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Depot: Dune II - The Maker


Looks very well done, very fun to play. I couldn't open up the Options menu in-game... but other than that fantastic.
DUDE THIS GAME IS SO AWESOME TY SO MUCH. Oh is there a map editor for the game.
I played a quick game as the Atreides. Very faithful reproduction of the original. Unfortunately, in mission 2 I was totally overwhelmed by a huge Ordos infantry attack - then the game crashed. Great work - I will be keeping an eye on this.
One of the best games I ever played
******** by deps
I had fun playing this. Something didn't feel quite right, but I'm going to keep an eye on this one.
D2 - The Maker adds value to the original: higher resolution graphics, better interface, more control over units. Yet all the good things of the original are there: the music, the gameplay, the style. Dune II is after all, the mother of the RTS genre, and it should stay that way.
I really missed this thing, and with the new engine and GUI it is even better than the real game, while keeping originality.
I think probable that this is the best game on Allegro. The only thing that holds back a 10 from me is that this is a remake. Don't get me wrong! I love remakes, but they do not take as much creativity.
Really good! I have trouble with the controls when the game starts going choppy, though.
Very few games here do hi-res (1024x768), good job.
Excellent. This game is very loyal to the original, great work!
Nice little engine if it wasn't called "Dune 3"©.
Be briefed by your each house-unique mentat
Be briefed by your each house-unique mentat
The Developer
Stefan Hendriks
Stefan HendriksSoftware Engineer who has special interests in AI and in the world of Dune. Author of "RealBot" and various works on the Dune scene. (see project "Dune 2 - The Maker") (View Profile)