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spellcaster has rated 38 projects with an average score of 8.34
Adagio   **********
icon Very polished, console type shooter. And I mean really polished. It's fun - esp. when played with a game pad.
Alex the Allegator 4   **********
icon Nice little game with gamebox look and feel :) You can run, jump and roll, there're lots of hidden goodies you can only get with some thinking. The game is great... and it's not even finshed yet :)
Allegro Font Editor   **********
icon Great tool. Really great tool. Use it if you want to add some spice to your games. Neat.
Chaos Funk   **********
This game is pretty addicting :) I really like the game, it's fun to play and it also has this addicting "just one more game" appeal. Combine this with the neat scaling routines and you have a winning combination.
Charred Dirt   ********
icon Has a lot of potential, but the uiser intreface (esp. weapon selection) needs some refinement. Download it and give it a try - it's a nice game.
Crystal Chaos   **********
icon Neat game. It's great if you want to kill some time... the gfx is nice and the gameplay is pretty smooth. Had no problems whatsoever ....
Diablo II Map Editor   **********
icon besides being just an impressive work, it also does it's job (editing diablo2 maps) nicely. Which allows us hobby coders to take a look at the heap of features that are embedded in the d2 map. So this tool is also a great way to get some ideas on how to tackle programs. If you have d2, get this program and take a look. It's worth it.
dlg - a graphical DIALOG editor   **********
This editor allows you to create your dialogs in a very easy and efficient manner. If you're using the allegro GUI, or an extension of the allegro GUI, you'll need this program. It's as easy as that.
F.S.A. (Flying Saucers Attack)   ******
icon If missilce command would have been invented on a 16 bit video game console, this is how it might have looked :) The gameplay is pretty straigh forward, but you'll have practice a bit before you master it. I missed music and mouse support for the ingame menus. Besides that - it's a great way to waste some time, so download it, and give it a try :)
FunKam tools   ********
Just played with FunKam for a couple of minutes, but that idea of making a lego stop motion kung-fu flick is in my head again :) A cool feature to add to later version of this programs might be a green/ blue screen mode. It's amazing what ideas can be spawned by such a seemingly simple tool. If you have a web cam, give this a try :)
Ghosts of Dex   ******
I don't really get the game. I guess the main problem is that you don't get any feedback if you shoot (neither via gfx or sound). There's also no way to find out how often you need to hit the sprites anymore. On the other hand, for a game written in 6 hours (Blitzhack), it's not bad at all.
Gyn   **
icon Bad game, stolen gfx and sound (from IcyTowers). No credit given. IMO the developer should be placed naked on a public place, and every trespasser should be allowed to kick him.
Hellcarrier   ********
icon It's a nice shooting game. Polished, nice sound effects, lot's of action. This game is a nice time waster and one of the few games I'm keeping on my personal hardrive.
HeroQuest   **********
icon Great game :) Nice graphics, nice polish... the game feels pretty professional and more important: it's fun!
Icy Tower   **********
icon Simple game idea, easy to learn, hard to master. Play it a bit and then check out the replays you can download from Johan's website. When you've stopped saying "wow" play the game again :)
KiGB   **********
icon Wow. What can I say more?
Mappy map editor   ********
It's a map editor with some extra features. I normally create maps with mappy, then use a home-made script to convert the rather complex mappy map into a simple 3dimensional tile map.
Moon Lander   ********
This game is excellent. It's small, it's fun... in other words: great :) The fire from the rockets reacts nicely with the ground. The steering is a bit more challenging than your normal moon lander. The only thing I missed was joypad control :)
Mr. Fixit   ********
Now this a puzzle game that's fun to play. I was pretty close to give 5 stars, but a couple of things stopped me: - I would have preferred that only those elements that are selectable are actually shown. - I had problems exiting the game. It uses F1 to bring up the ingame menu, I expected ESC - Just a bit more polish here and there This is a very promising game - with a few changes it could become one of the best games in the depot.
Mythic Blades   **********
This is the best independent beat-em-up I've ever seen. Download it and see for yourself - you won't believe your eyes. It's a real pearl.
Pac-Horror   ****
Don't download it.
Priority: Survive   **********
icon Even this preview is amazing and already at commercial quality.
PuffBOMB (Prototype)   **********
icon This is the future of puzzle games :) It combines incredible machine with lemmings with jack ass. It's fun to play, fun too look at and will make your brain smoke. Get this game, you know you want it :)
Rafkill   ********
I liked the game... My only problem was the fact that I always seem to get to few / the wrong power-ups. I think it needs some more polish, put it's a great start for sure.
Raid'em   **********
icon This game is at v0.2 and still makes me go "wow" all the time :) If you like space shooters (and if you're good at them) you should get this game.
Saucelifter   **********
This game is just fun. Try it. Now. The game-play is great (no wonder, since it's a remake of a classic) and the game's visual style and it's love for detail add on top of it.
Sunny Pakman   ********
icon It's a good game :) Has quite a few new features, and is fun to play. Download it... it's worth a couple of your minutes.
Super Grand Prix   ******
Starting from a score of 3, the final score was created as follows: Gameplay: +1 Presentation: -1 This game really reminds me of the old arcade racers. I do have a couple of griefs, though. My main complaint would be the default keyboard layout which isn't that intuitive (both to find and to use). Things that I missed: -track overview during the race, so you know where the other players are. - music
Super Grand Prix II   ******
The game adds some features on top of SGP, but the actual gameplay hasn't changed that much. It added quite a lot of features, but it mainly added stuff instead of refining the good attributes of SGP. It actually looks less polished than the first game in this series.
Super Monster Painter Extreme   ********
icon The game is polished, the graphics are great and the music is neat. Download it, play it and be suprised how hard it a seemingly simple game can be :)
Sword of Fargoal remake   **********
icon This is a remake of Fargoal. Fargoal is a Rogue like game, so expect rogue like gameplay - the dungeons are tough, get tougher and if you ever beat the dungeon you're one of a chosen few. Games like these are what evolved into modern RPGs. And if you play it, you can learn a lot on game design. The game is complex, yet simple. The update in graphics reanimated one of the all time classics - fargoal never looked so good, and it plays fantastic. Download it, play it and try your best to beat it <b>...</b>
Westbang   ********
icon I like mouse based shooters and this is a very good one. The only thing this game could need is a higher replay value.
Worminator   *********
icon This is a really neat game, and I enjoyed playing it. You should give it a try!
Zep's Dreamland   **********
icon Great Game - it's fun easy to learn yet hard to master. Download it and see for yourself. The only downside (as with all games of this style) is that once you have beaten all the levels, you have no challenge anymore - unless you use the editor to create new levels, that is :)
Zombiepox   ******
icon Taking into account that this was made for a speed hacking contest, it's quite good. It has some glitches, though. Gameplay is pretty simple, and I wasn't able to quit the program - it froze on the exit screen. I'd give it 5 stars in the speed hacking contest, but compared with full fledged games on the depot, it doesn't look so good anymore.
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