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Depot Games: NordBat - The Sidescrolling Adventure

Current Version: 0.04

Project Status: Completed

Links: Web Site

Category: Platform

Developers: Silver

Ports: Windows

Source Code: Available Upon Request

Author's Description: Fixed the download link, it should work proberly now, if not, try right click on the link and choose SAVE AS.

This is a sidescrolling game I build to learn the basics of Allegro. So far it's starting to work out quite nice.

If every thing goes as planned, the full versioned game will be released sometime next month, the most work left to do now is some tweaking, gfx changes and enemy setups.

Working on a new mapeditor, a one that hopefully will be easy to use :)
Im adding powerups now also, and new enemies.


Thanks to Niel Roy, His high activeness in the now removed Allegro Game Programming mailing list, he helped alot, not direct, but indirect when I read his answers to other new allegro users. I also took the tile graphics and character animation from his site.

Thanks to all of you who visited my site, according to I got over 50 downloads, and according to Geocities, the visitors from is abit over 150 :)

Thanks to all of you who also, not only visited my site, downloaded and tried the game, I dont know who you are, but seeing that people downloads the game adds lots to the funfactor while writing it.

I must also thank William Sams, for writing to the opinion section, and gave me a quite high number also, Thanks.


Name Comments Size Date NordBat - The Side Scrolling Adventure v0.04 569,022 11/23/2005 9:24 PM

What's New:

Sound implemented, yay, Enjoy my mighty SFX :)

Enemies fires back. Watch out, they got high firerate.

Player dies if taking to many hits.

Player life is showned on the blue bar, down left of the screen.

Player restarts at the start of the map if she's dead.

Player jumps higher, Noticed it was hard to get up on top on certain tiles, also this is used to dodge enemy bullets.

*(Things to come in the next release.)*

Player dies when falling of mapedges, should been released already, but Im haveing some troubles since the game is supposed to scroll up and down also, but it'll come later.

New enemy graphics, a friend is drawing for full.

The sounds is going to be rearranged into dat files.

Support for multiple enemies, instead of 1 / screen it'll be x / screen.

Slow down of the enemy firerate.

Bullet graphics is beeing redrawn and instead of pixels it should be a bullet sprite.

New functions added,

Player can now shoot (dont ask what she shoots, but she does)

Enemy spawns at specified map locations, not like in the prealpha release,
where the enemies spawned every 5th second. Well, the enemy graphics aint fun to look at.
But that's what you can expect when I draw the graphics :) Nothing more, perhaps much less.

Enemys can die, but not make any harm at this moment.

Now the engine can handle up to 5 maps, every time you complete a map, the next on is loaded.

I also Included the map editor, wich got forgotten in the last release, Thanks for telling William Sams.
The mapeditor is the same as it SHOULD been in the prior release. Exept for one thing that's hidden,
even in the editor information, if you press F3, you enter the "monstereditor", though, it still lacks
lots of user availability :), If you play around long enough, you might find out how it works.

*(Things to come in the next release.)*

Enemy fires back, this is done already, but not included in this release, due
to the enemys high fire rate, making it really hard to get through.

Player dies when fired at, Done, but included later since enemy firing aint done yet.

Player dies when falling of edges, This is going to be implemented, if you fall
of the mapedge now, you can sit back, and enjoy the trip down :) It's a neverending story.

New graphics.

Change the code from using structs to using classes.

Player movement should work better now.

New mapeditor.

Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 6.0
  • 6Love the sexy new heroine ;) Good luck with this project. Btw, where's the map editor?
The Developer
SilverAll them community sites wants you to add "a little about yourself", And I can never think of anything to write. If you wish to know something about me, visit me in #Qbasic on DalNet, or #nordbat on Quakenet, or #Qbasic on Freenode. (View Profile)