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georgi has rated 67 projects with an average score of 7.88
3D PacMan   ******
icon Rating: Idea (50%) Playable (40%) Graphic (45%) Sound (60%)
3D PacMan   ********
icon New version -- Rating: Idea(70%) Playable(80%) Graphic(75%) Sound(60%) Dificulty(normal) - what about slower game ;) it's little fast :)
3D spryjinx   **********
Rating: Idea(100%) Graphic(80%) Sound(80%) Playable(90%) Dificulty(hard)
Alex the Allegator 2   ********
icon Rating: Idea(80%) Graphic(80%) Playable(90%)
Anestor RPG   ********
icon Rating: Idea(70%) Playable(70%) Graphic(75%) -- Really good start ;) Good luck :)
Anthem of Dread   **********
Rating: Idea(95%) Graphic(95%) GFX(80%) Playable(90%) Dificulty(normal)
Apple Game   ******
icon Neopaint graphic still alive :)))
Blocks 3   **********
icon Really good and cute game. You need your brain to complete levels, no brutality, its very innocent game and very nice ;)
Bubbles   ********
Rating: Idea(60%) Graphic(80%) Sound(80%) Playable(90%) Dificulty(easy)
Christmas Fun   ********
icon Rating: Idea(100%) Graphic(75%) Playable(90%) Sound(80%)
Crystal Stacker   ********
icon Rating: Idea(80%) Graphic(80%) Sound(80%) Playable(85%)
Deluxe Snake   **********
icon Rating: Idea(80%) Graphic(92%) Sound(90%) Playable(90%) Dificulty(medium)
Donkey Bolonkey   **********
icon Rating: Idea(100%) Graphic(95%) Effects(90%) Sound(95%) Playable(90%) Dificulty(medium)
Drops of Light   **********
icon Rating: Idea(100%) Graphic(90%) Playable(90%) Sound(90%)
Fruit Land   **********
Rating: Idea(100%) Graphic(90%) Playable(90%) Dificulty(hard) -- very cute game :))
GLURBZ   ********
Rating: Idea(70%) Graphic(90%) Sound(90%) Playable(80%) Dificulty(medium)
Go For It!   ********
Rating: Idea(75%) Graphic(60%) Sound(30%) Playable(80%)
Happyland Adventures - Xmas Edition   **********
icon Woooaaaa :) Incredible GOOOD Game :) Rating: Idea(150%) Playable(100%) Sound(100%) Graphic(100%) ;)
Lords of War   ******
:) Look like good start :) Good luck :)
Magic Maze   **********
icon Rating: Idea(100%) Graphic(70%) GFX(90%) Sound(80%) Playable(99%) Dificulty(hard)
Mahjongg   ********
icon Rating: Idea(75%) Graphic(90%) Playable(90%)
MegaWax: Insects Gone Mad   ******
icon Rating: Idea(55%) Playable(40%) Graphic(40%) Sound(60%)
Monster Mash!   ******
Rating: Idea(60%) Graphic(50%) Sound(70%) Playable(75%) Dificulty(80%)
Mr. Fixit   **********
Rating: Idea(95%) Graphic(85%) Playable(85%) Sound(85%) --- Look's like Tim's Incredible Machine, but much more better ;)
Othello   ********
icon Rating: Idea(60%) Playable(90%) Graphic(90%) Dificulty(medium) -- Linux port OK :)
POP'EM   ********
icon Rating: Idea(75%) Sound(80%) Graphic(85%) Playable(85%) Dificulty(normal)
Purple Martians   **********
icon Rating: Idea(100%) Graphic(75%) Sound(90%) Playable(75%) Dificulty(medium)
Pyramid Solitaire   ********
icon Rating: Idea(75%) Graphic(60%) Playable(90%)
Reversibility   ******
icon Rating: Idea(75%) Graphic(60%) Playable(90%)
Rocket Duel   ********
icon It's something like Gravity Force in Dogfight arena mode :) It's very interesting becasue there are many of landscapes, where you can play :) You can "swim" with your rocket - and many many more abilities :)
RTY   ******
It's really huge file for download, what about smaller version of this game ? ;)
Sheep   **********
icon Rating: Idea(100%) Graphic(70%) Sound(70%) Playable(90%) Dificulty(medium) -- it's very cool game :)
SnowFight   ********
Rating: Idea(90%) Graphic(75%) Sound(70%) Playable(50%) Dificulty(medium)
Star Control: TimeWarp   ******
Hmm, too huge file for downloading. What about little one?
TETRIS Queen   **********
icon Rating: Idea (80%) Playable (90%) Graphic (85%) Sound (80%)
The Lost Sword of Arkane   **********
icon Rating: Idea(100%) Graphic(90%) Playable(80%) Sound(90%)
UFO 2000   **********
Extra good work. Portable to Linux - very good :) I think that Russian programmers are the best in the world :) :) :) --- What are waiting for ? Download it NOW :)
Void   ********
Rating: Idea(75%) Graphic(85%) Sound(90%) Playable(85%) Dificulty(hard)
Wormlings   **********
icon Rating: Idea(90%) Graphic(90%) Playable(90%) Dificulry(medium)
XInvaders 3D   ******
Rating: Idea(90%) Graphic(20%) Playable(50%)
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