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William Sams

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William Sams has rated 15 projects with an average score of 7.60
Alliance   **********
icon Very, very promising :)
Bloodlust of Polonia   ******
Wasn't able to play it due to the fact that I was only able to extract the executable and the readme file from the .cab archive :-/ Anyone else having this problem? The rating I gave was based on an earlier beta.
Chickens   ********
icon Interesting game with potential. I agree, with better graphics this could become an eye opening experience. The level editor is excellent ;)
L'odyssée de Zed   ******
icon Looks promising and I really like the creativity you put into Zed but the demo seemed too un-polished to really be a "demonstration" of the future of this game. I hope it comes along, though :)
LightSword Bowling   **********
Nice little game :) Some cool background music would enhance it a bit ;)
NordBat - The Sidescrolling Adventure   ******
Love the sexy new heroine ;) Good luck with this project. Btw, where's the map editor?
Project_3: Another Generic Space Deathmatch   ******
icon Like what I saw, can't wait until collision detection & network play are added. If you need any help with the network play I can possibly lend a hand ;)
ronda   ******
I didn't get around to actually playing the game because it seems to be plagued by bugs :-/ I would like to see more later, though :)
Startrek_Project   ********
Overall, I've liked what I saw. The project is very promising with it's ambitious storytelling. Only gripe I have (and also with the Dune 3 project) is the close ties to actual properties. One to watch!
Worminator   **********
icon This is a very impressive efforts. The game has action, solid gameplay, and it's fun. This should win some awards ;)
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