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Depot Games: Char

Current Version: 1.0R

Project Status: Completed

Highest Popularity: #2 during February 2007

Links: Web Site

Category: Adventure

Developers: Mike Farrell

Ports: DOS, Linux, Windows

Source Code: Not Available

Author's Description: Update - I've decided to take this game off of BETA status since I've had no real problems with it. I've updated the demo fixing a major issue: Now when you run the game it tries to get all the 320x240 video modes first and doesn't go for 640x480 unless all the low resolution modes fail. I've also added a manual video mode option to the command line arguments. Read the readme.html file for more info on the "-res" switch.

This is my first online release of a sidescrolling action game. I have worked very hard on this game's engine to make it look and feel like the old classic adventure games for the nes and snes. As of right now, the game is completely finished and there is a download available for windows (dos included) and linux!

*7 Levels of carnage.
*High replay value (bonus games awarded for beating the game on different difficulty levels).
*Up to 32-bit color 320x240 graphics.
*2 Special Weapons, and many different powerups.
*Joystick support
*Easy controls (ctrl=shoot, arrows=walk, uparrow=jump, etc).

I've added some bugfixes in version 0.8.1.


Name Comments Size Date
charsetup-win.exe The Game 3,319,087 11/23/2005 9:11 PM
Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 8.9
  • 8I was hard for me to play, I guess I suck :) It would be easier if the character could shoot while jumping. But I loved the idea of going through classic Nintendo games, it made me want to see what the next level would be. Excellent idea.
  • 10I've played this game through several times and it's still quite fun. I like seeing all the levels from the old NES games and the selection of music fits each level nicely. There are a few glitches and irritating aspects but overall a great game.
  • 6Nice side scroller, but I found it a little lacking. Nothing happens when you hit the question marks. If you land on the enemies you die (in Mario you could). I realize this isn't Super Mario, but if you're going to use their graphics it would be nice if something happens and some of the original actions worked. Some improvment in enemy movement would be nice as well. A nice effort anyhow, could be so much better with some extra work though. I loved the concept.
The Developer
Mike Farrell
Mike FarrellSee web site for up to date info (View Profile)