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hanaMephitis has rated 47 projects with an average score of 6.91
3059   *********
icon I had a rough start with it, just trying to figure out the controls, but so far its a great world explorer type game. I wish I could save/load my game, so if I die I could go back. And some additional help files would be nice, but then again I'm a fan of huge game manuals :) So far I'm enjoying it!
adventure game   *******
I love the graphics! and music, they are original, different and fun. The storyline was interesting too. The only downside for me was the user interface. It was hard to use and got annoying at times because it slowed the game down for me.
Air-Strike   *******
Fun game, I like all the action and over abundant blood particles. eeew.
Akilah! 2006   *******
I liked this game. It was easy to follow and I thought it was funny, which is more than most. :)
Alex the Allegator 4   **********
icon Alex makes me smile :) The 'limitations' create a nice effect and are done right to make an entertaining game.
Becherdo   ********
Graphics were great, and the user interface was easy to use. The storyline was interesting..original anyways. The actual game play was lacking though, since it was basically just trivia questions. More like an ultra elaborate trivia game than adventure game, but I thought it was well done.
BIG GUNS (The Battleship Simulator)   **********
I still need to learn all the different controls and parameters available, but I was sucked into the gameplay quickly. I really liked the use of sound and graphics.
Bird Shoot 2004   *******
icon Makes me laugh. I like all the weapons.
Bubbles   *******
It was fun and looked nice. The mouse moved a little slow on my computer, but it worked fine.
Char   ********
I was hard for me to play, I guess I suck :) It would be easier if the character could shoot while jumping. But I loved the idea of going through classic Nintendo games, it made me want to see what the next level would be. Excellent idea.
Crabber   *****
icon It was just okay for me. The idea is original and I liked that you could select different maps and create your own level.
Dark Light Battles   *******
For a quick game it's pretty good. It does remind me of a gameboy game. Clean gameplay, and graphics. It made me want to play to the end which is more than some games. :)
Dirt Merchant   ******
Indeed another drug wars clone. Interface was tricky. Game made me laugh :)
Dr Lovepeace   *******
A well put together game, with a pretty original idea. Graphics weren't too bad, considering others I've seen.
Dragon   **
icon Yeah, not exactly a game, but it works and it was kinda funny. If the "game" is staying put in the Depot, maybe you should post the source with it, so it might be of use to other beginners (like me).
Dune Smasher   *********
Fun game, great sound and effects. Controls made sense (that's always appreciated).
Dunk Fest!!   ****
It was hard for me to control. And it took me awhile to figure out what keys to use which was frustrating. Maybe that info was presented and I just didn't see it. But it worked okay and it has potential.
F.S.A. (Flying Saucers Attack)   ********
icon Excellent, very clean game. Some unique aspects for a missile command type game. Sound effects and music were good too.
Fo & Rui   ***
icon Controlling the character was difficult. I wish it was easier to play. Cute
Funnies 3d   *******
icon I liked it, it was fun to play with. And including the source was excellent.
Glassbreaker   ***
A very odd game sounds and music are funny breaking windows is cool (apparently)
Go For It!   *******
It's okay. I like the graphics and idea. Not really a game I would play much though.
Goodzilla   *****
icon It's a fun idea with some fun action, but needs mucho work.
How well do you know Europe?   *******
It does indeed let me know how well I know Europe, which is very little :) Not a complex game but it works and looks nice. I couldn't exit out of the game, or see high scores, once I got to the summary. But maybe my score just wasn't high enough.
Icy Tower   **********
icon its awesome fun
Impossible Castle   ********
icon I thought it was pretty cool. I certainly couldn't create something better in an hour.
Jezzball   *********
I had this game way back in the day and always liked it for some reason. This version works really well, and the pictures and sound fx are fun.
Life automaton   **********
As a Conway life simulator, it's right on. It runs smoothly, looks great, and offers lots of options.
Make Room for Mush   ****
I couldn't figure out the game :( and I don't have the patience to figure out what I'm doing wrong. Cute graphics though
MASAL   ****
icon The most fun is not knowing what in the heck is going on. There's an evil dog, dumb as bricks. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be (?). And there's someone who looks like me. And you collect a WHOLE BUNCH of leaves. Grab your friend. Enter next level, rinse and repeat. It works! Fun? Not sure.
Need For Brakes   *******
The game was fast and controls work well. There isn't too much to it, so it got a little repetitive after awhile. I like the "blur" graphic indicating the speed of the ship.
Nuclear Attack!   ********
icon Good idea, good game. I'm not great at it, but its fun :)
Oh Crap, Meteors!   ****
icon A game a lot like Missile Command. I like the pixelated graphics. The sound effects were good too. Not too exciting, and the title says it all :)
Piwin Army   ****
icon The menu screen and graphics were pretty nice. I wish there was sound fx or music to make it more interesting. The gameplay was a little slow for me, but it has potential.
Precursor to Anarchy   *****
Things moved and shot and danced about, but I had no idea what was going on. The 3D world looked good, and I have a feeling I would have got more out of the game if I knew exactly what I was supposed to do. :)
Return Of Dr. Destructo   *********
I never played the original, but this is well done. Great graphics, music, and movement. A little addicting. The game crashed on me though, when it started up level 4.
Ruprect's Quest   *****
It was an okay game. I didn't quite understand the storyline, but it was alright. I won the game, so that was cool.
Shopping Mall   *******
icon Its a cute game for kids with music and sound effects.
Space Glider   **********
icon I was thinking how great a program like this would be, and this is just right. It isn't a game per se, but he includes the source so I may "play" with it some and see if I can expand on it. The engine is great. I love the entering/exiting of atmospheres and sheer expanse. Wonderful!
The Hobbit Text Adventure Remake   *****
icon the graphics looked good, but it ran waaaay too slow on my computer and I grew tired of waiting for text to scroll ect...
Those Cluckin Wizards   *********
icon Great multiplayer game. Easy to pick up and play... fun!! Graphics and sound effects are really good.
Unborn   *******
icon I love the soundfx and easy gameplay mostly.
Unending Seconds   *******
icon This was pretty fun. The gameplay was good, and I liked the graphics and sound effects. I wish I could change it to 2 players, even though the real game has three.
vGolf   **********
icon I really liked this game. And I found it pretty easy to control. The ball seemed to react as it should. Nice music, graphics, and creativity.
Villages and Cities   ********
icon Looks very promising. The user interface and game controls were pretty easy. Graphics look great... I hope you continue working on it.
White Butterfly   *********
icon The interface is easy to use and nice to look at it. Usually not a huge fan of games like this, but this one has originality, controls are very smooth, and I like the graphics and music. I also like the choice of ships and the different fighting styles each one offers. Solid.
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