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Depot Games: Space Glider

Current Version: 0.4

Project Status: Abandoned

Highest Popularity: #24 during May 2007

Links: Web Site, Homepage, Homepage, Homepage, Homepage

Category: Other

Developers: Christian Schüler

Ports: DOS, Windows

Source Code: Available

Author's Description: Space Glider has been a hobby experiment to make a retro-style 3D space adventure the mood of the classic Mercenary II / Starglider II titles.

The last update was 2001, since then I lacked the time to develop the project further.

Due to Space Glider's popularity, I have revived the original website, now hosted at Lycos. You can download the last public version with sourcecode.

It is playable, but in it's current version, you can only expore the solar system, you cannot

Given that all game data is ascii text, and the sourcecode is available, it should be easy to experiment with the program.



Name Comments Size Date DOS + Windows Executable (both run on XP) + source 491,546 11/23/2005 9:18 PM

What's New:

This has turned out to be much less (better say, ridiculously few) improvements than I planned, but here it is, version 0.4. However, you may want to check out another project named "Saugi Saugi", which I have recently uncovered from dusty disks and ported from Amiga to the PC.

Among the new features are
- Meshmorph animation system. Animated birds, worms, ...
- Span sorting polygon engine for z-sort of non-static geometry

Sunset view on planet Organy
Sunset view on planet Organy
Public Opinion
Overall Rating: 9.3
  • 10I was thinking how great a program like this would be, and this is just right. It isn't a game per se, but he includes the source so I may "play" with it some and see if I can expand on it. The engine is great. I love the entering/exiting of atmospheres and sheer expanse. Wonderful!
  • 6well it looks nice ..BUT it's not a game .. not yet at least finish it .. i downloaded this one some 3 years ago and NOTHING changed finish your game !!!
  • 10I hereby decree Space Glider a Wicked Cool Game(tm). There isn't much action but the rest of the game is very well done. The controls, graphical style, and the constant hum of your Space Glider make for a truly immersive experience.
The Developer
Christian Schüler
Christian SchülerI was 11 when I got my first computer: a C64. This machine started it all, a lifelong addiction. Now I am finished with university and although I didn't study IT or something else related to computers, that didn't stop me from starting a professional career at a game development studio. (View Profile)