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Depot Games: Sunny Pakman

Current Version: 1.92

Project Status: Completed

Highest Popularity: #4 during October 2009

Links: Web Site

Category: Pacman

Developers: arcadex

Ports: Windows

Source Code: Not Available

Author's Description: o support for one and two players
o more than 130 levels!
o unique level browser for easy level selection
o 3, 5 or 7 initial lifes to start the game with
o three tilesets (modern, classic and cocoa) to choose from
o long (and still growing) list of pickups, including:
+ Pegasus Shoes - speed-up pickup
+ Snail - slow-down pickup
+ Key to the next level
+ Heart - additional life
+ Cherry, Icecream, Apple, Pops - bonus points
+ Skull of Death - kills Sunny
+ Stop Sign - stops Sunny
+ Wind of Freeze - freezes all bugs
+ Mushroom of Sickness - you loose points
+ Cross of Immortality - no bug will hurt you
+ Padlock - open pass through the walls
+ Blue Crystal - reverses controls (left key moves to the
right and vice versa)
+ Doubler - double points
o still growing list of characters, including:
+ Sunny the Pakman - main character - yellow guy
+ Friendy - green guy - will help Sunny collect food
dots - points earned this way will be added to
Sunny's score.
+ Greedy - red guy
+ and bugs... lots of bugs...
o ability to create custom levels (Mappy - map editor can be downloaded
from Arcadex web site - coutresy of Robin Burrows)
o ability to play and test custom levels created with Mappy
o passwords for direct access to the specific level
o three language versions - english, german and polish - game is ready
to support other languages as well
o screen shot feature
o sound effects accompanying most of the events in the game
o menu and in game music
o pause feature
o hiscore table
o game can be purchased on-line and activated within minutes
o boss key feature
o auto shutdown feature


Name Comments Size Date Download Sunny Pakman 3,070,992 11/23/2005 9:20 PM Sunny Pakman Lite 2,987,545 11/23/2005 9:31 PM

What's New:

added configuration utility
added registration utility
fixed hiscore bug
other minor changes

o Added several new levels - game has now more than
130 levels.
o Added new enemy behavior - I call it mine bug.
o Fixed stereo panning option.
o Fixed two levels (116 and 120) which could not be
completed before.
o Rearranged colors of the bugs - now it is fairly
easy to distinguish between bugs that act differently
o For quicker download added lite setup with reduced
size of the installer. Sound and music files can
be downloaded separately.
o Added -techsupport switch for easy problem tracking.
o Game shuts itself down after TIME_TO_SHUTDOWN
seconds of inactivity. 10 minutes by default.
o Added "boss key" - simply press B key and the game
will shut itself down immediately.
o Other minor changes.

o Added several new configuration options e.g.
gfx driver, resolution, fullscreen, controller.
o Reorganized options - options divided into
o Level browser initially positioned at last level
o Added mouse support - Sunny the Pakman can be
controlled using mouse. Just push the mouse in the
direction you wish Sunny to move to.
o Added joystick/gamepad support - this applies to
both menu operation and gameplay itself.
o Game can be safely closed using close button
when game is run in windowed mode.
o Decreased CPU consumption in certain situations.
o Added 20 new levels (total of 120 levels).
o Added new enemies behaviours.
o Added secret passages.
o Simplified custom map layout.
o Increased numer of demo levels from 7 to 10
Choosing most representing levels that show
different features of the game.
o Other minor changes.


o Most important update: added support for two
o To all progressbars added ability to "jump" to
minimum or maximum value. This can be achieved
using ctrl + left/right cursor arrow.
This option is especially useful in choosing
level in level browser.
o Added "cocoa" tileset.
o Fixed level 77. Bug spotted by Don Douglas. Thnx!
o Added "always run" option.
o Added "double points" pickup.
o Added several new sounds.
o Other minor changes.

o Added "Music Quality" option. Higher value means
better quality but it needs more cpu power at the
same time.
So if on your system music stutters then try
lower values for music quality option.
o In options added "define keys" screen for easy
steering keys configuraton.
o Added "blue crystal" pickup - it will reverse
controls and will make gameplay more difficult.
o Enlarged hiscore table to 10 positions.
o Made fonts looking nicer.
o Rearranged main menu.
o Removed passwords to levels. Instead implemented
level browser. Great feature! I assure you.
o Changed Allegro linking from dynamic to static.
Thanks to which reduced size of the installer.
o Added ability to purchase the game during install
o Many other minor changes.

o added 30+ levels so game has now more than 100 levels
o added additional tileset "modern" in addition to classic
o can accept options with click on "accept"
o can run game in window mode

o added in game music by Daniel Ferm (Fermus)
o added aditional 30+ level so game has now 65 levels
o improved menu screen
o added mouse support in options screen

o Added new enemy and a new Sunny's friend
o Game loading speed up
o Game optimized memory wise
o Added 5 new levels
o Added ability to play and test custom maps
created with Mappy
o Other minor changes

Game can be purchased online from eSellerate
Game screen is restored when switching back from different task/application under Windows
Implemented new registration schema basing on user name and registration code
Added little progress bars indicating how much time left in specific mode e.g. in pegasus shoes mode, snail mode, stop mode etc.
Fixed password bug when no matter what level was played, password to level 4 was displayed

changed the way life-o-meter is displayed - this will
allow player to collect more than 5 lifes - these
will be very helpful in the later stages of the game.

added german language support
changed icon for slow-down pickup
changed graphics for bugs that can't be eaten after mega food
added new pickups eg. skull, stop sign
improved options system
added registration code
added color fonts in message boxes
other minor changes

Fixed installation problems.

Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 8.0
  • 8It's a good game :) Has quite a few new features, and is fun to play. Download it... it's worth a couple of your minutes.
The Developer
arcadexI love feel and look of the old arcade games. (View Profile)