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Depot Games: Super Grand Prix

Current Version: 1.1

Project Status: Completed

Highest Popularity: #20 during January 2011

Links: Web Site

Category: Sports

Developers: KaBlammyman

Number of Players: 2 (Split Screen)

Ports: Windows

Source Code: Not Available

Author's Description: Finally a racing game done with allegro! Its an old RC-PRO AM style overhead racer. This is not some demo where you drive around some half drawn map, but an actual race game. There’s a lot of cool stuff in this game, but to learn more goto my website. Then once you download ... READ THE README FILE!! I am aware of some bugs and some annoyances, and I am trying to fix them, but if you find something please e-mail me.
Thanx, and have fun racing. If enough people want the source, I will release it, since they dont have many racing games done with allegro. Its just my way of saying thanx to the allegro cummunity.


Name Comments Size Date Windows Binary 1,020,535 05/31/2007 5:44 PM

What's New:

Fixed control type bug, turns out there was no way to use a keyboard because I didn’t take out a line of joystick code when I was testing.

Added 2 more tracks

Changed the Intro

Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 7.2
  • 6Nice game: As in some other games I know you have the possibility to use wappons and if you spend long time playing it, you may have fun.To criticize is the camera:if you turn into a cuner fast it almost moves to slowly and it should be behind the car or should it always show from the same view.
  • 7Nice game,but I have really to criticice is the should rahter stay behind the car(s).What I also di not like was the jumping to the start-window which appears too often...this are the only things I#ve got to criticize...HAVE SOME FUN AND TRY IT!
  • 6Starting from a score of 3, the final score was created as follows: Gameplay: +1 Presentation: -1 This game really reminds me of the old arcade racers. I do have a couple of griefs, though. My main complaint would be the default keyboard layout which isn't that intuitive (both to find and to use). Things that I missed: -track overview during the race, so you know where the other players are. - music
The Developer
KaBlammymanI make games for a living. I've done games for the ps2, wii, DS, cellphones and now Andriod and iOS devices. I am from San Francisco CA, and went to school at the Univ of La Verne. I’ was not your average Computer Science student, I was on the basketball team, car tuner, and a computer nerd all in one. (View Profile)