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amarillion has rated 17 projects with an average score of 7.71
Alex the Allegator 4   **********
icon I love it. Although this game is clearly heavily influenced by mario and other nintendo classics it has plenty of original elements. I especially liked the level design, the later levels are little works of art. ... gameplay is everything!
Chickens   ********
icon The gameplay of this game has many interesting aspects, and it can be a lot of fun to explore all the possibilities. Sometimes it is a puzzle, sometimes it is a management game. The graphics could use some improvement.
Donkey Bolonkey   **********
icon Seems a bit hard at first, but can get really addictive. Nice graphic effects. The only thing missing : music
Dune II - The Maker   *********
icon D2 - The Maker adds value to the original: higher resolution graphics, better interface, more control over units. Yet all the good things of the original are there: the music, the gameplay, the style. Dune II is after all, the mother of the RTS genre, and it should stay that way.
Hexagonal Minesweeper   ********
icon Nice, very complete. Contrary to what you think, this version seems easier than the rectangular hexagon as cells have only 6 bordering cells instead of 8. The screen sometimes goes black in windows XP: you should upgrade the compiled version to allegro 4.0.x.
Paranoid   ******
icon Nice but pretty standard. I found it hard to distinguish the powerups, they are too similar in appearance. The ball moves pretty slowly which makes it easier than the average arkanoid clone
Perilous Peregrination   ******
icon Excelently polished puzzle game with a cool intro sequence. Unfortunately the gameplay is not challenging enough. Perhaps this would be more interesting if you use the real mastermind gameplay (computer shows number of correct atoms / positions but not which one is correct) with a lower time limit.
Pyramids   ******
icon Nice little game. Graphics are good, gameplay is ok.
Star Control: TimeWarp   **********
This is perfect! I always loved star control and this is a very good remake (of the space battles, at least). All the spaceships of sc1, sc2 and sc3 are there. I sure hope these guys will also do a remake of the adventure part of the original game.
Super Monster Painter Extreme   ******
icon Although the graphics and the sound and the overall polish is great, as we are used to from FLD, I find the gameplay very limited. The idea of mixing colors we have seen before in other puzzle games and after a while it just boils down to spraying a lot of paint around and hoping you hit something.
TETRIS Queen   **********
icon If all you want is to play tetris, play this.
The Ramachandran Plot Explorer   ********
A very pretty looking molecule viewer, probably very useful as a learning tool for biochemists. What I would like to see is the real ramachandran plots for each residue when you select it, so you can not only see what the phi and psi angles mean but also if they make sense biochemically.
Wormlings   **********
icon Yes it is a nice game indeed. But it is really hard to play it if you are just alone!
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