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Ultio has rated 39 projects with an average score of 6.97
Ashes   ******
icon This is a good entry for the contest. I really liked the music. The only downfall I would say, is the difficulty level. This is stated for you, however :)
BRIXOR   ******
A good game overall, but a little too slow to startoff for my liking. I would rather have items drop from the bricks, too. Playing the first level before you can buy any upgrades takes a little too long.
Char   ********
This game is really fun. A good idea! The only problem I had with it was that when running in windows fullscreen it would show me two screens of what I was doing... it kind of doubled over. :) Other than that - keep up the good work.
Cruiser   ********
This game is pretty fun. I only played with one computer, which was pretty tough to beat. :) Only problem I could see was controlling the 'car' was a little tough - ramming into lots of walls, etc. Maybe add a 'braking' button?
Crystal Chaos   ******
icon A fun game if you would like some quick collection action. Get's a little repetitive, but overall a good play.
Dr. Mario Online   **
icon v0.1: As stated, impossible to play due to speed issues. This game needs some timers. I also noticed that it's impossible to die and pieces that fall on top of other pieces when crammed at the top of the screen leave graphic fragments of half pills.
Frenetic Plus   ********
icon Very fun, and very polished up. The way the screen rotates aroudn can give you motion sickness if you're not used to the game, but it's not that bad. Definitely quite hard, and very frustrating when you lose; but very fun at the same time!
Gem Connectors   ********
PreAlpha8 >> Now with Keyboard support. It's a very nice game. Looks great and the sounds are nice too! The keyboard up/down keys move a little too fast, and, its easy to just hold up and down and keep hitting the piece moving button to demolish the puzzle. :)
Hero of Light VS. the Warriors of Darkness   ******
icon Very decent for a 48 hour competition. The gameplay gets a bit repetitive and there isn't much offered other than walking around and swiping at things; but the light vs dark effect is very cool. I feel that this could be turned into something very neat if given more development time than 48 hours.
Icy Tower   **********
icon Definitely a must download! A polished all around fun and enjoyable game. I saw it once on a computer at a local CompUSA store. :) Very professionally done. Gameplay can get repetitive, but trying to get a better score overcomes this.
Mermaid Panic   **********
I thought this game was excellent for an entry to a compo. I don't see how you couldn't notice the nice water/fading effects. I really liked the quality of all the artwork as well. A good solid game!
Mount Python   ******
icon Fun game. A lot like the original NES game :) I like how the level was pretty much gigantic. You could keep going up and up and up. Big levels = Big Fun.
Pacboy II   ******
Demo 0.19 >> It was fun. All collision detection/etc worked fine, and the board fills back up with dots once you eat through everything! The Screenshot function did not work correctly, however. Keep up the good work!
Pikselz   ******
Very unique idea. I like the concept behind this game a lot. It can be difficult to place arrows down when you have so many "bugs" floating on top of them. Also, as mentioned, lack of sound and music make the game feel a bit boring in a quiet room. Even so, this game is really cool. I was a bit confused as to whether placing down too many objects or having your bugs nearby effected building time.
Reflexion   **********
icon This game it top quality. It moves a little slow at times, but that saves from making it impossible. I really like all the effects put into it. The only drawback would be that single music track. A must download!
Rock 'n' Spin 3D   ******
icon This game is fun. Although, it probably will never be finished (like the docs say) it's a good start. It could turn out to be something really good. I think you should fix it up (if you don't have any current proj's) :)
Sauerkraut   ******
icon A good game. I like how the engine runs, and the editor is nice. As for the content, I thought it was a little too vulgar :) Definitely a different style RPG, as the main character sometimes talks to the player, making fun of him, etc.
Slot Game   ****
A basic game without animations, so it can get a little boring. It just ends up being an all out click-fest. :) Some sound/animation would help this game out.
Sokoban Advance   ********
icon Definitely a trip back to the original sokoban, but twice as hard as there are multiple floors and blocks that can be stacked. This game is very awesome, and is only lacking some music/sounds and better controls. I kept falling into pits! Extremely difficult. I like it! (I couldn't beat "Try This!")
Space Array   ********
Majorly fixed in 1.6.3 from the last verision I played which I don't remember. The difficulty level seems to have been toned down a bit, and it was generally fixed up in all areas. This is a fun game. Too bad it wasn't any longer.
Super Grand Prix II   ********
I haven't played the remix version, but the first implementation of the second version was quite impressive. Reminded me of RC-Pro AM with a lot more interesting concepts to it. GFX could use some polishing, but everthing else is quite nice.
Tetris Unlimited   **********
icon v0.3 >> This is a quality tetris game. The menu gui is well done (and fun to watch!) It allows lots of nifty features, like a piece editor that is extremely easy to use! There was a lot of effort put into this game, and it shows (and it's not even done yet). Definitely worth the download!
The Beyond   ******
icon A promising EV style game. The control seems tight enough. All ship races are pretty much the same except for graphics. Not much more to see than flying around though. Good, base engine! Keep it up.
Tora Tora Bora   ****
icon Very short, and very repetitive. Not much gameplay, as Per Larsson says. The dirt effect is cool. I also like how the little green "terrorists" run around inside the dirt.
WormHole   ********
This is really awesome. Great effect. Simple, yet, mesmerizing. Unfortunately it crashes upon trying to show the saver in the "Preview" panel within the screensaver setting window. Other than that, this is awesome.
XOP   **********
icon A game that is professionally done and of high quality. The screen is a little small, but this gives it that fun retro feel. Bullets galore - definitely arcade style. Everything fits together nicely; artwork, sounds, and music. It is quite hard, but is definitely worth the download.
Yiff-X   ********
icon I like the menu system/etc - how everything looks. It's a very pretty game - but after you've killed a couple of foxies it can get a little repetitive. Other than that, it's wonderful!
Zlog   ****
0.3.4: This game is decent for the stage it's in. What's there works. A proper readme file or instructions would be nice. The character sprite is holding a gun and I found myself wondering how I shoot it until I realize you have to jump on the enemie's heads to kill them. Camera repositioning is nice. Level 2 has some platforms out of that are impossible to see unless you start falling off of a higher up platform. Overall this could shape up into something nice but still needs a lot of work.
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