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Jakub Wasilewski

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Jakub Wasilewski has rated 11 projects with an average score of 8.00
Burn 2   ********
icon It's a very good game, takes a lot of skill to play it properly. Ramming someone into the ground with your bullets is really fun, but what's annoying is that at night, you don't even know where the ground is. Also, the AI could be better. I have to play them 1 on 4 to be posed with a challenge ;).
Confrontation   ********
icon Nice, but it's really hard to hit your opponent. The particles are neet. And please, don't use BMPs for your backgrounds. Consider JPGAlleg and JPEGs instead, you'll save yourself 4mb and us several minutes of download ;).
Dodger   ********
icon It's a great game for what it is - a good filler for your lunch-time break. The graphics are pretty basic, but serve their purpose well. Beware: addictive.
Dungeon Master Remake   ********
This is not a game yet, takis ;). But it's a good start, I see much of the graphics is done, that's good. I wish you endurance in finishing the project, for I'd like to play it one day :P.
HeroQuest   ********
icon Nicely done, well polished, but the gameplay is (in longer spans) quite boring and the rules aren't explained well. But it's a good import of the original board game with some new options.
LightSpeed   ******
icon Well, it's nice, but lacks gameplay. When you're playing with the first ship (and you can't afford to upgrade it), it's SLOW and BORING.. maybe with better engines etc. the game gets nice and dynamic, I dunno :). However the gfx and sound are nice. So it is a 3,5.
Machine Ball   ********
icon Very fun and addictive ;). Some things might be tweaked, like the turbo which is so powerful it's almost useless, and EMP which is largely unfair. But overall it's really good.
Tetanus On Drugs   **********
So, after all, it IS possible to make an original Tetris clone :)). God, that game has only one flaw: it gives a headache if you play it too long. Could use some better gfx - but the effects are kewl. Oh right, going back to play a little more... I MUST get past dose 7 ;).
vGolf   ********
icon 0.5: Very good for an early demo. The things in need of improvement are the audio commentary (no emotion at all in the voice), and collision detection - fast balls can actually go through some walls.
Zaxxon RetroRemake   ********
icon v0.4.123: A good remake of the original idea, together with some decent graphics. Definitely one to look at.
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