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FrankyR has rated 16 projects with an average score of 8.25
Cypress 'N Tally   ********
It's just a small demo right now, so I'm taking that into account as I write this. It has a good feel, the jumping is smooth, and the graphics aren't that bad. I like the different layers of scrolling. Keep up the good work.
DECATHLON   ********
icon Great start, feels very good and realistic. I'm looking forward to the next release.
Deluxe Snake   **********
icon A very fun, and addictive, game. I love all of the options, and the feel of the game with all of the sound effects. Great Job!
Future's End   ******
Really cool idea, but the game I played didn't end. I ended up in a stalemate with one of the computer players and neither of us could do enough damage to the other before jumping away. Even after reading the readme some aspects of the game were still confusing (e.g. the "cycle subspace" button.
Ibiza Insurgency   **********
icon Fun game! Its a little too short, and would likely get repetative if it were any longer, but I had fun with it. The lighting effects and the ball physics in the night clubs was impressive. Good job.
Ice Jumper   ******
Fun for a while. I like the old school graphics and sounds (although they can get annoying). Cool that its networked.
Klabutong   **********
icon Very fun. Simple, idea, but I like the twist with the angle of the candy cane. And Matthew is right, it is a lot of fun playing the two player mode by yourself.
Machine Ball   **********
icon Excellent game, good quality, and quite fun. Could use some AI, but with another person this is very fun. Nice graphics.
OHAASH   ****
icon The graphics look good, and I like the overall feel of the controls, but I didn't really have fun playing it. I could only play the one-player mode, but I found the AI to be very frustrating and difficult. With a bit of work on the AI I think it could be quite a bit of fun.
Paintball Party   ********
icon Nice start, it plays very smoothly, and the graphics are good. Keep up the good work!
Polarity   ********
Fun game. Cool concept, it could use some polish like music and sound effects, but its a very good idea, and adds a nice element of strategy to the genre.
POP'EM   ********
icon This is a very fun game, its very polished and is hard to stop playing. Nice selection of game modes, and the choice to themes is a cool touch.
Rebound   **********
icon Great job! This is one of the best breakout games that I have ever played. I'm not a big fan of the genre, but I like the fast pace, and the variety of powerups. Nicely polished with smooth gameplay.
Reverse   **********
icon Great game!! I love Othello, and this game is a lot of fun to play against the cpu. Great job, feels very professional.
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