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Depot Games: L'odyssée de Zed

Current Version: v1.5

Project Status: Abandoned

Links: Web Site, Demo Version

Category: Role Playing

Developers: Emmanuel Rousseau

Ports: Windows

Source Code: Not Available

Author's Description: One Hero, one Folk and The Thing... The Thing ruled the Folk suffer and the Hero wonder through the deeps of its mind. What caused the Jupiter's satelite Europa to be flooded by The Last Rain?

In order to download the demo, you will need Allegro runtime v4.1.

Project Description (allmost on the webpage):

We are working on this project for 4 years now. Well, the engine is not centered on Allegro, evry graphics routines are ours, but we used Allegro to incorporate sound, MIDIs, datafiles and portability, it allowed us to save a bit of programming time. The engine is heavily optimised using C. The game runs descently on a p90 at 70fps in a windows box :). 256 colors, resolution of 320x200, 4 tile layers, about 200 differents sprite and art, a sound track of 37 MIDI songs and scanned graphics. It will mostly becomes ones of the best free retro game around if completed.

For now the game is under Linux DOS and Win32.
(02/05/2003) : Linux is now the official developpement platform.

This game will be free. Never we will charge for the full version, however, for a little price (10$US), there will be a CD version with the original MP3 soundtrack, a booklet, artworks and texts (in french) used as ressources in the developpement... since MIDIs sound bad on cards different from the one (Yamaha) used by the compositor.

What ZED is featuring or is going to?

Sources avaible at the release of the first full version... sorry ;).

- Keyboard mouse and Joystick Support.
- VGA graphics support(320x200).
- 1 fully editable tile paralaxe layer.
- 2 tile layer, background/foreground.
- Tile can be transparent, animated or opaque.
- Fully editable sprite engine.
- Particle engine. (can be used for rain, snow or whatever)
- Trigger engine. Condition/Action system
- Generated sound on the fly.
- Location System. (Like starcraft)
- It's own image system, tile system.
- Warped Translucency Water effect.
- Powerfull sprite AI system.
- A console, wich can change the game environnement
- An fully intregrated editor where you can try your level when editing.
- A dialogue system. Where dialogues can change depending of the environement, like a RPG.


Name Comments Size Date Windows Binary 175,032 05/29/2007 3:56 PM
Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 6.0
  • 6Looks promising and I really like the creativity you put into Zed but the demo seemed too un-polished to really be a "demonstration" of the future of this game. I hope it comes along, though :)
The Developer
Emmanuel Rousseau
Emmanuel RousseauI know, my english is very bad and I assume this completly. So, I am GodCells, and I'm a pure C programmer who loves retro games. So I decided to devote my mind to produce stuff like the people loved. It's simpler to do and do not require sort of BrainJuce that today's 3d games programming require. I'm studying Computer Engenering Option Software and wish to make a deep study of the Artificial Intelligence. I'm interrested by sound synthesys and Infography. Creating a real synthetiser using square waves, triangle waves ans sines to produce amazing sounds. I don't know if I will have time though... Also, I like school, artworking, girls and music. So do not ask why, I'm what I am and I do what I do. No more. - Trust me, I'll trust you, in this world everybody can live together. - No war no Doublev√© and nothing that kill. Chips and CocaCola excluded... - Hate Micro$oft and love Linux. Better and longer the world will be. Enjoy. (View Profile)