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Depot Games: LightSpeed

Current Version: 2.4S

Project Status: Completed

Highest Popularity: #6 during September 2007

Links: Web Site

Category: Sports

Developers: Phr00t

Ports: Windows

Source Code: Available

Author's Description: This is a space/simulation/racing/action game with the physics of SubSpace and the gameplay of gran-turismo. You can buy engines, afterburners, chargers and weapons to enter in endless amounts of races and championships to win credits. The AI is awesome, and the gameplay allows for much replayability.

I highly suggest playing your favorite MP3s/OGGs while playing this game.

Source code and MSVC project is included in the download. Feel free to share, modify and compile the code as you please; However, if you do use the code in any way, please keep my name visible as the original creator. Enjoy!

Please post any questions, suggestions or comments about this game that is not a review in the forum.

Please read the included documentation for details.


Name Comments Size Date The Game 1,000,307 11/23/2005 9:31 PM

What's New:

- Updated the token documentation.
- Now the source code and project is included!

- Added a token rewards system; please consult the documentation for details.
- Generally optimized the code.
- Tweaked the AI so they should be a little better at steering.
- Removed some Ants references that somehow still existed.

- Grouped up the parts in the shop.
- Now the AI racers shoot at the fastest target, and not always at you.
- Updated the charge and weapon status HUD.
- Slowed the firing rate of all weapons by a factor of 4.
- Now all the time-trial nodes are the same distance, so you can use the clock more effectively.
- Now your charge's state will not depend on the last race's charge state.
- Now you can target other ships more reliably.

- Now the AI should behave better when meeting nodes.
- Created a new and more spacious menu graphic.
- Increased the number of available parts and races.
- Updated the documentation.
- Changed the number of days on the available loan from 20 to 25 days.

- Now you can take out a 1000 credit loan for 20 days when you don't have a debt.
- Added some structure to the race listings, it should now be much more pleasing to view.
- Changed the node indicators to circles.
- Now you will be informed if a projectile is after you.

Huge Update!

- Completely new, useful and exciting weapons system!
- New Time Trial features and races!
- Improved the code in many areas.
- Fixed a few bugs, including a crashing bug that happend when AI ships floated towards the final node.
- Speeds and distances adjusted so there is a 1:1 X to Y ratio.
- Adjusted the prices of a few items.
- Vastly updated the documentation.

- Now AI racers should anticipate their next node a little better.
- Updated the documentation, and I even added a "Hints" section!

- Added a distance indicator to your current node.
- Vastly updated the documentation.
- Reduced the initial debt from 3000 to 2500 credits.
- Tweaked the in-menu help text.

-Tweaked the AI's Afterburners to be more effective.
-Increased the maximum number of races for a championship.
-Now the 'pick slot' menu is in color and each saved game's credits are shown.
-Fixed an armour related bug that may have caused some crashes and ship purchasing oddities.
-Now a sound plays when you select a different ship to view in the 'Buy Ship' menu.
-The ship icons are now more properly centered in the menus.

- Afterburner's properties have been tweaked so they are more viable at all levels.
- Fixed a bug that made ship-specific races not ship-specific.

- Now difficulty 0 races are really 0 difficulty.
- Hopefully fixed a strange E-Charge mass bug.
- Made the first few races increment by 1 instead of 0.5
- Now the difficulty variance depends on how difficult the race is originally.

- Added a storyline to the documentation.
- Added a debt system to add to the gameplay.
- Added championship races, see the documentation for details.
- Added support for multiple saved games.
- Smoothed out the economy some more.
- Updated the documentation.
- The shop will always be filled with parts.
- The racing menu will always have as many races as possible.
- AI ships now line up better at the starting line.
- Reduced the number of races with weapons.
- Reduced the damage inflicted by weapons.

- Fixed the intermediate engine sound problem when starting races.
- Now parts swap in the Manage menu instead of replacing parts, allowing you to have more than one setup for each ship.
- Fixed a crashing problem in the Manage menu that could have happend if the user clicked in strange places.

- Updated the Buy Ship menu so it is easier to work with.

* Afterburners now leave a yellow trail.
* Tweaked the properties of M-Charges.
* Game now saves itself everytime a race starts.
* Reduced the number of ships for sale.
* Increased the number of races available.
* Tweaked race's minimum mass requirement.
* Slightly increased the purse to highly difficult races.
* Disabled the mouse icon when you don't have a weapon.
* Engine trails now start at your ship's speed.

* Made many improvements to the gameplay, mainly during the beginning of the game, including:
- Slightly reduced the mass of the starter ship.
- Made a difficulty 0 race available with no charges, no afterburners or weapons; most likely at this point, you won't have these devices anyway.
- Greatly reduced the length of the lower difficulty tracks. These tracks are usually rather slow, so now they are not as long.
* Made more ship specific races!
* Now you will notice more variability in the racing AI.
* Fixed a bug that caused some reactors to cost nothing.
* Fixed a bug that caused afterburners, charges and weapons to be allowed in races they shouldn't be in.

* Added background objects to the racing game.
* Added a detail level control on the main menu.
* Fixed a problem with AI getting into the time trials.
* Slightly raised the purse of lower difficulty races.
* Fixed some minor display bugs.

Title Screen
Title Screen
Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 8.2
  • 8It's a really nice and quite addictive game with nice gameplay and ok sound and graphics. Could benefit from some music though.
  • 10(1.73) Addictive it is, like Pixelships. My advice to players is to buy an engine as soon as possible, everything else can wait.
  • 8Solid gameplay and particle effects on the engines and afterburners are a nice touch. A tad slow in the beginning, but still a good game. I really like the update with distances to the next node.
The Developer
Phr00t (View Profile)