INCREASED from 4 to 5
- Troopers damage to vehicles INCREASED from 8 to 16
- Troopers Attackfrequency LOWERED from 25 to 18

- Soldier HP INCREASED from 20 to 80
- Infantry HP INCREASED from 50 to 150

- Quad damage to infantry(*) LOWERED from 12 to 8
- Quad attack frequency INCREASED from 10 to 12

- Trike damage to infantry LOWERED from 7 to 6

- Deviator chance to deviate lowered from 100% to 40%
- Deviator move speed LOWERED from 4 to 3 (means faster!)
- Deviator turn speed LOWERED from 4 to 3 (means faster!)
- Deviator HP DECREASED from 110 to 70

(* Infantry=Troopers, Trooper, Soldier, Infantry)

- Several bugs in attack thinking, guard thinking of AI etc. AI units should be tougher
to beat and also units behave more correctly.
- Gun turrets damaging friendly structures.
- Several bugs concerning odd movement. (mostly after attacking)
- Now you will REALLY get a reinforcement when you have lost all harvesters, but you still have
a refinery...
- Bug where ai would suddendly attack own unit or structure.
- Fixed a bug where walls turn into spice (by field= entries).
- Sandworm is now drawn ok (under units, not 'above' them).
- Devastator who would explode and damage surrounding units will not cause a stack overflow anymore.
- Fixed several bugs in moving code.
- Fixed 'harvester suddendly dissapearing'.
- Fixed 'shroud reveal' bug on up and left part of the screen.
(When unit was moving upwards and visible , or going left and visible, the shroud would not
be removed correctly when revealing parts that are not visible on screen).

- Upgraded concrete slabs can be placed even when red squares appear. The only exception is you
cannot build them out of range (ie, not bordered to another concrete or friendly structure)
- Some unit graphics are upgraded, thanks to Nema Fakei.
- Combat Tank
- Launcher
- Siege Tank
- Sonic Tank
- Better removal of unit data on map (faster, more effecient).
- Logging of pathfinder in log.txt
- Harvesters prioritize spice hills above normal spice now.

- DEBUG mode EXE file delivered.
- Low power means:
- twice as slow building
- Spice blooms are generated 'instantly'. There is a minimum requirement of 3 spiceblooms a map.
- Compile date and time are now in log.txt (check this to be sure to have the latest
version if you are not sure).
- Damage done by units/structures is now House depended:
- Ordos do at least 80% damage
- Harkonnen do 120% damage
- Atreides = 100% for everything
(as you may have noticed, moving , harvesting, dumping etc is already House
dependant. So is Ordos quicker with moving, dumping and harvesting)
- Return harvester to refinery: Select harvester, press D. (from Dump/Deploy spice)
- Ornithopters work now. Swift attacks of 2 rockets. However, in order to be taken down
the Rocket Turrets are able to shoot "homing missiles" which will track down the ornithopters
for an amount of time. Units are able to damage the ornithopter mostly with luck.
- Rocket Turrets will now shoot 'bullets' when target gets too close.
- Rocket Turrets have priorities now in targets
- Aircraft (ornithopters) , high priority
- Enemy ground units, normal priority
- Sandworms, lowest priority
EXAMPLE: When the enemy attacks with aircraft & enemy units. The aircraft is the target
, then the ground units.
- Worm leaves now a trail of 'distorted sand'.
- When insufficient concrete is built beneath a structure, the structure will damage easily
through time and will require frequent repairs. Eventually it will stop at 50% damage.
AI will react to this and repair at 75% damage.
- Clock-wise progress indicator is now 32 frames instead of 16, more fluently and only
on ICON-picture (not text).
- Repair facility works. Hold R and hover above units to order them to repair. They will be
picked up by Carry-Alls automaticly if available. They will be brought to the nearest
available repair facility.

- AI will build more harvesters, and will rebuild harvesters when eaten or destroyed to keep
harvester/refinery ratio 1/1. If possible, it will try to build the ratio as 2/1
- AI will build carry-alls.
- AI will build ornithopters
- AI will use repair facilities for damaged vehicles.
- AI will blow up spice blooms by walking over them with light infantry or troopers.

Copied from "version history.txt"...

DEMO 2 - DEMO 1 (released at: 05/02/2006)
- Palette bug when going from mission to mentat again. (Atreides book was blue
- Loading a new scenario will remove now the old icon list and refresh it (ie, you
can no longer build advanced stuff in a new mission. The tech-tree is restarted)
- Ability to attack non-visible units/structures.
- Ability to build WOR sometimes as Atreides/Ordos

- Scrolling is now timer based, not fps based.
- Scrolling is now also possible when placing a structure.
- Health bar of units do not stay on the top.
- Mentat speaking animations will now not 'hang' for too long.
- Mentat speaking is a bit faster
- UI in game is changed with new graphics from Nema Fakei
- Win and lose 'announcement' changed.
- Build speed is now set to normal
- All Houses Mission 9 changed, quota's where set to win mission. Seems to me like
a lack of finishing things from Westwood earlier and made it work code-wise. Its
sloppy so i removed the quota= lines to make it work properly.

