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Mark Oates

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Mark Oates has rated 16 projects with an average score of 7.44
Alex the Allegator 2   *********
icon Impressive work for a SpeedHack game. Gameplay is solid and there's even a good degree of polish.
Biliardo   *********
icon The physics on this are incredible. I love to play pool and this game takes everything into account. My only gripe is that I would like 8-ball and 9-ball games on a table with pockets, but that's a different game.
Grid Racers   *
I want to play it, but it crashes at the menu.
Monster   ********
icon This was fun and I recommend it if you're looking for a good 'old RPG. The graphics are aren't amazing but certainly charming. The game play difficulty level is somewhat steep, and thats the biggest complaint I have against this game. Other than that, great job!
Operation Spacehog   **********
icon This is one of the most professional games on the site. Great game play and balance. It gets very challenging as you move up in levels. And by challenging I mean "Super Ghouls and Ghosts" challenging. That's a good thing. Definitely my favorite among Mr. Peitz' games.
Paranoid   **********
icon Solid and professional. I didn't have it crash. Sound is excellent, the variety of music from level to level was refreshing, too.
PushPush   ********
icon You CAN beat ALL the levels (at least I did). I thought it was wierd pushing with a striped-guitar-pick thing. Some of the maps were off centered. I had to re-move the balls on the larger maps to see if they were on slots or not. The in-game font is pretty bland. Otherwise great job.
Saucelifter   **********
One of the best allegro games. It has a nice level of difficulty and creative graphics. I played this one for hours, and I still play it when I have the time.
Shippy1984   ******
icon Great retro game. I was a little bummed about the power-ups powering down, and I didn't like the Mega Man sounds, either. Other than that, great game.
SpellCaster   ******
icon Not bad for 3 days work. I didn't like the music in levels 1 through 4 ... at all... but the later music was nice. I suggest using nicer looking colors instead of the drab 8-bit color look that it has now. It could also use a collapsing effect or something similar when you complete a circle -- the chains happen so fast I can't tell whats going on. I especially liked the hints and the strecthy cursor.
Tetris Unlimited   *********
icon Tetris clone? Look no further, this one has everything. Responsive control and clean sound. You get a nice soft click instead of an annoying 'clack' I expect from other tetris clones. Great music selection, too. The only down side (?) is too many menus and options. Just take me to the game!
The game   *
icon There's no game. It crashes. Some stroby tile things. Woo-hoo!
Typhoon 2001   ********
icon Wow that game is hard. It's very well done though. Good job.
WormHole   ********
Fun, Pretty!
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