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Depot Games: Startrek_Project

Current Version: 3.5

Project Status: Demo Release

Links: Web Site, On GITHUB

Category: Space Shooters

Developers: Ariesnl

Number of Players: 1

Ports: Linux, Windows

Source Code: Available

Author's Description: <<< LAST GAME UPDATE: 02-4-2020 >>>

The game :
You are placed in the role of James Tiberius Kirk, captain of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701.
The Enterprise is a big spaceship with a lot of systems and equipment. Everything on your ship uses energy to function.
This energy is taken from the WARPCORE energy buffer. The Warp core generates energy by a matter-antimatter reaction producing a huge amount of energy.
Under normal circumstances more than enough to power everything on your ship and enough to make a warp jump through multiple sectors.
However If the WARPCORE is damaged the energy output will decrease.
Energy is also needed to maintain a containment field around the WARPCORE. If the warpcore is damaged and there is no energy left the warpcore will fail.
Resulting in the destruction of your ship !
Damaged systems can be repaired at the Engineering screen. The repair crew can only fix one item at a time.
At a federation starbase repairs can be made much quicker.
The Navigation screen shows the Known universe, revealing more when new sectors are explored or when scanned with a probe.

The game is far from finished yet. However you can already explore a HUGE universe
with Klingon and Romulan empires.

The USS Reliant is implemented (and hijacked by Khan)

Now working on :
- Story
- Dialog scripting
- Special objects
- Game balance

What's New:

More complete universe
Better AI
Phasers are blocked by asteroids
Working dialog scripts
Condition state
Kahn is outthere somewhere...

Start Menu
Scrollable Long range sensors
working warpengines
Key customization

Documented the core code,
More complete universe
Major Bugfixes
Doxygen Documentation
Fog Of War
Klingon and Rolulan empires
The federation

A completely new and fresh version !

- Uses Allegro 5
- Set in the original star trek universe
- Even bigger Universe than ever before
- Enemy systems can be targeted
- Working and needed transporter
- Better navigation screen
- customizable controls
- Working cloaking devices

- V'ger may want another exploration task
- Khan Noonien Singh is out there... so is USS reliant
- Klingons are no allies yet
- Romulans are trouble makers

New missions.. story goes further
some bug fixes.

After this version I'm going to rewrite the whole game as soon as I can get the newest version of Allegro to work with Dev-C++ 5.0[]

in the meantime enjoy the game ..
the story isn't finished yet but you'll have a HUGE universe to explore have fun

A lot of bug fixes .. and some new features and sounds..
Now you can request help from federation and/or klingon units

Killed that nasty bug .. so now you can actually play the game in a decent way !!!
added a console too .. all good games should have cheatcodes ect ;-)
have fun..

new - Hailscreen
- better AI
- Transporterroom .. press P to see my special efect
- easier controlls and got rid of annoying
can't target in warp and can't warp if enemy in sector things.. now you 0nly can't warp if you're targeted by an enemy or if some things are damaged too much

started with scripted missions.. ( one mission is ready)
Target Information
Torpedo salvo and spread copntrol
some new species

New speech instead of those lousy text messages..
better AI
more/better sounds

Added some speech and some wormholes
and started with improving the AI of the game as well as the Wingman commands

Still looking for some fellow coders ....

******* zipfile was fixed on 03-11-2003 *******

got the allegro GUI working together with page flipping
so Load and save work again !!!

Changed to true color graphics
Translucent explosions and phasers
Nicer sprites..
Load and Save are temporary disabled..
the allegro gui doesn't like page flipping hehehe..
added speech..

Major graphics improvement...
More startrek like sizes...
new Intro and options screen

Better graphics...
New docking routines for all ships.. I know the ship level rises a bit too early when releasing from dock.. it will be fixed soon

started with more realistic implementation of the ships.. more like the series

.. Fixed a lot of bugs
.. added some units

.. Added some species
.. Some code improvements
.. Intro tune
.. Fixed some bugs

Enterprise close to the sun
Enterprise close to the sun
Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 7.5
  • 4Nice looking game, definately has potential, but the controls need to be more intuitive. I'm also concerned about all the copyrighted material being used. It's a new take on an old game, give it some new ships, new name, better controls and it could be a hit. (and legal)
  • 8My only beef is that a Galaxy Class Starship can be disabled in one shot for a Cardassion scout, this is not "canon", other than a weak hero ship, this game is very impressive and is a long time coming
  • 10very very good!!! just the game I was searching for I would like to see the final game, hopefully soon
The Developer
AriesnlHi, my name is Edwin Martens. I'm a software engineer from The Netherlands. I code in C, C++, C#, Delphi, Whatever.... and (of course) I like to write games.. (View Profile)