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  • B.U.N!  
    icon B.U.N. is a text-based bunny simulator. The game is a bit like a build-your-own-adventure book. You go through pieces of a funny story, and you have to make choices in between. You must make the right choice, taking into account your knowledge of ...
  • Dr. Evil F is joining Krampus to take control of all Christmas cheer. Using military hardware, fight his legion of minions and take back control of the gifts and defend Christmas. Originally made for Tins 2008, then upgraded for Krampushack 2016
  • Dressing up is a lot of work for Ayumi. She owns a beautiful walk-in closet with lots of clothes, but it's a dangerous mess of boxes stacked sky-high and vicious spiders are ready to attack! Help Ayumi with the morning chore of picking the ...
  • icon Based on a Speedhack 2006 entry. Fight your way through random dungeons set in a giant space cheese filled with monsters! Collect all bananas before time runs out! Fun for one or two players. Improvements since speedhack: - random dungeon ...
  • icon Take care of a family of cute bunnies and keep them happy and well-fed. Buid a nice play environment for them out of cardboard boxes, so they won't get bored. Watch them play, sleep, make binkies and slip in the snow. Stack the boxes sky high and ...
  • Oh no! It's laundry day at bananas manor, but the laundry machine is going horribly awry! This game is our TINS 2012 entry. The game play is somewhat reminiscent of the Mega man series. How to play: After the intro sequence, you get the ...
  • icon Magic Maze is a puzzle game that was written for the speedhack competition. The object of the game is to collect treasures in a maze you see from above. The game is turn based, each turn first you get to shift a part of the maze and then you get to ...
  • icon Mars is my entry for the 2003 TINS competition. This game was made in a single weekend. The game is a side scrolling space shooter. The earth has sent brightly colored jellies to invade mars. You are a martian trying to defend your planet. You are ...
  • Xelda   *******
    icon Xelda - Adventure of Pink is My TINS '05 Entry. It's a parody of Zelda, with Zelda II style gameplay. Development of Xelda continues, I plan to make an improved version with more gameplay and more levels. This version can be considered a Demo ...
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