- When hovering over unit, mouse turns into "select" picture
- When units selected, moving over other friendly units will now make it possible to
select them.
- As an addition, holding SHIFT, will ADD the units to the already selected group!
- Smoothly fading between several sections in menu/briefing/combat
- Rewritten "hover over unit" detection. (single unit detection only)
- Original Atreides briefings (all missions)
- "Select your next conquest" screen introduced. Including campaign support!
- Campaign can be edited through the ini files in "campaign" directory
- All house mission briefing/win/lose/advice are added, thanks to:
- Gilneas -> Harkonnen
- Josh -> Atreides
- MrFlibble -> Ordos
- House briefings and mission briefings now through "mentatx.ini"
- You can fail your mission.
- When enemy unit revealed, or when enemy unit is getting too close the music changes
and you will hear "enemy unit approaching".
- Turrets work now, so watch your units!
- Ability to create groups: CTRL-1/5 to create. Press 1/5 to select. Hold SHIFT + <number>
to add group to selection.
- Sound effects are distance related. Everything on screen = 100% sound volume. The further
away from the sound-origin, the less volume the sound has. No panning though.
- Enemy structures repair now when damaged:
- When AI has a lot of money, they instant repair on a bit damage
- When AI does not have a lot of money, repair starts at 50% damage
- Sandworms will be attacked , but units will not chase them.
- Thanks to MrFlibble, all Ordos Seed files are now revealed! All missions work now properly!
- Pathfinder optimized; not speed wize but work-wise. The path generator will now not have
odd corners and twists, but a real fast-path calculation. Bloody sandworms forced me to
work on this one.
- When all harvesters gone and still having a refinery; automaticly harvester being reinforced
to ensure some income. (For the player & AI)
- Simple AI opponent; which will build an army and create groups of units to attack you.
Has exactly the same build-speeds; money income flow (no unlimited money!). Can only
Attack what it can see.
- Reinforcements; loaded from INI file, and works like Dune 2.

- GIF support files, since using own DAT format

- There is still no "Select your house < name >". The < name > is missing.
- Harvester is not 100% yet controllable; ie, you cannot send it to the refinery.
- The repair facility does not function
- The ornithopter does not attack

This is the first demo version which shows off new hard work. Totally rewritten , and though not finished, here is already a show-case of the game.

Hopefully you like it, as this will only be getting better! :)

For version information, i'd recommend to visit this link:

25/02/05 - Version 0.92
- Fixed, carry-all dropping bugs.
- Fixed, a crash that could happen (randomly)
- Changed, harvesting speed
- Changed, harvesting amount
- Changed, AI agressiveness a bit
- Changed, turn speeds of units
- Changed, the readme.txt file in the maps folder
- Added, more logbook notes for easier debugging.

< and a lot of other stuff i forgot to mention >

- LOG.TXT is created everytime when playing the game; providing you with information in case the program crashed.
+ Program is able to run at background now (using ALT-TAB)
+ SAVE/LOAD possible now. (one savegame only possible, for now)
+ You can build slabs even when there are red squares visible.
+ Wheeled vehicles leave tracks/trails on the sand and spice.
+ Units and Structures (Turrets) can shoot now.
+ Sonic wave/shimmer added.
+ Several HOT-Key's in order to improve game-play:
+ B - Builds the last built unit (see icon on sidebar)
+ B - Will let you place the finished structure
+ ARROW KEYS - Scroll through map
+ U - Upgrade
+ R - Repair
+ ESC - When in-game, goes to OPTIONS
+ A - Fast Scroll UP in Sidebar
+ Z - Fast Scroll DOWN in Sidebar

+ ToolTip system. See name of unit/structure and cost (only in sidebar, not on quick-buy-icon!)
+ Option to disable fading animation
+ Sound when not able to place (when not valid) or to build a unit/structure when out of cash.
+ Combat Music when enemy approaching
+ Primitive AI which will randomly attack and build units.
+ Primitive AI which will repair structures
+ Primitive AI which will randomly explore map.
+ Version check when loading map, so no longer out-dated maps can be used and crash the game.
+ Terrain damage done by big rocket impacts.

New to build:
+ Concrete Wall
+ Rocket Turret
+ Normal Turret
+ House of IX
+ Starport (no functionality yet)
+ Repair Facility (no functionality yet)
+ High-Tech Factory (able to build Carry-All)

+ One new mission; destroy the Atreides.

+ Carryalls drop their units at the cell they can reach, not the cell they wanted to reach (and that could be
+ Only the human player gets its icon lists updated when placing structures.
+ Cannot acces enemy structures now
+ Lots of bugs with copying map tables for other players

+ Concrete Slabs no longer have visibility radius
+ All original DUNE II settings of Unit/Structure HP, Power Usage and more are imported into the game.
+ Animation added to Heavy Factory when unit is built.
+ Title "DUne III - The reBattle for Arrakis" into "Dune II - The Maker".
+ Repair costs lowered a lot
+ Carry-All is a lot faster now

Be briefed by your each house-unique mentat
Be briefed by your each house-unique mentat
Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 8.8
  • 9Looks very well done, very fun to play. I couldn't open up the Options menu in-game... but other than that fantastic.
  • 10DUDE THIS GAME IS SO AWESOME TY SO MUCH. Oh is there a map editor for the game.
  • 8I played a quick game as the Atreides. Very faithful reproduction of the original. Unfortunately, in mission 2 I was totally overwhelmed by a huge Ordos infantry attack - then the game crashed. Great work - I will be keeping an eye on this.
The Developer
Stefan Hendriks
Stefan HendriksSoftware Engineer who has special interests in AI and in the world of Dune. Author of "RealBot" and various works on the Dune scene. (see project "Dune 2 - The Maker") (View Profile)