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kentl has rated 33 projects with an average score of 6.76
Atomic Butcher   **********
icon One of the best games to date on! Very fun, i have played it on all my free time for a couple of days now. I love the explosions, even though they could always be bigger!
Blue Meanies   ****
I haven't played the original game, so the remake value can not be considered by me. The game stops for a while after each laser shot, which i think degrades the action value. Some nice graphics though and polished with a nice menu etc.
Deluxe Snake   ********
icon Well implemented snake clone! Nice colourful graphics and accompanied with nice music!
domin   ********
icon Interesting! I got the feeling of an advance "Life"-concept game. Well presented... The music gets annoying in the long run though. But the overall rating is good! I will follow this development.
Duckie Dash   ********
icon Me like! Nice console:ish game, well polished! Altough adding something to the recipe will make it taste even better! Weapons, more pickups, islands, rocks, eagles trying to eat you, "fly mode"-bonus stage!
Equilib   ******
icon It´s a promising game, altough it´s screen updates could be improved. Look into triple buffering.
Flatch   ******
icon First of all, nicely done! Gfx, music and SFX are all excellent! The (simple) idea is also polished to the max. However, i think it needs something more to become really addictive. More interaction? Perhaps different speeds?
GALVADERS   ******
icon I had to change my review a bit, i have played it more now. It´s annoying that the green sheilds are "cut off" by the enemies immedietly. Leave a little more space between them and the first enemies. And also let the enemy shots go a bit slower as it is to hard to avoid them as they are now. All good except those two things though!
Huey   ******
icon Nice game, it needs a little better collision detection with platforms (you can stand in mid-air on platform edges) and a bit more interesting gameplay (its a little to simple now). This could become exellent though! Nice work.
Icy Tower   **********
icon super good gameplay! super nice technical implementation! Good looking graphics and nice sound effects! One of the best Allegro based games i have played.
Klabutong   ********
icon I agree with both previous reviewers, great game! I would have liked something more though to give it 5. Perhaps some pickup to get different canes or something, but it IS good as it is to! :-)
Mermaid Panic   ********
I agree with Ultio, the only reason this game didnt get 5 from me was that i would have liked more weapons. But it IS slick, impressive and solid!
Molecule   ******
Very nice technically, polished and solid. I didn´t get "hooked" on the gameplay though. Something is still missing gameplayvise, but add something and it will be excellent!
Moon Defence   ******
Cool idea, an improvement to the ''Missile Command'' gametype. It has mouse support, but it is sluggish. The game seems to need optimizing
Mythic Blades   **********
Diddely-darn-good!! It´s so good that it gets five from me even though AI should be improved and "side stepping" and "grabbing" would be cool to! Great work! I am terribly impressed!
Ochiru Ishi   ***
icon I'll start with saying that I'm not a big fan of click-fast-on-different-screen-locations type of games. I do like the ninja and the different block being sliced effects. As it is currently you need sounds, better graphics for the blocks, more detailed backgrounds and much lower standard hi scores.
Othello   ********
icon I like it! If i just could run it in Window Mode it would have gotten 5 from me. (yes i am lazy and havent recompiled it as it´s easy to fix myself)
PixelShips Retro   ******
icon It's above average. But not so good that it can compete with shareware titles.
SnowDiggers   ******
This game is going to be GOOD! I am only giving it 3 at this point. When sound is in there, perhaps some monsters and things to pick up? Then it will be a shining 5. The most promising upcoming game on at the moment in my mind! Lovely feel!
Stickdude!   ******
icon I found this game good! Improvments can be; jump higher with longer keypress, some weapons to pickup, better graphics.. The rest is excellent!
Storm   **********
icon Lovely game with a retro-feel, highly addictive. A shoot´em up with brains!
Super Grand Prix II   ******
Pretty good racing game! Remainds me as well of RC-Pro AM.
Super Space Rudepnas   ****
icon Good for a laugh, there isn´t any varity in the game, and situations occur where you loose a life despite of how you act.
TheMatrix   **********
icon very cool! Impressive work!
Unborn   ******
icon Pretty cool game, nice creepy feeling and all that. It made me think of the old game Joust also.
Zaxxon RetroRemake   **********
icon Very impressive! I played the original on the C64 and this definitly is a high quality remake! Same game as the original but with better graphics! NICE JOB!!
Zep's Dreamland   **********
icon I agree with the three preceding reviewers! Great game! Fun, polished, nice presentation.. I only have positive things to say!
Zombiepox   ******
icon Good presentation, altough more variaty would be nice. And the sound effects are not good at all, ear splitting is well phrased to desribe them.
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